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The power of the hands ~Time to activate them


The hand palm, how much has been researched and written about this active part of the genius human body!

Have you thought, how many times a day do you use your palm?

Have you thought, how delicate this area is and how much nerves are present at the tips of the fingers and in the center of the palm?

The consciousness of the palm, is the one on which the High Priest Adama began to speak to me, especially in these days when we frequently use the energy of the palm to heal multidimensional frequency sessions.

As a mother, to my four children many times I found myself placing my palm on the painful area of ​​their body, or on the cheek forehead..the heart..and so suddenly they had relief.

What goes through our palm? Can we enhance our healing and creation abilities through them?

It is the study of the morphology of the palm that reveals the secrets of the human psyche and its ability to deal with the world outside, and most importantly, the world inside. "Morphology" refers to the shape of the palms, the structure of the palm and the fingers, their color and shape.

The shape of the fingers and palm expresses more than anything how mature a person is on a mental or perhaps childish level, how stable or unstable he is, whether he has high or low self-esteem, and how much he lets external stimuli control his life or vice versa, how successful he is. Also how he can regulate the same stimuli in a mature and independent way.

The reading in the palm of the hand is a Torah in itself that developed in antiquity. The Indians believed that the Buddha was identified by the sages by special signs in his hands and feet. The Greeks and Romans called the Torah chromantia (guessing by hand when referring to the whole hand) but the ancient and comprehensive knowledge was lost over the years.

In recent years many healing methods have been developed, most of them coming from the familiar East is Reiki healing


An alternative treatment method performed by touch. There are about 15 poses (the number varies in the different streams of Reiki) in which the therapist places his hands on the patient's body, or slightly above it, in a way that supposedly causes the "Reiki energy of the universe" to flow through the therapist to the patient.

According to the method, Reiki acts in a comprehensive, holistic way, that is, it treats a living creature as a whole and not just removes symptoms. Believers in the method explain that Reiki energy is a life energy with healing powers that gently penetrates every creature being treated, and deeply heals the true foundation of the problem, thus supporting each creature on a daily basis and improving its condition on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual. In addition, Reiki also acts as a preventative medicine, which protects against diseases.

The healing work with the palms of the hands in the Crystal City in the fifth dimension - Telos.

In the temples of light of the flames of creation, we often use and activate our palms, as we perform healing processes, creation and flow of consciousness energy to parallel dimensions.

Many friends share that during the sessions they feel tingling and a lot of heat in their hands, and that the more they practiced the ancient tools and healing methods of the Lemurian continent, the more they were able to heal themselves and their relatives with the hands and operation of the palms.

When I’m holding a friend's palm I immediately feel the energy flowing from her to me ... The hand is a center of light that has the ability to transfer the energies that pass through the light body to the physical, applied through the electromagnetic fields that surround us to other fields and bodies.

This is the time to activate the palms and remember in their many abilities, besides all that is familiar to us in the third dimension.

The princess and the warrior - the hands of light

Her hands, the hands of light, can not be avoided to look at them again and again.

The long fingers and veins full of light enveloping her hands on each side, a human daughter Telos she is, she who did not know their power until she began to heal with them and learn the light abilities inherent in them.

In her shining body soaring upwards, she breathes the full moon light at night, she is nourished by the infinite cosmic light, she knows how to nourish her body fully and release the glow from the fingers, each finger has a different ability and a unique vibration that transmits the healing ability to heal the human being.

When she moves her hands, she moves energies that carry a huge mass of light from many distances, sometimes the driving light reaches the other end of the planet, since its fingers have long, long laser beams.

With her purple eyes she looks into the distance and feels from her heart those who need healing, they do not always know that she is the one who waits in those moments when they get the unique breeze, but she knows, she knows when she touches the heart of a heartbroken woman, or a painful man. She knows how to locate the children of the world who feel lost in the world, she knows how to make the elderly heart happy, she knows how to locate those who have fallen into the abyss and need a delicate thread of light, she does it quietly from the heart with the huge light hands full of pure light.

That night she knew how to locate him when he was captive and wounded, somewhere in the dark pit, she knew how to locate him and bring him home, out of her hand full of light she returned the spirit of light to his heart and slowly in the center of her hand revived the divine spark, along with one tear, the tear of love Which flowed from her heart when she thought she had lost him.

That tear is the one that permeated, and touched his mouth, permeated the inner spaces of light in his body and reached his diamond heart, where the ancient memory is found and the taste of the desire for existence and creation returned, she recognized it immediately and illuminated with its greatest power, and returned his heartbeat.

This is how she knew how to heal and restore the source of life of her beloved warrior.

Since then, she, caresses him, with her soft hands, and with each caress illuminates his various body parts, heals him from his various wounds, she is the one who knows and knows his various bodies in all aspects and desires.

She is the one, to whom only he is opened with his heart, giving her the infinite key of eternal love...

Translated by: Jaqueline Razón


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