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Aurelia Louise Jones

Aurelia louise jones

Aurelia was born in the 1940s in Montreal, Canada and died in July 2009.

Among her many occupations she served as a nurse as well as engaged in the alternative field as a naturopath, homeopathic and as an animal therapist in many methods and even in nutrition.

Among other things, the knowledge about animal care she received from her cat Angelo and even wrote a book inspired by him.

In 1987 she moved from Canada and moved to Montana in the US where she worked and made a living.

In 1997 she was ordained a priest by the Order of Melchizedek and became the spiritual teacher of the principles of higher consciousness.

In 1998 she received a direct message from Earth - the High Priest from Telos, as well as the Lemurian Council moving to Mount Shasta , to engage in the mission of her life.

She moved there with all her cats and after two years of mentoring on the inner planes as well as learning channeling she began to actively communicate with Adama - the High Priest from Telus, through whom wisdom and techniques from years of thinking and way of life were imparted.

Following this communication Aurelia composed 3 major books through the publishing house on Mount Shasta.

Among her prominent books:

1. The New Lemuia (translated into Hebrew)

2. Messages from Telos (translated into Hebrew)

3. Protocols of the fifth dimension

  • The effect of mild drugs on spiritual development - a 40-page booklet that very concisely describes the results for souls who are addicted to the illusion of addictions, especially those of drug culture.
    * Messages from Angelo - Messages from the animal kingdom
    * The Seven Holy Flames - an elegant hardcover book

  • Prayers for the Seven Holy Flames

  • The heavenly flame of the Purity Foundation

Aurelia was a spiritual teacher who dedicated her life to the Lemurian mission and conducted apprenticeships on Mount Shasta at least twice a year, as well as workshops around the world.

Today the organization continues to exist in several centers around the world and is loyal to the path led by

Aurelia Louise Jones and Adma the High Priest of Telos.

Lecture by Aurelia - April 29, 2002

A bit of history about the tragic end of Lemuria:

The Lemurian era spanned from 4,500,000 BC to a period of about 12,000 years ago. Until the sunset of the Lemurian continent, and later the continent of Atlantis, there were seven main continents on the planet. The lands that belonged to the huge continent of Lemuria included countries that are now in the depths of the Pacific Ocean as well as Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand. The continent also included countries in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. The east coast of Lemuria stretched as far as California and parts of British Columbia, Canada.
As a result of wars, great destruction occurred in Lemuria and Atlantis. 25,000 years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria, the two highest cultures at the time, fought each other over "ideological" questions. They held two very different opinions about the direction the other cultures on the planet should turn. The Lemurians believed that less developed cultures should be left to their own devices and allowed to continue to develop at their own pace, according to their understanding and way.

The name Telos is " communication with the spirit, unity with the spirit and understanding of the spirit ."
When Telos was built, it was supposed to accommodate about 200,000 people. When the continent was destroyed, this happened a little earlier than expected and many people were unable to reach Telos in time. When the Holocaust took place, only 25,000 people managed to enter the mountain and be saved. This was the number of people left from the Lemurian culture at that time. The records were previously transferred to Telos and also, several temples were built there.
The beloved homeland is known to have dived under the waves overnight. The continent sank into so much silence that most people were not even aware of what was happening. Almost everything is asleep at the same time. There were no unusual weather conditions that night. According to a channeling given by Lord Himalayas in 1959 through Geraldine Innocent (the twin flame of El Moriah), he explained that a large number of the priests who remained faithful to the light and their sacred vocation, stood guard like captains on a sinking ship. Fearless to the end, they sang and prayed as they sank down beneath the waves.

Before Lemuria sank, it was foretold that one day, in the distant future, many of us
Gather together in groups and sing this song again,
From the absolute knowledge that the "victory of the earth" was achieved.

Today we celebrate this day for which we have waited so long and the fulfillment of prophecy. Today we are tutoring the beginning of the long-awaited union. Almost in tears in my eyes I tell you from earth that many of you who are in this room today were among those brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of the collective. Let us applaud your courage then and now celebrate our renewed union, which will continue our great Lemurian mission to help humanity and the planet in its wonderful transcendence.

By the time Lemuria sank, Atlantis began to shake and release parts of its land. This lasted for about two hundred years until the last stage in which the entire continent sank. For two thousand years after the decline of Lemuria and Atlantis, the planet was still shaking. Within two hundred years the planet had lost two major continents, and experienced great trauma and delay. The planet needed several thousand years to regain its balance and once again explain its face to life. For centuries after the destruction of the two continents, so much pollution was thrown into the atmosphere that the earth did not experience daylight. The atmosphere became very cold because sunlight was unable to penetrate through the toxic atmosphere and pollution, and very little food was able to grow. A large percentage of the animals and plants were destroyed.

Tonight, if you choose or allow, Earth and all the residents of Telos who have come here in their light bodies (almost half a million of them), will give us a chance to heal our personal and planetary records. It will be a great service to the planet and to humanity, and to each and every one of us personally as well.

The new day, the new world, is about to be born. We have learned our love lessons and the new Moriah, the rediscovered paradise, is about to come true again. Telos, the part of Lemuria that remained faithful to its sacred light and purpose, was carried to the fourth dimension at the time of the disaster. Its people eventually evolved into the consciousness of the fifth dimension, and to this day live in this higher dimension. And Telos, our beloved Telos, and all the wonderful people who live there, is our "gate" to this miraculous place.

My loved ones, dear brothers and sisters from the past, family members promote. On behalf of the Lemurian Council of Telos, on behalf of Ra and Rana, the King and Queen of Telos, and on behalf of about half a million of us present in our etheric bodies here this evening, with joy, love and great respect I congratulate you. As we open our hearts to you, we ask that you open your hearts to us and allow for great healing.

We are here tonight to jointly create a very important cleansing and healing both for our planet and for all of you. First, it is a cleansing of old and painful Moorish records that still lie in the hearts and souls of most people. And second, through the connection of our heart, let us create a new and more direct connection between our two cultures. Our time of separation is almost over and every day we unite with the hearts of many of you.

Now, be quiet for a few moments and I will ask you to express your intention and declare your desire to clean and heal your records. Go deep into your heart. Also present with us tonight are many masters and the kingdom of angels, ready to help in this important cleansing. After you have asked for healing for yourself, ask in silence in your heart and in their high self-authority, cleansing and healing for the rest of the human beings who can at this time clear their records. I assure you they are many. (pause)

We invite you to take our hands and accept our help. Know that we can soften the next stage of your journey in the next great planetary adventure. We created the new Lemuria in the fifth dimension, a paradise full of magic and wonder. Everything you ever dreamed of is here and even more. When the time comes, along with all of you, we will elevate the new Lemuria to the surface dimension of the planet. We will teach you everything we know and everything we have learned in the last 12,000 years in which we have been cut off from the inhabitants of the surface.

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