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Mount Shasta

"Mount Shasta, Telos and Lemuria – "The Magical Mountain

Mount Shasta is the most magical mountain on the northern side of the
Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is located in Siskiyou County in northern california, about 50 miles from the Oregon state border. Mount Shasta in non-active volcano. It is cone-shaped, rising to 4,322 meters above see
level. The mountain is the largest volcanic peak in the north American continent. According to the Exalted Masters, Mount Shasta is considered the embodiment of the Great Central Sun.
Mount Shasta is not just a mountain, it is a very special place, to say the least. This mountain is one of the most sacred places on the planet. Mount Shasta is a source of mystical power for Earth. It is a focal point for angels,
spiritual guides, space ships, and masters of the light kingdom. It is als home to survivors of ancient Lemuria.
Using a super-sensory vision, you can see that Mount Shasta is surrounded by a mighty purple pyramid, the tip of which looms far above
this planet and into space. The pyramid connects us on an intergalactic level to the "planetary union"of this segment of the Milky Way galaxy. This massive pyramid also has an inverted version, which extends down into the
core of the earth. Mount Shasta also represents the entry point of the planet light networks. It is where energy initially derives from the galactic and universal core before it diffuses into other mountains and into other
networks. Most mountaintops, especially high mountain peaks, constitute beacons of light that feed the planet light networks.

The Mystery of Mount Shasta

We often see and hear strange lights and sounds on the mountain. Lenticular clouds, shadows and stunning sunsets add to the mystical aur of the mountain and there are numerous gateways and openings leading to
the Fifth dimensional cities that still exist from the period of Lemuria. Moune Shasta is home to many contemporary Lemurians who survived the decline of the Lemurian continent more than 12 years ago. Yes, our Lemurian
brothers and sisters are real. They are physically alive and in good shape, existing in the Fifth dimension that is not yet visible to us. The “external surface” vibration is now in transition from the Third dimension to the reality of the Fourth and Fifth dimensions. The other dimensions exist around us, but most people who live on the surface still lack a sufficiently developed
consciousness to actually see them.
Prior to the sinking of their continent, fully aware of the fate that would befall their beloved country, the ancient Lemurians, used their ability to control energy, crystals, sounds and vibration to build a vast underground city, with the intention of preserving their culture, treasures and historical records of the ancient planet of earth. Since the fall of Atlantis, this part of
history has been lost to humanity. Lemuria used to be a vast continent, larger than North America, and connected to parts of California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. More than 12,000 years ago, following a great devastation, this great continent disappeared overnight into the Pacific Ocean. All the inhabitants of Earth at that time considered Lemuria to be their native land, and with the loss of their land, a great sorrow spread across the planet. At that time, approximately 25,000 Lemurians were able
to emigrate to the inner city of Mount Shasta, and prior to the sinking of their much-loved continent, they were able to relocate the most important centers of government as well. Dearly beloved, if you are reading these words now, know in your heart that
your ancient brothers and sisters from Lemuria have never left you. They are still here, in eternal physical bodies, infinite and living in the reality of the Fifth dimension

 Native Americans – Indian

The Indians believe that Mount Shasta is such a place of majesty and splendor that its very existence can only be attributed to the creation of the "Great Spirit" itself. They also believe that an invisible breed of small people, about five feet tall, live on the slopes of the mountain and serve as mountain guards. These wonderful little people, often referred to as the "little people of Mount Shasta," are real as well but have vibrations that make them invisible. Some are occasionally seen in this dimension in the mountain region. They do not actually appear in physical form to many people because they possess a collective fear of human beings. At a certain point in time, when
they were as real and visible as we were, and could not make themselves invisible as they wished, humans hurt them. They began to fear humans and everyone alike asked the planet’s spiritual hierarchy for permission to
raise their vibration. Now they can make themselves invisible any time they want, and are able to continue their development unharmed and peacefully.
There are also reports of a race of bigfoot-like people seen in some remote areas of Mount Shasta, along with other mysterious entities. There are very few bigfoot people around the world and in the vicinity of Mount Shasta.
They have average intelligence and a loving heart. They were also given permission to become invisible at any time they wished. In this way, they can avoid confrontations with us and, like the little people, avoid physical
harm or abuse in the name of science and racial oppression. As a race, we still do not understand that we are guests on the planet. We
are the guests of our most generous Mother Earth, who undertook to provide a platform for evolution including many of the kingdoms residing here. Humans are only one kingdom among the other kingdoms. The
original agreement and intent stipulated that all kingdoms should be honored and able to share the planet equally. And thus it was for a long time. Unfortunately, over hundreds of thousands of years, humans have
taken over the planet. They arrogantly thought they were the superior race and had the right to control and operate the other kingdoms more vulnerable than them.


