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Telos Lemuria in Israel

Telos Lemuria's representatives in Israel are Ayelet Segal and Nurit Tabenkin - a meeting of ancient souls, together we arrived from the planet Mo - on Benny Lemuria's navy ship.

With the High Priest ADAMA and the Supreme Masters, with additional brothers and sisters who have chosen to support the process of planet creation.

And be the seeds of the Lemurian race.


We were embodied in the bodies of the Pleiadians, and other planets came and joined the "original" souls in order to develop here.These cultures merged and formed the Lemurian culture.

Lemuria, the "homeland" became an enlightened culture on the planet, and a beautiful culture of Lemuria was fulfilled on Mother Earth
Which included the Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands, the west coast of the United States, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar.

As a result of wars, great destruction occurred in Lemuria and Atlantis, 25,000 years ago. The two highest cultures at the same time,
Fighting each other over "ideological" questions, they held two very different views on the direction in which cultures should turn.

Nurit Tabenkin

I grew up in a place where everyone thinks there is no God. And I know there is. And when I need help, I pray from the bottom of my heart. Really imagine what I want, and God listens, and I say thank you. And so without anyone telling me, inside knows how to pray, imagine and create reality.


Ayelet Segal

The journey to Telos goes through a path of absolute faith, a path in which connection to the sacred heart is necessary, a path in which challenging lessons are faced. Today I am aware of how much I grew up through those lessons during the personal spiritual journey, alongside my journey as part of Telus Israel.

Our Community

The community page is open to anyone who feels the call to learn and grow along with the Lemurian knowledge that comes, you are invited to the community meetings for growth and expansion

The community in its fundamental role is, a group of human beings who nourish each other, and support each other,
And give the power of the one to the individual, and the individual is one of the whole.

Communities arise because of distress or shared vision, communities arise because of shared knowledge and a desire to fulfill the new creation together.

Therefore, in the human world, human beings today feel more than ever the need to be part of a community.

To be a part of those who carry the frequency that suits me, the exact frequency, that carries the same essence of consciousness.

We are aware in the community of Telos, that we are bearing the resonance of Moriah, and we who constitute a community of light, which has been opened to all mankind, maintain our being beings embodied in the fifth dimension and even more.

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קהילת טלוס למוריה
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Heart Support Members

מורים ומטפלים מוסמכים
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Qualified Therapists

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