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Agartha - Theory of the Hollow Earth


While we are all busy with what is happening above the surface of the earth in these unique days, the days of great transformation

 The days of choice in the creation of the new consciousness above the face of the earth.

 More and more friends are sharing about a new communication with them, voices coming from the depths of the earth... from the settlements of the inner planetary cities of light.

 One of the central cities that we are so familiar with, the crystalline city of light, is Telos, which is in the depths of Mount Shasta, a city that carries the Akashic Lemurian knowledge, which is awakening even more strongly these days.

 This city is one of many cities of light that exist in the depths of the planet.

 Below is a concentration of information on the network of the cities of light that carry the high consciousness of light in the fifth dimension

 Agratha network, questions and answers coordinated by the light daughter  Ayelet Hashar Zimmerman

 From books that carry this fascinating information, which comes to us since the 18th century!

The following part is taken from an article published in a local newspaper in the Upper Galilee by Ayelet H. Zimmerman

 As part of a series of articles related to the state of the earth.

 It was also published in several Facebook groups in 2015

 for example in "another truth"

What is Agartha (HOLLOW EARTH - AGARTHA?

 "The name 'Agratha' is attributed to the inner surface of the earth, which, according to several sources, is hollow, it has light, air, continents and seas, and geographical areas similar to those known to us, which exist on the surface of the earth, and the most surprising of all - it  Inhabited by very advanced civilizations, some of which belong to our humanity.

 One of the sources considered authoritative in the context of the very existence of such a large area that is suitable for life, inside the Earth, is the diary of Admiral Byrd, a senior officer from the US Navy.  This journal is publicly available online.  (See the list of sources at the end of the article).  You can also find quite a lot of video clips and photographs on the Internet (for example on YouTube), which show the openings at both poles of the earth.

 Until recently, this information was considered:


 That's why pilots who flew over the openings at the poles were silenced.

 And any material that appeared on the Internet disappeared.

 You can rightfully ask - "How is it that they managed to hide such a prominent fact without the public finding out"?  I can only give you a hypothesis - that whoever had the information was convinced that it was security information that should not be disclosed, and therefore kept it, in accordance with the instructions he received from his superiors.  After all, so many of us agree to the security concept according to which:

 "You inform only on the basis of need to know"

 In other words, only those who must receive the information for the purpose of filling out should be informed

 Their role, and nothing else.

 Anyway, the fact remains:

 The public for the most part is still ignorant regarding the openings of the two poles even today, as well as regarding the fact that the earth is hollow, and regarding the existence of very advanced civilizations inside the earth.

 Admiral Byrd (Admiral Byrd) succeeded in entering through the opening in the North Pole using a light pilot vessel of the US Navy, in 1947. On his return, he had a document in his hands which he handed over to the President of the United States, containing an appeal to the world leaders from the people of Agratha in connection with the failed conduct of the dominant countries over  The earth, especially in everything related to polluting industry, and excessive exploitation of natural resources, as well as the corporate takeover of the global economy.  The document was actually a warning addressed to all citizens of the Earth, however, as you must have noticed, it did not reach the citizens of the Earth.  Admiral Byrd was ordered not to pass on information about this to anyone and the entire matter was classified as: TOP SECRET.

 It is interesting to note that in the hierarchy of security information classification in the US military, the US president is not at the top, and there are quite a lot of security secrets that the US president does not have access to.  But we won't elaborate on that this time."

Who lives there ?

 According to some of those who managed to get in and out, unscathed, the population of Agrata is made up of several races that do not necessarily have a common denominator.

 Part of the population of Agartha consists of the people of Atlantis and Lemuria , who fled to the inner territory of the Earth.  Contrary to the official history books, the people of Atlantis and the people of Lemuria are still alive.  They have been vegetarians for 12,000 years and have much more advanced technologies than ours.  Their worldview and mentality are spiritual and altruistic.  They use agriculture to produce their food.  Although we are considered a very inferior civilization in their eyes, it was recently decided by the leaders of Agartha to try to bridge the two civilizations, and information from them is beginning to trickle in, regardless of the security intelligence agencies in the world.  As you can imagine, the decision of the Americans not to hand over the document to the rest of the world's citizens cost all of us quite a heavy price.

