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Where is The Blue Planet heading? Conversations with Adama


I'm aware to the new colors that appear in my world, aware to the light resonance that flow through my bodies every morning, when I run through the fields.

Aware to your presence, beloved brothers, who come up to the surface from the light city. Aware to the brothers and sisters that hold their light in devotion and courage and bring new visions to the new Planet Earth.

An old-new land – the planet has started to move and I breathe differently? Do you too?

Adama stands beside me, present as always. My heart is filled with sweet love and I can feel my legs walking on my home land Shasta. The same land which I had walked in so many incarnations. I know every piece of stone and every stream of water. The entrances to the city are partially blocked, and the mountain shall be opened this summer to those who hold the new vibration.

The great creation, is the vibration of the 2020 summer journey, so said Adama to me, back in last September.

I did not realized back then that we shall indeed enter the new creation of the planet. I didn't realized that stopping was in the way it is created – the divine plan.

I can feel his presence inside me and I give in:

"welcome, I am Adama, greeting you children of the light that walk this earth.

You, who devote to the knowing that is present inside you that there is something beyond what is given to you, what was shown to you. Indeed the hidden is not veiled any more in these days.

When we look at you, the light messengers that choose to move from their inner truth, from the purity, as you bring your own color, again you are not affected anymore by the outside world, but you enter deep inside and choose your path. You are so blessed.

As many of you already know, there was more than one way for the planet movement continuation.

The stop was required and it was decided upon in the high councils that connect all of the fields of the grand solar systems. A whole legion of light messengers has been recruited for this earthy mission, to support humanity.

You already know that humanity is one with the divinity, and the separation is not possible. The loss of the planet does not exist in the level of the great creation. Therefore, a new humanity was chosen to incorporate on the blue glowing planet.

And many re leaving and will leave. However, loved ones, I want you to understand that the new humanity evolution is already present.

It exists in the indigo and crystal children. In those who hold the light vibrations and speak the language of the heart. And they are many. Indeed, many of them are on the planet.

You will hear of them, social and political revolutions shall take place.

The light voice shall not be suppressed any more. The light voice shall be heard and humanity shall not be deceived again.

From the depth of Telos we open the creation temples, teach and give you the tools and the old memory from Lemuria. Once again you are connected with those understanding and knowledge that are present in your DNA level. They anchor the akashic records of the soul memory.

We watch you meeting with us, via the global light community that expands and holds the vibration of the heart of Telos Lemuria in its heart.

More and more sisters and brothers come through the light portals and we accept you with great love. many of you know us by name. Many others are still learnings and are excited when they first see the visions.

The city is open. Be patient as the light centers in your bodies open up. Embrace with love that exciting moment of your heart feeling as you return home.

Telos Lemuria is one of many inner planetary cities. Some of you will be invited to other cities as well. As light messengers, listen to your heart and walk with those who belong to your light family.

The fields that surround your bodies echo, and this is the time to feels them. When you feel expansion, know that you are in the right place. When you feel constriction, ask yourself what is the lesson and is it really your place…dear ones, walk in the bodies that hold the high light vibration.

Surely you understand your bodies, they are the incorporation tools in all of the dimensions, physical and divine.

When the bodies are balanced you have the ability to properly communicate in the planetary level and beyond. Indeed, many of you will hear the star brothers invite them for a conversation.

The networks as you know them are vibrating united, with maximum intensity, the crystal, the magnet and the diamond networks. The networks move the new divine energy. The pulses echo throughout the whole planet.

The planet is secured. The black predictions haven't taken place and the fear that rises from different voices to the surface only comes to constrict.

Keep your light and listen to those voices that contain the light and the vision of the new planet. It is already present incorporated in the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions.  The new human evolution has the ability to contain the 5th dimension vibrations. when you echo that, you will feel and see your whole world transforming itself to that vibration.

The gate to this dimension is the main heart chakra that holds the compassion and the acceptance, that can see the other and let the other shine his color. Understand that there are those who walk the pass and are learning in these very days how to tune their tools. There were people that in their human world let their ego rule and cause distortions in their bodies. Everyone has the same opportunity for learning, expansion and retuning themselves.

Why is it important to properly tune? Can't there be vibrational distortions?

Understand that in the light worlds there are no distortions. There is purity, clean gentle energy from any negativity, judgement or any other vibration that lowers the divine light resonance.

Therefore loved ones, we are aware that the humanity is still learning,  in a journey for enlightenment.

We witness ad see those who still hold in their heart jealousy, anger, pain, and we give them the tools to clean and rise above these feelings that hold them from the intended soul growth.

When you are in the right place for you, with your unique light flame, and you are in a mission, all you will feel is love, devotion and the experience of abundance will be present in your world.

We see humanity learning. From the light city of Telos we invite you to bring the truth into your life, the passion and the compassion.

Fill your life with passion that comes from your heart and your world shall rise to the 5th dimension and more.

Will the planet return to what it was?, you ask…

The answer is no. as the transformation already took place, humanity has changed. Understand that the thoughts that are present in your brain cells on a new planet, for an existence of a healthy society that enables everyone the opportunity for an abundant existence, will take place.

New movements shall rise and the fields is moving these thought vibrations to the people who are in leading positions. Those who will break free from the control chains of the darkness shall move the light to the exact directions. The light forces are present today more and more in these organizations that control the planetary economics and government.

Notice the new voices that come up. A new awakening wave is moving a new way of life.

The young generation is not swallowed into the materialistic world that has a hold and tied up humans. Questions are asked again.

How do I want to live my life in this world?

New communities are already established in the big cities. The change is present. Be awake and identify your community.

The belonging to a community is beyond the borders of your country. The belonging is vibrational. You shall find yourselves magnetized to the light family where you will get support and vibrational balance, and emotional too.

The light communities as Telos Lemuria open their hearts to the awakening souls across the planet. Many from the dormant souls awaken and are in search of their home again. The home is where the hearts is. There is no more meaning for borders and limits.

The new age enables the human to be anywhere he wants on the planet, and many shall depart from their current life and will move to other solar systems.

The amount of population on the planet is about to be reduced. Don't be afraid, but be blessed, as every soul follows its one intended divine mission.

I bless you in these rich days, where we are together in the main transformation process of the glowing blue planet.

From my home at Telos, be blessed, I am Adama.



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