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The eyes are mirrors and doors of the soul


*The eyes are mirrors and doors of the soul*

Through the eyes

Your true beauty will be reflected

or the absence of it'

🩵Many of the Awakening waves 🌀 Due to the recent events that have been fallen us in the past year made me ask...

What does raising consciousness mean?

"Why would we want to raise consciousness?

What happens when a person raises his consciousness?

How will this affect our lives today?

What might be the result of such a spiritual journey, which in fact never ends?

What do the words "ride the waves of ascension" mean?

When I address the questions to High Priest Adama, he answers me:

"Blessed are you,

I am Adama, from the depths of Telos, the City of Light, I am present in the mirrors of your heart's feelings rising in the proportions of the human beings present in the major transmutation faults occurring on the planet at this time.

You are God's children, your lost memory will return.

They understood it as dark, the same pain is the one being purified these days

Cleansing, so that the path of light will open before all of you. All the sons of God.

We in the depths of the planet carry the resonance of pure harmony~ We look once again at the weapons of humanity's war

and carry the frequencies of light to our hearts

In support of you messengers of light

Among you who are aware of the pure crystal field

To you who are aware of the light consciousness of the 5th dimension.

"Your destiny, the people of the planet, is to ascend, to ultimately raise your consciousness further and further to infinity.

Most people on earth long to go to heaven when they die. Now, with the new cycle being fulfilled on the planet, you will no longer have to die to reach heaven.

Heaven will soon be realized here on Earth for all those who choose to ride the wave of ascension.

*We love you, feel that we hug you*

This summer with our meeting with the group of light coming from your area from the heart of the community of Telos Lemuria, we will act and work together, heal and give those beings of light the full charge and frequency support on the inspiring and magical mountain. Mount Shasta echoes the higher realms of light, the presence and physical stay in the light field of the mountain gives those candidates transcendence.

Be in the light, and guard the field of hope

Blessed are you, I am Adama"


***The Ascension Journey 2024

Coming out soon 11-20/7~ Fell the call . You are welcome 🙏


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