 Now more than ever there is a need for positive and mutually beneficial interactions between the two civilizations, for the purpose of restoring the earth's ecology, and to enable the use of cleaner technologies on a large scale, so that the planet can continue to be home to such a rich variety of life.

 Then it will be possible to finally end the period of corporate tyranny over the world economy, and their destructive effect on the mentality of humanity, including the mechanism of military industries - "because apparently there is no other choice".

 Maybe now it turns out that there is?

 Our entire perception of our place in the universe can change from the mere knowledge of its existence, and if we do come to the conclusion that all of this is not illusory, something fundamental and profound can change.  Can we give it a chance?

Geographical background

 In the inner space of the earth, which is heated by the sun in its center (which is actually the source of the aurora borealis), there is an ideal subtropical climate of about 24 degrees Celsius.  It is a temperate and comfortable climate, neither too hot nor too cold.

 Researchers who made trips to the North Pole discovered that the temperature increases the farther north they go within the polar region itself;  And the closer they got to the geographic point that is considered the north pole (the north pole) they found more open sea;  They discovered animals migrating north in winter in search of food and warmth, when theoretically they should have migrated south;  They noticed that the needle of the compass changes its position to a vertical position instead of being balanced, and that it behaves like a "frenzied possession";  They noticed tropical birds and that as they get closer to the pole axis there are more animals, more butterflies, more mosquitoes, and other different insects.  And this while these insects are not at all found in Alaska and Northern Canada;  They also noticed that the snow was colored with flower powder and black dust, the closer they got to the pivot point.

 The logical explanation for the black dust is that it originates from the active volcanoes in the space of the earth, which blow dust upwards, through the opening at the pole.  Within space itself, there are vast areas inhabited by a civilization much more advanced than ours, in terms of its scientific achievements.  The use of flying saucers is just one example of these achievements.

 Contacting the older brothers of our humanity can bring us great benefit, and we can learn from them and receive advice and help from them.  As mentioned, until recently the US Navy kept the two historic flights of Admiral Byrd a secret, but the situation has changed, and there is now more openness on both sides, to bridge the gaps and find a common denominator.

The network of communities in Agartha.

 Think of the capital city of Agartha as the 'United Nations center' of over 100 underground cities, which belong to the network of Agratha's communities.  the capital city of its name

 "Shamballa the Lesser",

 It is the seat of government of the inner world on Earth.  While the capital city is located on a continent in the center of inner space, the rest of the cities are smaller, and each of them is an ecosystem (closed ecosystem), which is located under the earth's crust, hidden within mountains.  The communities in Agratha's network of cities are spiritual in their approach and way of life, and their residents live according to principles, similar to those of the masters we know, such as Gautama Buddha, and others who preached the purity of morals, compassion, vegetarianism and peace.

 In their history books there are many masters who are unknown to us, who marked their path and their world view to this day.

 Why did they choose to live underground?

 If we consider the long war between Lemuria and Atlantis, in which thermonuclear weapons eventually caused both continents to sink to the bottom of the ocean, and radioactive contamination that covered the entire planet, we can begin to understand what caused them to seek refuge 100,000 years ago.

 The Sahara desert, the Gobi desert, the deserts of Australia and the United States, are the direct result of the destruction caused by that weapon.  According to testimonies that reached us directly from them, the radioactive contamination forced them to seek shelter and they turned to the leaders of Agartha, which already existed even before, with a request to join its network of communities.  And so the underground cities of Lemuria and Atlantis were established as places of refuge for these two civilizations, and as a place of safety for their sacred documents, books, art treasures, knowledge and technology.  However, this was only after they accepted very clear conditions from the Agartha leaders and the Confederation of Planets, of which the Agratha communities were members.  The war ended, the conditions were accepted and they continued to prosper in the new place.

