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“A spiritual journey...what does it mean?”


Ever since I can legs have longed to travel, to move over the sharp rocks, the hidden paths, to the springs of abundance and the mountain tops.

With my students, with my children, with myself...

The world of Telos Lemuria opened to me the combination of the unity of consciousness - spirit and the inspiring nature.

After the military service, I read the alchemist book, I felt that this adventurous character who goes out to explore the world, to the mystery exists within me. I then went on a journey in South America, I asked myself while I was among the lakes, mountains and different cultures the question that leads me on every new journey I embark on - "Who am I"?

The answers did not take long to arrive, and upon returning home I decided to explore the planet in terms of geography and history... I read, learned and traveled the paths of Israel more and more. In every journey I learned myself anew, in every journey I received gifts and experienced a rich world both within myself and in meeting people and cultures from all over the world.

The adventurous character within me continued to breathe, and to imagine myself in those places where the heroes of the books were present and brought the exciting descriptions, in the book "Consecration" I saw in my vision the Great Pyramid of Giza in the book "The Voice of the News" I felt the Mayan culture on that land.... the different foods, the smells, Nature and animals...

When the books of Aurelia Louise Jones came into my hands, I would look at the cover of the magnetized me and there I already allowed myself to feel my cells go to it, that's the next destination.

Being 35 years old I won, I got the call! And the entire universe synchronized itself, the gates opened, and I went out to the magical mountain, a journey from which I returned differently, indeed from my journey of ascension.

The body remembers the same places where we were present in previous incarnations, when we are present in a certain area and breathe the oxygen and the smell of the earth and the plants, the DNA inside our body awakens, so the memories arise.

When I first went to Mount Shasta in Northern California, following the Telos books. With my feet on the ground my feet began to run..among the redwood trees, and the hidden paths, I knew the mountain as I knew the palm of my hand, I never took a local guide, the high priest Adama was the spirit that led me.

In Israel in those days, they had not heard of the magical mountain... upon returning to Israel I knew that next summer (2011) I would send out the first group of apostles to leave Israel.

Beloved Aurelia louise jones, was the one who opened the gates to Telos for us, she also devised the unique ascension journeys to Mount Shasta, she built them according to the instructions of the high priest Adama, with maximum precision of visiting holy gates, sending down messages through direct communication of Adama, and building the frequency for those messengers those intended.

Victoria Lee continues Aurelia journey, every summer led the messengers of light from their country to be connected to their heart.

In the summer of 2011, i had the call to lead Israel members on the first journey - the Avatar group.

The journey was so exciting, unique and authentic, the learning for me was in the dimensions of light and fulfillment that can sometimes not be experienced in the human language, I understand that in our spiritual journeys we activate our 5 bodies, we leave the usual set of photographs that we have built in our lives, and the messengers experience a new beginning, they release So many of the old and open to the consciousness of the light of the fifth dimension and more and experience tremendous transcendence.

From year to year, High Priest Adama guided us, the journeys included between 18 members, to the record journey where we gave the ascension experience to 29 members, the call is heard! And they arrived and arrived,

Little by little I realized with my partner Nurka that the ascension journeys condense into the portals of light around the planet.

We went deeper and went according to the call of the spirit to the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt - to Mount Solomon - to Petra to Hawaii, the motherland of Lemuria, and of course every summer to Shasta.

As always, the journeys were precise and rich from groups of many friends.

Our journeys are journeys in which the candidate for the journey expresses his intention to go on the journey, from this moment, the entire universe is called and opened by the mouth of the candidate and friends did receive many gifts such as funds that were released for the purpose of the journey, the healing of the bodies, and even the precision of leaving with Telos Lemuria and not with those who are waiting...

Accuracy is so important - knowing who we are traveling with.

In the ascension journeys with the call, the heart opens and the ascended masters begin with the candidate a preparation process for the journey. The journey of the Telos organizations in the world was carefully built under the leadership of the high priest Adama and Aurelia Louise Jones, a journey is not a trip, and therefore the accuracy, the communication and knowing where to take the candidates who make up the dedicated group of each journey is extremely significant and different.

In each of the ascension journeys, we receive the resonance of the journey in the energetic aspect and give it the meaning according to the "name of the journey" for example, the first journey was an avatar in which we learned to activate our bodies in the multidimensional aspect, the second journey carried the message of harmony, followed by love, and so on.. The journey planned and created for the upcoming summer, bears the name "Conscious Freedom", and those who already understand the meaning are aware of the meaning of this journey and accept the call.

