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A message from the One Galactic Council ~ the Ascension Waves.


Blessed you are ,

We members of the Galactic Council are present with you in this period.


You are children of light, experiencing humanity in the last cycle of cleansing and purifying the darkness from the root of its existence and its grip on the current star system.


Understand beloved, when a cycle ends then the opposing forces try again for power to control the planet. The planet was ruled for many ages, but not anymore.

The trajectory of this solar system in the fabric of the infinite universe has been determined.

Since the entire system is moving towards the Andromeda solar system which will merge with it, we are working and supporting the purification process of this planet.

The star cannot contain remnants of low frequencies and therefore the rhythm of the formation of the light waves entering the atmosphere are multiple. The solar system is present in a new polarity. In a location that contains high particles of consciousness that are already merging with the new human consciousness, it is the one that transcends, it is the one that allows for the rapid transformation that takes place in the human consciousness, therefore the control plan dissolves and fades and the control systems disintegrate, the truth is the frequency present today in the space of the planet, both in the personal human world and in the spaces of nations The subjects have one general consciousness. Each and every nation will be re-examined in its vocation.

In the last few days you felt and saw the light visions of the cosmos present in the space of the planet. Many of you took pictures but did not fully understand the essence of colors.

The light rays of the flames of creation are the current and give the ability to prepare the human consciousness to rise up. 

The fifth dimension is already present and exists for those who have the ability to contain it in all the days of their physical existence.

Therefore, beloved, understand that the changes you will see beyond the world you know are many and will be seen again and again, until humanity gets used to these unique visions.

The light systems in the centers of the planet, operate in most of their light  together with the messengers of the civilizations of the cities of light.

The city of Telos is mostly maintained as a full support system with the representatives of the stars present to provide full support, in Telos we build the support systems for the inhabitants of the surface, those who have the ability to communicate with us in a clean and proper manner. And together we support those souls who succeed in transcending the barriers of humanity that contain the frequency of survival, and are aware of the release of ancient karmas.

We work a lot with the new children, the children of the light.

Those who transcend and practice the laws of the fifth dimension, as transmitted by the teacher of humanity, the high priest Adama,

those who have the ability to communicate with us as well and contain the exact messages for this time.

You are witnessing these days again, the journey of enlightenment of the Jewish people present above the planet, it is the people who chose to incarnate and carry the light even in the darkest days. This is what he does, the Jewish people understood, coming from a very ancient planet, from a galaxy so far away at a point where the universe is pure and shines at 100% of its accumulation capacity.

Therefore, the essence of the Jewish people is an essence that cannot deviate from its path.

Every time the darkness tries to harm the purity of the people, the light of the people and its quality increases.

The Jewish people has such a high resonance that it illuminates all the messengers of light that embrace the world, even those who were controlled by the systems of darkness, will return to remember who they are, and due to the abundant light they will be able to return from the darkness to their straight and bright path.

This is how light works.

It illuminates additional points of light as the human brain works in transmitting messages through the subtle sensors that are present in the human brain, the sensors that contain sparks of light pass from one to the other and transmit the frequencies that are present in the subtle energy waves. Billions of messages every second, billions of sparks of light to activate the thinking of the human mind

and drive it to full function.

Therefore ,  please understand  that it is the light field of the planet that passes new waves of consciousness to itself.

And as in the human mind, they saw the light wash over all the peoples of the world and that they themselves get to convey within the consciousness of their people the

The lights sent throughout the field of consciousness.

Ancient karmas  are released, like from the olive tree laden with fruit, the olive oil is collected from the people of Israel, and it gives and gives its light. Olive oil is the pure oil that the priests of God used to bring down the higher lights to the physical dimension.

Little by little, with the enlightenment of the planet, the Jewish people will win and return to their greatness and receive great recognition and appreciation from the peoples of the world.

With the virtue that contains the being of the deity  י ה ו ה . It is the one that is embodied today with great resonance above the surface of the earth.

Many human beings who "became confused" and blindly followed the darkness will return to their divine perception, those who do not succeed in detaching themselves from the power of the evil will be detached from their actions and will suck.

Understand, many human souls, many times, tend to be blinded by the forces of darkness, due to the desires of the human world, but these souls are not fulfilled, the opposite is happening, they are revealed above the surface of the earth in their darkness, in their untruth, and are exposed to the masses.

Therefore, our beloved ones, we teach together, accompanied by the teacher of humanity, the high priest Adama, the wisdom of ancient Lemuria, that mother continent that contained the consciousness of the Garden of Eden from the center of learning, canceling the laws of consciousness of the fifth dimension and even higher.

Beloveds, we open to you the possibilities of being one with the great family of light on this planet and beyond.

The days will come when peace will prevail over the surface of all parts of the planet, the days will come when there will be an open entrance to the planetary internal light grid system. The days will come when you will be able to leave this solar system to other solar systems that contain an exciting encounter with the civilizations of light.

See the present vision, and you are the ones who took part in this fulfillment.

Blessed are you, we are the representatives of the Galactic Council, we are the supervisors over the millions of years of what is happening in the existence of the planet, we are the ones who support and protect this unique  planet~

Be blessed, and be ready for the return of light.

Trough Ayelet Segal

Translated by Jacqueline Retzon feder


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