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high prist ADAMA

The High Priest Adama

Adama is the speaker of the Lemurians, living today in the fifth dimension, beneath Mount Shasta in California. By definition, he is a teacher for humanity.
He is also a member of Galactic Diplomacy, which connects our brothers and sisters in the stars in the various galaxies, inside and outside the planet.
Earth together with the 12th Council of the City of Light Telos, are responsible for the claim and creation of the crystalline network surrounding the planet.
The High Priest Earth, carries the light of the blue ray, of the divine will. Carries the frequency of love and compassion, and supports the planetary process of transcendence.

He teaches us, through the media that have been conveyed, easy and practical ways to reach a permanent state of healing, enlightenment, love, peace, beauty and prosperity for all human beings who choose to learn it. Are transmitted to different people, who hold in their hearts the vibration of the heart of Moriah. The magic word of earth is "love". Love at every moment, unconditional love and in every realm.

"Until we meet, continue to practice the art of true love, which begins with self-love. Who will give and your heart will be full of love for others and for all creation. You are precious diamonds and expressions of love of God our Father / Mother."
We evolved into entities vibrating in the fifth dimensional vibration, in bodies that have attained a state of absolute eternity and wholeness. We have maintained sufficient density in our bodies in order to remain as visible and tangible as we wish, and at the same time without experiencing any limitations.
Our DNA is the same as yours… Our DNA has continued to evolve and our physical bodies do not experience degeneration and aging, even though we feel physical just like you. Basically, your bodies and our bodies have the same potential. They were created according to the same divine plan.
This means beloved, that in a few short years, when your consciousness abandons the limitations and judgments of the third dimension and embraces the unconditional awareness and love of the fifth dimension, you will all learn to raise the frequency of your body, as we did. The process will be unique to each person. And you will release all the old limiting beliefs that have caused you, suffering and deprivation.


"When you oppose what is best for your path,
Your soul will allow you to walk in it,
Until you can no longer bear it.
We invite you to choose a happier destiny,
By making decisions as warmer. "

"Every creation begins in your imagination.
Imagination is a tool at your disposal for conscious fulfillment,
Use it to create positively,
Your wildest dreams will come true. "

(From the book The New Teacher by Aurelia Louise Jones published by Love and translated by Smadar Bergman).

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