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Ayelet segal

Mount Shasta changed my life. I knew this a year before when I finished reading the book "Messages from Telos".

Two months before my 35th birthday, I received a gift – a plane ticket to the United States, for a friend wedding.

It was clear to me that the wedding trip was a cover for the true essence of the trip – a visit to Mount Shasta.
Deep down in my heart, I knew that I was going to experience the experience of my life on that mountain.
The day before my birthday, I arrived in Shasta, northern California. When I arrived in the city, I met four angels in the form of a man who greeted me on the first day. The angels were representatives of "Telos USA"who met
me, and also the representative of "Telos Lemuria,"an organization that was still in the making at the time.
The angels knew how to provide me with a sense of comfort, calm and mostly love.
After indulging in a lovely restaurant, we held our first meditation. The meditation was held in Victoria Lee home, who leads the publishing
house called "Aurelia Louise Jones" and who has continued the Aurelia Louise Jones journey, authoring the first three books that narrate the story of the City of Light, Telos.
The spirit of Master San Jermain joined us on this initial meditation. During the meditation, all those in attendance entered the mouth of the mountain through a carriage. We turned and followed a guide who led us to a pool of
water in a magical river in nature. We then entered a Crystal Cave. We continued to follow the guide, and he led us to an elevator where we
descended to the depths of the earth. There were six chairs waiting for us. San Jermain was seated on the sixth chair and he was the one who delivered the message. His message was that we should continue the wonderful work we do for humanity, nature and the earth….

We were told that the inhabitants of the city of Telos are working for the illumination of
the world and to raise awareness, and that we must continue our work, the
work of light. It was a warm and heartfelt message; I remember how during the message Aurelia’s cat came in and started communicating with the master.

On Monday morning, my 35th birthday, we met again to perform a transcendence ceremony of expressing spiritual intent. The ceremony was very powerful, and I was moved to tears.
In the room stood a chair wrapped in golden cloth, on the table there were pictures of the High Priest Earth, of Master San Jermain and of Master Serpis Bay, as well as a picture of Aurelia.
Victoria opened the ceremony in prayer and invited the masters, and all those in attendance took their turns sitting on the chair and expressing their intentions. When it was my turn, Victoria shook her head. As I sat down in the chair, I began to feel my body warming and my heart expanding. I stated my intentions to act for humanity, to enlighten human awareness
and to dedicate my life to the cause. I expressed my intention in Hebrew, and in the end, I also said a certain prayer that I do not know how or where I learned it, since I was educated in a completely secular manner.
I left the ceremony very excited; not really internalizing this experience that happened in such a short time.
I remember that the friends from Telos USA were constantly rushing me because I had to get to the mountain and experience something important there ... I felt that they knew something I didnt know…
Immediately afterwards I was taken to a store selling camping equipment, where I bought mountaineering equipment for hiking on a snowy mountain. We then drove towards the mountain.
The excitement grew, and I didnt know what I was about to experience, but I felt safe and confident, sensing that I was about to experience the most wonderful birthday I have ever had. We went up and up the mountain, there was snow on the sides of the road,
about 5 meters high. Friends who were with me said that, until yesterday, it had been snowing nonstop, and I felt that the snow had just stopped falling in my honor. The sun came out and the sky smiled brightly, with no clouds. I said goodbye to my friends and hiked up the mountain. I wore special hiking boots and had ski poles to help me climb; I went up further and sang
songs, reached a flat plateau and wondered where to turn. I noticed another ascent, to a higher area, and as I climbed wearing my
hiking boots, I continued singing a cheerful song that I had just made up on this wonderful day.
The sun was shining; I climbed and hiked, and when I finally arrived, I sat in front of the mouth of the mountain with a huge pine tree next to me. After my pulse slowed down, my body relaxed. The connection was instant; the vibrations in my body rose rapidly. Then
came Aurelio the dragon and carried me on his wings. At first, I was worried, but I very quickly felt the sense of freedom as we flew in the air. We flew high, over the trees and over the mountain, circled the mountain several times, as we entered and exited the mountain. A huge smile spread across my face.
Aurelio took me into the mountain and placed me in a glittering room with crystals, where we parted, but not before he sent a pink love ray into my heart. I felt free, calm and happy.
My heart chakra opened completely, and tears flowed from my eyes. The love of the Fifth dimension began to penetrate my heart. Then Adama appeared in full glory. He stood in front of me with sparkling eyes and said:
"We are delighted with the wonderful work you have done in such a short" He told me to sit on a glittering chair made of crystals, and I went into a trance until my breathing almost stopped. Only a tiny thread held me; enormous energy came in from chakra crown, and my entire body trembled. I felt an orgasm all over my body; All the cells in my body
opened; energy continued to flow for a few more minutes. I have no words to describe the power of what I felt.
"You will transmit this energy to the entire world, to children, to women, to nature, to humanity; this is your role, you have been reborn. Your life has changed, it your choice," he said. I received a message to continue engaging in education to help the Crystal
and Indigo children while at the same time to continue building the center. As the energy stopped flowing, a bright white light flashed. I felt love and peace. I began to cry with a sense of liberation, and felt a huge gratitude to
Adama, to Aurelio, to God, and to the commitment to spread the light in my physical life on Earth.

