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Fall Journey

Canal journeys to Egypt

22 / 9-1 / 10 The Ascension Journey Fall 2019 Third Cycle

The call for peace is resonating these days more than ever.

The frequency of unity resonates and human hearts are opened.
Does your heart resonate with the call ... to go to the temples of Egypt ... to connect the network of light between Egypt and Jerusalem.
A member of these two ancient peoples - for opening gates and connecting hearts.

On a unique, intimate journey, we head out to the temples of the Mystery School.
The city of light Luxor opens its gates and connects the dimensions of light to the dimensions of earthliness.
And with it the temples of Luxor, the Pyramids, Cairo, Giza, the Valley of the Kings
The gates of light open, and we invite you to embark on a unique energetic journey.
In collaboration with Master Thoth, Isis, Cleopatra, The Stars and more ...

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The secrets are revealed, the truth is revealed…

Until recently mystery schools were a very secret institution. The teachings of the Book of Mystery are contained in knowledge
The innermost of these lives and teachings have deep roots in old shamanic knowledge and ways of wisdom.
While these traditions and teachings can be found throughout history.
Mystery schools have long held and protected the ancient wisdom of the world. The main duty of the schools was to serve the light and keep the ancient knowledge alive. Many forces on earth have tried to remove or eliminate this knowledge from the earth.
For the sake of these studies are the greatest secrets the world has ever known, the greatest power ever available to mankind! …
There were times when we used to live according to this Torah, and think and act according to certain ways of mystery.
However, this is a way of life which was "lost" to the masses, in the Middle Ages and in the mystery schools were forced to go underground in order to preserve and preserve these sacred and safe ancient teachings.
Because of the massive shifts in energy taking place on our planet today, mystery schools are now releasing these ancient teachings for the first time ever to the public. This is happening because we as humans are ready now.

We have evolved more spiritually than ever before in our human history.
What are the days of the seventh golden age, in which we have the ability to connect the dimensions.
And to live the days of glory from our sacred hearts, the days of light and knowledge ...
Join us on a journey to the wisdom of the ancients.

The invitation to Egypt

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