The Lemurians

The Lemurians who live inside the mountain are usually described as graceful beings, over two meters tall, with long, wavy hair. The Lemurian are dressed in white robes and wear sandals, but they are sometimes seen
in very colorful clothes. They are described as having long necks and thin bodies, which they adorn with beautiful ornaments made of beads and precious stones. They have developed a sixth sense, which allows them to communicate amongst themselves through sensory perception. They can also propel themselves from place to place and become invisible at will. Their native language is the Lemurian language known as Solara Maru, but they also speak perfect English with a slight British accent. They chose to
learn English as their second language because they are located in America.
Dr. M. Durrill claimed years ago that he had visited the Lemurians inside their mountain. He said the size of the area they showed him was about 3 kilometers high, 32 kilometers long and 24 kilometers wide. He wrote that the light inside the mountain was as bright as sunny daylight, and emanated from a mass of light. Another person reported falling asleep on Mount Shasta, only to be awoken by a Lemurian who led him into the mountain, to his cave that was paved with gold. The Lemurian told the man about the existence of many tunnels left underground by the volcano as paths ... a world within a world.

Advanced Technology

Eighteen thousand years ago, the Lemurians, it is said, had already acquired the control of atomic energy and proficiencies in telepathic and sensory skills, electronics and science. They possess technologies that make Third-dimensional residents look like babies compared to them. They control most of their technology through their brains. In the old days, they knew how to propel boats using energy emanating from crystals. They had spaceships which they flew to Atlantis and elsewhere. Today they have an entire fleet of spaceships known as the "Silver Fleet,"by which they embark from the Fifth-dimensional mountain into outer space. They also
have the ability to make their spaceships invisible and inaudible, to avoid being discovered by the local and national military. Although inherently physical, they are able to transform their energy fields from Third- dimensional vibrations to Fourth and Fifth-dimensional vibrations and to become visible and invisible at will. Many people report seeing strange lights on the mountain. One explanation
is that spaceships are continuously flying in and out of a space port deep within the mountain. Mount Shasta is not only a home for the Lemurians, it is also a multi-dimensional, inter-planetary and intergalactic gateway. There is a vast ethereal light city above Mount Shasta known as the "Crystal City of the Seven Rays." At some point in our near future, in twelve to twenty years, I hope, this wonderful light city will descend into our physical realm, becoming the first light city to become tangible on the surface of the planet.
For this to happen, the people who live here will have to adjust their consciousness to this vibration.
You can easily visit the Mount Shasta area without reading or hearing about the Lemurians, but if you have a previous connection to them, you may be blessed with some revelations. Mount Shasta attracts visitors from all over the world, some seeking spiritual insight, others seeking to cleanse in the beauty and wonders that nature offers in this unique mountainous
Everyone loves mystery, especially the mystery associated with Mount Shasta. Many fascinating legends and myths have been written about this titan located in northern California in the United States. The secluded mountain continues to sleep ... its secrets hidden. But every now and then, another mysterious story surfaces. New characters emerge and attention is once again focused on the mystical mountain. This has been the case for many years, and most probably will always be. Mount Shasta has a tendency to reveal itself only to those who honor life – life as it really is – as well as Earth and the other kingdoms which share this planet.(From New Lemuria, Aurelia Louise Jones,mt shasta light Publishing)

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