During all the years, I felt and led the candidates along the mountain paths, taking them to hidden places that sometimes even the local guides had not yet explored, listening to the voice of the high priest Adama and meeting the friends who live in Talos and in the town of Shasta give us the ability to climb the highest with the group we lead.

As a tour guide, I am attentive to the voice of the mountain or to those portals that summon the groups of light and sometimes these portals also close...

So it was in 2020 with the existence of the "corona" in the world, even though we had a lovely group, I listened to the spirit of the mountain which said together with the elders of the mountain, these are the ones living in the town for about 50 years.

The voice clearly echoed that the mountain must be respected, and that this year we will not ascend the mountain.

In the summer of 2020, I decided to freeze the arrival with a group, I made the decision when I was on the mountain, I was attentive to the sounds of the mountain,

Indeed, this year they physically closed the gates of the mountain, we respected the spirit of Shasta and in 2021 we went to the mountain with a group of 29 messengers of light,

In a journey that also expanded to visit the Kingdoms of Light of the White Light Brotherhood - the RoyalTeton - USA and Mount Shasta.

Therefore, beloved, I am attentive even on this day, and I always recommend to those who receive the call, to listen to their heart. We never use Telos to go on a persuasive journey...because when we embark on a spiritual journey, our world transforms itself into a new one, and therefore the listening must come from the heart of the candidate for the journey.

There were members who expressed an intention and it took them 7 years, until they received the courage to believe and pass through the gates that prepared them for the physical journey.

The ascension journeys are a journey in which the candidate goes through a quantum leap in his consciousness, the courage to re-investigate ourselves, to allow the ancient memories to ascend, the experience is unforgettable, a sentence we have adopted for ourselves is "a stranger will never understand it".

Therefore, beloved, I could write a lot, and you are invited to read about the messages and insights and feelings of the candidates, our journeys in the past

We visited them and carried out high frequency missions on a personal level and as a group contributing to the planet.

We invite you to our upcoming trips:

-In March to Mexico following the mystery of the Mayans - the group is full and sold out .

-There are still a few places left for Mount Shasta in Northern California in July.

The travel team is a veteran team that has been leading tours in Israel and around the world for the past 13 years.

The experience is extensive and we provide both spiritual and emotional support as well as historical and highly mystical information.

We lead the journey with experience on behalf of a school for training travel managers and tour guides on behalf of a global American company ITMA.

Opinion from our beloved Journey participants :

“The journey to Telos takes a path of absolute faith, a path in which the connection to the Sacred Heart is necessary"

Give yourself the gift of life - the unique ascension journey 2023. For details and registration, you can contact Ayelet 054-2024635

A friend from the summer 2016 trip shares: "Sophia Petar, a spiritual advisor:Beloved Ayelet, a wonderful writer. I bless the day I met you and the members of the Telos organization (at the Stargate conference in Bhima two months ago)...I immediately connected to your energy and clean frequency. To your sincere smile and the light in you To the hospitable friends. I congratulate you on the decision to go on the magical journey to Shasta almost a month ago.. The energy and frequency of the mountain still resonates with me and I continue the spiritual work in the Telos spirit.. We did indeed meet Telos people on the way down from the mountain. And a moment later they disappeared. Beautiful people who radiate Light. Many magical things happened there...thank you for the wonderful privilege. I look forward to meeting you, with the lovely Norka and with all the beloved group at Talia's, a wonderful friend, I missed her resounding laugh. You entered my heart..Sofia Peter

A member of the 2019 journey: "Through the journey I crossed the gates of Rabbi Mamdiyot, I have no words to thank Ayelet and Norit for the accompaniment and love,

On the precisions to those gate points on the mountain itself, and the meeting with the enlightened teachers with whom I experienced an awakening in all the cells of my soul, an empowering experience forever

A friend from the 2015 journey: "A stranger will never understand this, these are my words for the stunning journey of ascension, along with the hearts of my beloved Ayelet and Norka, I was moved and felt in every part of the journey, I love you" 9.

"The Ascension Journey 2018:" The journey took me to ancient memories of the continent of Lemuria, where I returned to being the light that I am, during the journey I received visions and released traumas from the sinking of the continent which echoed in my life. "Oh, thank you" .

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