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Diamond Heart Team

Updated: Sep 4, 2021


These days were days when both were very busy, the knowledge that the planet was entering a new cycle, the knowledge that the time on the planet was about to change and all the laws of the universe that existed above the surface faced changes caused many light cities to reach Telos for learning and remembrance. Warrior or light summoned.

And Telos breathed life, and propelled the main moves in full coordination with the Shambala and the Great Cosmic Council.

New crews were formed, and the Heart Diamond Lemuria team, was one of the well-known and powerful crews known throughout the planet and even outside the cosmos and its distances.

Diamond Heart Team

The Heart Diamond Lemuria team was one of many teams that formed the Legion of Light existing in the Milky Way cosmos - the Legion worked collaboratively and consisted of 120 representatives of civilizations that exist in the depths of the planet, as well as another 120 light cultures outside the Earth galaxy.

The crews were made up of warriors, all of whom acted in the name of the one light - in order to protect the divine life systems.

The training of the Legion of Light, was done even in those days, through defense and fighting, and the fighting came from the mother stars, the source, who operated with high knowledge, the knowledge and abilities were compatible with the whole cosmos.

For the inhabitants of the planet, the knowledge was new and very developed. So the Legion of Light did not act in the face of humanity.

They acted against of a powerful force that has been partially assimilated into humanity and most of it was still as a conscious energy - darkness.

The chosen team, took part in all those years, since the fall of consciousness that occurred on the planet, the team remembered the dark night in which the continent sank, the night without moon and without sun was the time when the planet came out of the bright period from its central location in the universe.

There she was re-assimilated.

With several more planets, with the yellow sun, and with other laws.

The laws of the planet changed, gravity began to act 7 times more than it existed, the law of time present on the planet, and the consciousness of heaven, was present in the few who chose to remain within the planet in the protected world, it was he who kept the pure laws of divinity.

The Diamond Heart team, was the one who remained and was the one who was chosen to stay and keep those high souls who decided to keep walking across the planet.

It included 22,000 fighters.

They moved between the dimensions between the worlds, had the ability to move in the world compressed above the earth into the airy world in the depths of the earth.

They possessed Pleiadian bodies, and possessed abilities that carried the most advanced technology and the highest divine abilities.

In the atrocities of light, the diamond beam moved and at the tip of their hands were the same energy openings that could propel the light rays like bright blue swords that emit laser beams and sharpness like the diamond crystal.

They transmitted fast telepathic patterns between them that moved beyond time and moved inside of the gates of light between the dimensions.

To this order belonged the leading warriors who were known due to their rapid sharp and pure light-moving abilities.

When the darkness began to seep into the planet and passed the high libraries they stood there to protect the heart of the planet, they stood there and closed gates, they stood there and knew that another day would come and the star would change its inclination angle again, the star would change its climate pattern again, and will return to the ability to contain the lights of purity.

They have been waiting for these days, and here they are a moment before, when looking at the hundreds of thousands of years, a process of 1000 years does not seem so great.

Therefore the near process of climate change taking place above the surface, is a positive resonance to the processes of the Diamond Order.

The diamond team, looked at this low humanity that regulates orders of humanity and painfully exploits the blue star, they watched and saw the pollution, and building concrete infrastructure that blocked the star frequencies, they saw the tree mining and soil pollution. They tried to warn when the oceans lost their molecular origin

And trained more and more planet guards. But the darkness continued to exploit, and still does.

Therefore the diamond crew, is going out again to protect , it is present and gathers again the purest souls of light - the Legion of Light - to be in action.

They too belonged to the Order and the Diamond Team.

She, the princess agreed when she came to Telos, to take part in the mission, she knew that she brought many abilities with her from her house planet .

She knew that she was trained as a child along with the warrior.

Her body was moving in the infinite spaces, she knew how to convert herself into cosmic energy, the stars of light, and the divine breath, she knew how to be embodied in all, and learned many forms and many bodies on this planet. She knew how to move like a golem , a butterfly or a dragon.

She chose the bodies, the transformation was rapid .

When the warrior invited her to the Order of Apprenticeship and Learning she arrived.

There she met the team.

Translated by: Jaqueline Razon


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