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The Children of the Sun – the Great Creation Plan


I enter inside into the silence… I see her standing in front of me, dear Aurelia, Smiling her saucy smile Between the colorful flowers, in the lightened abundance valley in the magical light city of Telos Breathing gently and walking in the fine trail, walking and slowly feeling my heart opening, expanding, I can feel the inner serenity Bird's singing, I can see the gazelles accompanying me… And he is beside me, the high priest Adama, and these are his words: "The Great Creation is the vision of the new humanity. This is that same planet towards which we are all moving, the planet that is being created, the new evolution. They arrive again to the planet, the children of light that hold the rays of the central sun. The Children of the Sun, that's how they are called. After the breaking through of the Indigo children After the truthful talk of the Crystal and Rainbow children They arrive, the children of the one central sun, that which is transmitting the waves of the creation rays The sun which moves the divine lights from the center of all universes That sun that is the source of life They vibrate from their hearts that vibration of the infinite possibilities, the joy and the creation They have fast thinking and sharp expression, deep X-ray vision and they send the light rays to all directions Sometimes they are dazzling, especially in the dark places, at those places that hold the old energy They are balanced in the ability to hold the feminine and masculine vibrations, the 'is' and 'is not'. They are balanced and they know why they are here. Via the high vibration that they hold, after all they arrived from the sun, they have the ability to work with the newest technology The technology which is so fast and echoes the 5th dimension, a technology that its terms are foreign to the old generation They will be the ones to enable Gaya to disconnect from its exploitation cables. The new energy is already here with their arrival The gasoline and the plastic shall disappear, because the generation of the children of the sun shall move the new energy across the planet The knowledge is clear and accessible to them. They will light up Gaya again. So, loved ones, those who still hold the fear, don't be afraid. The divine plan is clear, and the vibrations in the last 40 years generations are continuously rising From the inner planetary city of Telos, we already communicate with the generation of the central sun, and together we work on the huge creation that is created at this very moment. The humanity on this planet is learning its existence foundations yet again, as happened in the previous life cycle, over 400 thousands years ago. This time so much help is given. There will be no more 'day of justice' or Armageddon. Loved ones, release all of your fears. The planet is moving towards days of light. Its location is one, in the center of the vast universe, with your solar system entrance into one with the echo of the divine creation sun light vibrations. The transformation is done, and you, my dears, watch, You, who move with us, with the Telos people, for over a decade, watch the new light that appears in your world. Understand dears, that you, who move with us, have the ability to work with the high energy of the children of the sun generation You, loved ones, have the ability to contain the new. Your heart that practices unconditional love, compassion and the laws of the one Your body recalls those days and can move in space with the waves, the waves of light are received in your light fields and the fields are touching one another And they are one with the infinite, beyond the planet's field, beyond your solar system field, part of a great field in the vast universes. Indeed loved ones, you are today in a central place, you are present and get to receive the super nova rays, the shining, lightening and transforming rays of light. No more as was done during the ancient times, when there was the great misuse of energy that the planet and humanity had experiences. No more trauma and destruction for humanity. The great creation is moving towards ascension and huge light and we sing the Lemuria singing with the new that is born. From the unity of our hearts, in pure love consciousness and with the rising of the consciousness of compassion and containment, more and more high souls who hold the sun rays in their hearts arrive. They who are taking the human race to the creation days. Therefore loved ones, it is your time to get off the fixating couch and go out and rinse your pineal gland for a full and new awakening, for increasing your body and your surrounding field vibration to the new light resonance that is uncovering in the planet today. With the right study of the new energy, in your emotional and light bodies, you shall be one with Gaya at your hearts. The heart beats shall reunite again and harmony shall return to planet earth. The human with its physical incorporation of the divine grace of spirit, is the grounding point of the divine will expression, and this is the time for an enlightened divine realization on this earth. These days have the potential for creating the great light as one with Gaya, earth and heaven are one. Therefore loved ones, look at the children of the sun who are coming in numbers, watch and support them, as they move the new into your world. I bless you and love you in these days of accelerated light I am Adama" #Adamayeletelos#

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