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Nurit Tabenkin

Nurit Tabenkin

I was born in the spring, in a green and flowering place, I was always surrounded with fields and nature that gave me a sense of belonging.
I raised animals, even then I was busy saving and healing. I loved them so much and didneven know that it was my destiny…
And time passed, flowed, flew in the wind, as time does naturally, and I grew up and found myself more present in the body, listening to my friends who would share their pain, and I would listen and remember every detail
and keep their secrets in my heart and love them for the trust they instilled in me.
And I still didn know my true destiny. And time continued passing and I still didn’t know...
I grow up where everyone thinks there is no God. And yet, I know there is. And when I need help, I pray from the bottom of my heart. Really imagine what I want, and God is listening, and I say thank you ... And so, without anyone telling me, I know within me how to pray, how to imagine and create my own reality.
And thus, I go to the military, knowing that  at my best when I out in the wild, imagining and asking again.
In bootcamp, the commanding officer tells us that if anyone thinks she  be
sitting next to the CO in an open jeep, forget it! And I smile to myself and say – that’s exactly what’s going to happen…
And then  sent to a medic’s course, and I cry like everyone else, and I still dont know whats destined for me...
At the end of the medic’s course, I’m sent to an armored battalion. Im now a company medic. Riding in an open jeep sitting near the commanding officer and smiling full of heartfelt thanks... After my military service, I return to the kibbutz for a year; I work in
education. After a year, I imagine an apartment on a particular street near Dizengoff Center, and again my wishes come true. I am able to create reality and it becomes real. I find work in occasional jobs and save money
for the big trip. I travel with my partner for a long time in India. During this time, I study
yoga, meditation and self-healing. I still dont know my destiny... I fall in love with other people, different people, and find a place in my ever- expanding heart. Another calling... Over time, I find myself advising and mentoring. At one point we return to
Israel; it is 1993, Im pregnant with my oldest son. When he was born my
heart swells ever more, more than I thought possible. Then I started studying at the College of Complementary Medicine
Reflexology and Foot Reading. I was thirsty for knowledge and everything was unlocked for me with great excitement. I remembered and recalled, and was greatly inspired, and from that moment on I never stopped studying and learning. I did a Reiki Master course, and the world of energy connected me to more luminosity and a desire to illuminate.
I studied communication, frequency medicine, reincarnation, crystals, healing and more. In 1995, I read Kryon's first book and felt I had come home. His every word unlocked another doorway of knowledge and connection. He talked about
old Lemurian souls and I knew I was one of them. And I read all his books, and he said beneath Mount Shasta there is life.
And every time he provided more information on Mount Shasta, the source of my being – Lemuria.
In 1997, my daughter was born. I continued to be a caregiver and learn. I
started caring for children in a psychiatric ward using reflexology, and I especially loved them a lot!
Kryon said that the future of medicine is EMF – Peggy Dovers
electromagnetic field balance, so I learned all 12 steps. I learned Brandon Bases journey, Theta Healing.
One day I went to a book store and said, "Dear God, what book should I read?" And suddenly a book called Aurelia Louise Joness "The New
Lemuria; caught my eye. I devoured it. The energy from the book enveloped my heart. I cried with excitement. My heart pounded over and
over, this is it, this is it!!!
And at night I had a revelation, two great, powerful, most beautiful world masters came to me. They were beautiful from the heart. Their energy was love. They looked like two that were clearly in focus; powerful, and I saw a
blur next to them. We talked telepathically. I told them I wanted to be like
them! And they said to me, "Youre on your way. Well help you!" They were el-Moriah and Lord Sananda.
And from that time on, I knew that there was life until that moment and after that moment...
In 2011, the first group of Telos came to Mount Shasta; an avatar group, and I was there. And I felt that everything that led to this moment was like a movie trailer, a "coming soon"... all the bits and pieces joined together to
form a great light. The mountain, the earth, the trees and the sky hugged  and greeted me.
A feeling of homecoming… And I am so thankful… I spotted Ayelet immediately. The first thing I told her was that she had a
Lemurian energy like that of Lord Sananda and el-Moriah that had been
revealed to me before; a life force.
Ayelet recognized me too, but we needed time, until we connected and were able to work collaboratively. We both share the joy of creativity, flow of movement, simplicity, ability to listen and inspire. Our connection is
beyond words – telepathy. And its a wonderful gift for me. And so, I have become Ayelet’s partner in Telos Lemuria, Israel. A teacher,
a healer and a therapist from time immemorial, and in love with creation!

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