The first thing I did after opening my eyes was to document the experience, and I am so thankful to Victoria for coming back and telling me to take pen and paper and write. And since that day, I feel in my bones the desire to pread the vibrations of love and light that I experienced on the mountain, and continue to work in full cooperation with Adama and the masters who
step by step lead to the development of "Tel0s Israel."Upon returning to Israel, I began to fulfill the mission I had committed to
while on the mountain. When I arrived, I landed in the reality of the Third dimension – a reality of
work, family and friends. The landing was not easy, and for several months I felt I was still floating,
empowered with the energy from Shasta. Adama did not let me rest, and as though in a frenzy I began the process of
organizing "Telos Israel." Together with other members who accompanied the progression and
development of "Tels Israel," we worked diligently together, under close guidance and supervision by Adama.
I should point out that throughout this course, the predictions I received were fulfilled, and a prime example of this was: When I was on the
mountain, I was told that I would have a daughter (I had three sons at the time) and indeed very quickly I became pregnant, and as I was told on the mountain, I indeed had a daughter – proof of the existence and fulfillment
of the words of the High Priest Adama.
The journey to Telos proceeds with absolute faith, in a way that shows the connection to the sacred heart is vital, a way to deal with challenging lessons. Today I am aware of how much I matured and progressed through
these lessons as part of my personal spiritual journey, alongside my journey with Telos Israel.
On one of those days I felt a longing to go to the beach. As I wrote then on a page from my notebook:

"I sit in front of the sea that calms and relieves me from the confusion between reality and imagination, between the Third dimension which is the real dimension, and the Fifth dimension that is in my imagination."
My life did indeed change; my soul opened up to the secrets of the universe, to a new age, to an inner awakening. There are no words that
can describe the magnitude of the sublime experience I experienced, which flows within me and makes me yearn for home, where it all started preceding my undertaking to be brave and to submit to the reincarnation of
free choice.
Lemuria – a magical continent, a paradise of truth, of joy and of so much love; now there are only signs, sparks of light trying to enter the blocked human memory; blocked by choice.
It is difficult to continue playing, and escaping to the imagination doesn always help, but the magic does exist, and so does the yearning, so "The Great Actress" continues the scenes of life.
I see it as a missi on. How does a messenger enlighten believers? With much will and charisma; but the final choice is theirs – free will.
There up on the mountain, where everything was open, calm, peaceful andloving, it became clear to me again, for a split second, why I had returned. I was taken on a journey to Telos, a journey in time. A trip where I
encountered my family and friends in my existing life in the city of Light Telos. That in itself was a powerful experience. A strong ray of light
illuminated me, and I met the noble and powerful figure of Adama. Adama presented himself as my father. An extraordinary and tolerant
I am surrounded by the love of everyone and know that they are by my side, helping, supporting, communicating.
Today I choose to live my life again as Ayelet, mother to my children and partner to my husband, in the paradise in which I reside, and choose to bestow upon humanity unconditional love and contribute to raising human

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