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Earth Day ~ What is happening in the depths of Gaia?

The cure for all diseases already exists From: Messages from the Hollow Earth / Diana Robbins - Telos Lemuria Publishing

"We have no diseases at all in the hollow earth because we grow everything organically, and because we understand and respect the connection between our lives and the earth. We know that we are part of Mother Earth and everything we do to her, we do to ourselves. As more and more of humanity reconnects with nature, you You will understand how to remove all the diseases and destruction on planet earth. This is what the light does, it opens your eyes and connects you back to the source of all creation so that you can once again live your lives in peace, abundance and complete health. So join us in consciousness as we gently lead you to Nirvana, where you will finally dwell with us. Protect the newborns from vaccines There is a whole new earth being born, and all the souls that are now born, are born with telepathy, with the ability to see, with great knowledge and wisdom. The vaccines given in the hospitals block the high frequencies in the newborns and prevent them from accessing the divine gifts with which they were born. This is the reason for this vaccination system, this is the government's goal in these "mandatory" vaccinations - To keep your newborn light off the planet...''

The celebration of Earth Day is of great significance these days, in light of all the exposure on the hollow Earth, which gives us a fundamental understanding of the truth revealed above the surface. During the journey to Lemuria, we went deeper and entered deep into the earth into a beautiful lava flow, on the walls of the flow there were sparks of light crystals, lava drops and deep inside, a small plant was revealed to us which seemed to have made a mistake by continuing to grow from the depths of the earth into the flow, it was bright green waiting as if to say Hey, I'm here, where are all my friends... For years we have learned that the vegetation above the surface of the earth only grows when we have the sun's rays in the process of photosynthesis. And here in the depths of the dark tunnel grows a beautiful tropical plant, the inner sun also gives the abilities to the wonderful nature to grow, and we know today that deep inside the interior of the planet, in the depths of the inner world known as Agartha, there are many vegetation systems and rivers that provide water and more. From the hollow earth we learn about the life systems inside the planet, and the ancient writings record and tell about it. "In 1930, the entrances and passages in the tunnels were closed by the people of the hollow earth because "corporations" made use of Tesla's technology in order to enter the interior of the earth, the two main entrances to enter the hollow earth are in the openings at the poles of the earth, in order to hide and disguise these openings they used the field Force . In this way, the openings are protected and cannot be distinguished from the air or from land. In the past there were entrances to the Akashic library of Portologos, from the surface. One of the entrances was the library in Alexandria which was destroyed by fire in 647 BC.

" Today we are giving the planet a central and special day to observe all the new information that is emerging from the surface of the earth. When Jackie met the tiny plant that quickly grew in the darkness, she began to talk to him in the language of light, today scientists are aware of the sounds that plants make, that each plant has its own consciousness, that it is possible to heal with the help of communication with plants and that they have the ability to communicate with us humans. The communication with the plants and trees corresponds to the consciousness of humanity, today there is a large mass of human beings who already carry the consciousness to communicate with the natural world that surrounds us. A world of multifaceted and unique vegetation that came from all the stars of the entire universe, were sown and given to this planet. Roots, soil, pollen, and weather are all aspects of a supportive ecosystem that teaches us about species-linked auditory a crossroads of modern research and ancient wisdom.. On Earth Day, we are one with the natural system, and I invite you to take a deep breath and go out into nature Find a tree that magnetizes you, hug it and sit right next to it to chat with it... ""Billions of years of transmutation and change Mallard years of preparing her body for the developed life form learning to connect the worlds. Planet Earth, that wonderful star present with maximum precision at the distance to the cosmic sun Planet Earth ~ Gaia, known as its current name, is a wonderful application. A being of infinite beauty, a being of light in the infinite fabric of light in the cosmos. What is the planet made of?' "We from the animal and plant kingdom call you the guardians of the earth and the animals. To unite on this day to raise the consciousness of humanity to protect the kingdoms of nature. Many of you carelessly destroy large tracts of land and the inhabitants of the many kingdoms it hosts on the planet alongside humanity. This is the time to recognize that the planet is your mother, A celestial, mighty living and breathing being of the highest level of intelligence, a being that all the planets of this solar system love, cherish and appreciate. She is the one who has allowed your personal development on her body with so much love, abundance and nourishment for millions of years without condition.

We the "giants" are the remains of a very ancient culture that most of you have long forgotten. Thousands of years have come and gone and we are still here. In small and growing numbers, subject to the wishes of greedy loggers, whose only consideration is the amount of money they can make from reducing our population day after day. As a species belonging to the collective intelligence of the natural kingdom, we have graced the planet with our presence for thousands of years, dating back to the time of the magical land of Pan. For thousands of years the people of this planet have respected and cherished our beauty and wisdom, and the deep sense of peace and harmony that we radiate wherever we stand. Those who are able to communicate with us consciously receive our gifts and our knowledge. Most of you don't know how much knowledge and wisdom we want to share. One day you will wake up to this reality and regret that you were not more aware of our essence and the important contributions we made to the planet. In the past we were scattered in spirit and in our physical bodies almost everywhere on this planet. At this time, we are the only survivors on the planet and all that remains of the grandeur and beauty of the past. We are the historians and your connection to your ancestors, to your roots and to your ancient incarnations in the culture of Lemuria and beyond. People repeatedly complained that Moria was lost without a trace. And we tell you that we are here, we survived the terrible changes that took place 12 thousand years ago, and we stayed on the shore of the Pacific Ocean for your sake, join our consciousness and teach us anew. Lemuria reawakens to these days - days of joy and song of Gaia. We call you in the wake-up call from the world of plants and the land of Gaiahuro, human beings - sons of God. Unite with us to ascend the planet. We are the sequoia trees, which serve as powerful guardians on the west coast, on the American continent.

(From The New Lemuria, Aurelia Louise Jones, Telos Lemuria Publishing)

We invite you to learn and deepen all the knowledge that rises above the surface of the connection of consciousness and the wonderful nature around.


Post by: Ayelet Segal

Translation : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder



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