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Adama’s Message for Lion’s Gate 8/8


Beautiful brothers and sisters,

I’m blessing you, I’m Adama”

“I’m feeling your heart in this circle that has been created here in Telos Lemuria Israel and around the planet.

You know already your capability of being together as one huge family.”

“You know already that at this time you don’t need your physical body to be connected to one and the other, as the the energy is going through the electromagnetic field around your bodies.”

“The energy is going so fast , as you become more and more open for the way of telepathy and open your capability to be multidimensional, then you can be aware of your brothers and sisters around the globes.”

“Feel, feel the grid that your are connected to, the crystal grid. The grid is working for you, with you, so when you are an ancient Lemuria Soul just waking up, just being connected to the grid, and then you will know where to go, where to be.”

There is no time for more mistakes anymore. That’s why when we are calling the Lemuria soul you feel the waking up and you are coming”.

“The Lemuria family has a special mission for this time on the planet as more and more humans will be waking up they will need support, as when they are waking up the chakra of the heart is being open up immediately, sometimes it can be painful, sometimes it can be so confusing for them, so you are you are a beautiful family from Lemuria open your heart and bring them your hands and tell them to come home “.

“And teach them, you teach them how to work with the seven sacred flames, to teach them how to be reconnected and get healing from Mother Nature, how to talk to the trees and the flowers, with the birds and with the bees, and this is the healing, as in the ancient Lemuria land we decided to open this land for many brothers and sisters from other stars.”

“The chakra of the heart is the major activation energy in all the universe and planet earth has been activating again, so the chakra of the heart of Gaia of this planet is being activated again, and the humanity can feel it in their heart.

The planet is going for a new energy process for ascension, and all of you are going to be there”.

I want to bring the blessing for this specific celebration today, I want to bring the blessing for the singing of Lemuria, to the music of the heart, and to the beautiful beautiful ancient soul”.

“Put your attention today in your heart, and you bring it to a new creation for your new path at this time life.”

“I want to bless you from the city of Telos, and we will be connected again”


trantranslate by jack gold


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