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A message from the high priest Adama/  From  the memory journey to Lemuria - Maui 2024

The colors of Lemuria the turquoise, the vegetation abounding with ruby ​​flowers in front of the broad tea leaves, an ancient earth that carries within it a great accumulation of rare abundance, the heart feels and is present in front of the calm that the earth radiates, the sun and the blue sky, the champion is the one who radiates the consciousness of paradise.

Indeed it exists, it is not an imagination, the 18 members of the group who were privileged to go beyond the Great Sea, to cross about half of the planet, from a complex reality in the Middle East.

The heart knew and so did the soul, and this is how the journey of the messengers of light from Telos Lemuria Israel and to the other side of the star - the island of  Maui Hawaii.

When I look at the pictures, I see them as the candidates, I see how much joy and how much peace there is, the meditation circles, the sharing circles from the depths of the soul.

Lemuria is present and the magic soon arrived, from the basalt beaches to the red beaches, from meeting and communicating with the whales , the akasha carriers of the planet, to the luxurious house where we stayed in the eastern area of ​​"Hana" where the Lemurian abundance is at its peak, mango and coconut juices, the ancient temples of light, and the chirping of the birds which does not stop, indeed they have something to talk about...they both carry the frequency of conversation and life, in the place where the birds are present.

And we went deeper into the depths of the planet, deep into the path of the basaltic lava cave, where deep in the darkness a small green seedling sprung up for him, as if he had made a mistake and came out of the depths of Agartha, the interior of the earth, how could a seedling grow without the sun's rays...and here are the wonders of the inner world inside the planet, Most of us don't know him yet.

Every time they leave and return to the house, the friends absorb the presence of Lemuria, another mysterious pan and another message, and they allow everyone to assimilate deeply into the DNA layers.

The sinking of Lemuria is still present and the release of the old, the pain is released from all the cells of the body, and the new memory emerges, a memory of an enlightened life across the continent, who we were, where we walked, what our abilities are even in these days.

The feet have already walked on this land, the "home" many members of the group feel that they have returned to their home.

The Lemurian name rises and resonates, the hands move the light, the Lemurian Akasha is open to the members of the group.

A journey of multidimensional connection, and again a ritual and again purification and again an ancient love story that seeps into the memory.

Present with us in the journey of the sublime masters and the soft masters, the high priestess Adama the teacher of humanity, the divas of nature, the fairies the cetaceans bearers of the memory of the planet, and the opener of the gates of light  to the teacher Aurelia Louise Jones.

We move together and in every session the message from the high priest Adama comes and directs the members of the group

for their focus and upliftment.


"I bless you, I am Adama,

Children of Lemuria, we have been waiting for the moment when you will reach this position again, each and every one of you carries within you the Lemurian Akasha, many of you even before you arrived on this planet, you arrived from the home planet MU.

The Lemurian presence and being contains the essence of pure love.

The planet in its current state was not in its current state, the distortions that were created were created on this planet and on other planets in the universe, that's why the "Great Gathering" was made.

In this gathering we decided to unite the support for humanity above the face of the earth. We connect the civilization lights outside the planet as well as from the cities of light in the depths of the planet to support you above the surface of the earth. Sons of Lemuria, we are here together.

Being a teacher allows souls to return to the source and remember who they are and what their multidimensional abilities are.

Planet Earth is related to solar systems and other planets. The entire universe is being cleansed of the darkness, as well as planet earth is being cleansed and is on its way to return to the One God.

The One Deity was created on this planet so that every divine spark soul will experience the divine light again within the physical journey, the Deity is present within your being.

By connecting to the resonance of Lemuria that carries love and tenderness, you allow your soul to feel the frequency of the house, the frequency of compassion and tenderness that many of you have suppressed due to the survival incarnations in which you have taken part.

The age of survival has ended, and the period of the Eden Garden Eden has opened, the new age, the seventh golden age, is the one that contains you in your length and the ability to bring abundance into your life.

In every aspect of your life, you are the creators of the reality of your life's path.

Therefore, at this time, for many of you the truths are emerging on the surface of the earth. The old delusional world is not relevant to the laws of the fifth dimension, the Lemurian language understands your heart, it is the one that carries the light. 

The personal guidance around you contains the light and you are attentive to the light frequencies of the fifth dimension. 

The laws of the fifth dimension are present for those messengers of light who see beyond the screen, the screen is thin and delicate for those who continue to purify themselves and prepare their minds and bodies for the mass of light that carries the capsule of pure light. 

The planet moves its body in compressed areas that need rapid transformation, the space of the blue star again contains the ability to transform and change for the inhabitants of the planet, the compression and darkness into pure light. 

Many of the souls on the planet feel bound, beloved, this is the time of release, this is the time to return home from your heart inside, to the free eternal soul and to the fulfillment in your physical world.

Today we celebrate our being together, we appreciate the physical effort you make in order to be present with your physical body on this pure Land, you feel the purity of the field, the air, the vegetation and the consciousness in which you can very quickly turn any thought into action.

This is the time to connect to the Lemurian being. She is the one who gives many souls the gate to return home to freedom, to the light to the divine paradise and the feeling that consciousness is so beyond everything you were taught.

On the human side, you chose to go through key points in this life journey.

We will open a path for you that allows you to choose again.

Do you believe in your ability?

Do you believe that if you can recreate your physical, mental and emotional body and be healthy your enlightened presence?

We inform you of the new humanity's leadership, and we are together with you in full support.

In those days in the old Faloria just before sunset.

You signed a contract in which you will wake up at this time, and bring the light to the face of the earth

I congratulate each and every one of you on the wonderful journey.

 I’m Adama , the teacher of humanity.

MAUI 2024

Channeled by : Ayelet Segal



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