Principal cities (out of about one hundred and twenty)

POSID (numbers about 1.3 million)

 The main settlement from Atlantis.  Located below the level of the "Mato Grosso" in Brazil.

SHUNSHE (about 3/4 million)

 A community of refugees from the Uighur culture which is a branch of Lemuria.  This is a community that chose to establish settlement centers separately from Muria about 50,000 years ago.  The entrance to the city is guarded by Himalayan Lamas.

RAMA (about 1 million inhabitants)

 A community originating from the original Rama city, which existed in India near Jaipur.

 The residents are known for their classical Hindu appearance.

SHINGWA (about 1.5 million)

 A community of refugees from the Ugric culture that migrated to the North of the Earth before settling in Agartha .  Located below the border between Mongolia and China.

 And it has another city under Mount Lassen in California.

TELOS (about 1.5 million inhabitants)

 Below is a more detailed explanation about the city of Telos, to give some idea about the  way of life in an underground city in Agartha.

 The name "telos" means in Hebrew - 'communication with the soul' (or with the spirit).

The question is:

 How is it possible that a population of over eight million people lives entirely under Mount Shasta in California?

 While we try to stretch the limits of our imagination, the Japanese have already created a pretty successful model for underground cities these days, and this is in response to the chronic lack of living space they have.

 Even in the distant past, underground cities were for thousands of years a protected solution, which allowed continuity for human development.  Talos is an example of a well-made underground city plan.  It is built inside a biosphere, under a dome, in a closed ecosystem (ecosystem).

 The dimensions of the dome, which covers the entire city, are approximately 2.5 km wide, and 3 km deep (height).

Telos has 5 levels/floors.

Level 1:

 This upper floor is used for administration, education and commerce.  The temple located in the center is built in the shape of a pyramid and can accommodate up to 50,000 people.  Around it are located government buildings, where the management, law and justice systems function, which are related to the proper and enlightened management of a large city.  On this floor there are also buildings intended for the arts, the theater, and other leisure pursuits.  It has a hotel for various representatives who come to visit;  a palace where the king and queen live, descendants of the royal family of ancient Lemuria, who are now masters on an intergalactic level;

 In addition, there is a spacecraft launch pad, schools, and centers for distributing food and clothing to anyone who needs it (money is not used here);

 In addition, most of the Telos residences are also located on this floor.

Level 2:

 This floor is mainly used for the production of clothing, furniture and more, but it also has residences and classrooms.  The houses are in shape

 bullet and there is no dust in them for this reason.  The residential units are for couples, individuals, and families with children.

Level 3:

 Contains hydroponic genes.  Advanced hydroponic technology is used here that feeds the entire city, and there is also surplus produce for trade with other cities.  All the crops are both bigger and tastier,

 from those we are used to.  They include vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, soy, herbs, roots, etc.  The Talos people are completely vegetarian, like the rest of Agratha's inhabitants, and their ability to produce meat substitutes reaches levels we still don't know.

Level 4:

 More hydroponic gardens and more production centers, as well as several areas of parks for recreation and excursions.

Level 5:

 This floor is a natural park - a kind of huge safari with lakes and forests, which includes many species of animals, including those that have long been extinct on Earth, such as the dodo chicken, the mastadon, and more.  All the animals in the park were raised in a non-violent atmosphere, and those among them who are considered carnivores or meat eaters on the planet enjoy various steaks consisting mainly of soy, and they are used to living near humans without it causing them aggression or anxiety.  There are no animals in cages here.

 The supply of oxygen in the entire biosphere exists thanks to the hydroponic gardens, and also from the natural vegetation of the large parks.

 (The attached picture is an example of hydroponic gardens in a closed ecosystem).


 Although there is a certain difference in the dialects between the different communities, the language in Agartha  is the same in all the cities and it is called "Solara Maru" which means "language of the sun".  It is the root language of our ancient languages, for example Sanskrit and Hebrew.


 Council of 12: six men and six women, together with the king and queen in the capital city of Shambhala

 They lead Agartha together, solve problems, and faithfully serve the people under their leadership, as guides and guards.  The role of the king and queen is considered a subject of heavy responsibility, because it is attributed to him the maintenance of the master plan of the creator of the world on earth.  The high priest is a master at an intergalactic level, and his name is "Adama" (the high priest is Adama).  His role includes, among other things, the official representation of Agartha with other civilizations.

 money (financial system):

 Does not exist.  All the basic needs of the residents are met without money.  If luxuries are needed, they are purchased through a sophisticated system of barter.


 Inside the cities themselves, elevators are used between floors, moving sidewalks, and electromagnetic slides that remind a little of a snowmobile in our northern cities.  An underground electromagnetic train network is used for transportation between the cities, and the trains reach a speed of 4,500 km/h.

 The people of Agratha are members of the Confederacy of the Planets, with all that implies culturally, ethically, and politically.

 Space travel is an integral part of their civilization, as well as the ability to interdimensional transitions with the spacecraft, which makes their movement in space invisible, with technologies familiar to most of us.

Recreation  and Leisure:

 Theater, concerts, and a wide variety of arts.  


 According to the sources I have, Agartha pregnancy lasted three months, without pain.

 This is a very sacred process in Agartha.  Upon becoming pregnant, the woman goes to the temple for three days, to welcome the new soul with beautiful music, good thoughts, and visualization techniques.  The birth usually takes place in a pool of water, when both partners welcome the baby into the world.

Body dimensions

 Due to differences in origin, the height of the residents in Agartha differs from community to community.  In general, the average height in Talos is about 2.5 meters and in the capital city Shamballah the average height reaches almost 4 meters.

When can we visit?

 Our entry into the underground cities is conditioned by them on the purity of our intentions, and our ability to think positively.  For the most part, they require a period of preparation and practice from our civilization, before we are allowed to enter.  And this is to avoid mutual unpleasantness and damage.  And there is excellent protection against any illegal entry using advanced technologies.  It is likely that being members of the Confederacy of Planets gives them access to technologies and means of protection, necessary for their continued existence in peace.

 But as mentioned, it was recently decided to begin the process of bridging the two civilizations.  And it may be that this is the time to positively consider the transition to vegetarianism, to start purifying the body, and to avoid the organized murder of animals before us."

Links for further reading

 Below are some recommended links for further reading, perusal, and listening - in connection with the letter and the inner territory of the earth:

 Recommended bibliography for further research:

 Underground Empire - Branton

 Sharul Dux on Telos & Hollow Earth — 12 Parts

 The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd

 Hollow Earth: Admiral Richard E. Byrd rarer view

 Hollow Planets Jan Lamprecht Part 1

 General historical background

 Warrior of the soul

 Evidence about the huge openings above the poles.  Civil pilot - regarding the North Pole:

 For those who have brilliant ideas - to invade Agratha without permission, it is recommended to watch this video

 Information about Lemuria

 Material about Atlantis

 "The Smoky God" -

  A Norwegian sailor account about his accidental visit to Agartha

 Project Gutenberg Australia

 You can listen to this Norwegian sailor account in this audio-book on youtube:

 Various posts in recent years were added to the blog of the spokesperson of The Resistance Movement (code name "COBRA"), with regards to Inner Earth, and its various civilizations.  You can use keywords to search through his blog -

 Corey Goode mentioned in his testimonies on Gaia TV, in the series "Cosmic Disclosure" some of the main civilizations in Agartha.

 you will have to search through the above series (avail. online) to find the relevant chapters on Inner Earth.

 Nicholas Roerich, the famous Russian artist, who studied Buddhism, and traveled the Himalian Mountains in his life-long research of this geographical regen, mentioned in one of his diaries, that he was given a special privilege of entering Agartha, during one of his  trips.  But the exact details of that visit were never published to my knowledge.

 I read about it in a book about him and his wife, by Ruth A. Drayer.  (published by Quest Books).

 There are a few references to Inner earth in ancient Jewish manuscripts.  I had no time to investigate these writings, but if anyone is interested, I may be able to dig out a few links and titles.

Written by: Ayelet Segal

Translated by: Jaqueline R.Goldfeder


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