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What happens in the death and the departure process



This is Adama, the high priest from Telos, greeting you deer ones for your being.

The change is taking place right in front of your eyes. You can feel it, in all of the levels. Feel it with your 3rd dimension senses and with your 5th dimension senses. With the ending on one cycle and the beginning of a new one.

Many souls choose to leave the planet, even if their body is young in terms of physical age. As a soul they choose an exit point. Most of them return very quickly to the planet with a new body and an awake consciousness!

When you look at humans that have chosen to leave the planet, many times you say good bye from a loved person, and in your imagination you see him fulfilling the dreams which he had wanted when he was alive.

Loved ones, when you departure from your body you are a heavenly light being. You connect to a light sleeve that takes you uo to the high dimensions, to the 12th dimension and beyond, and there you meet the masters of the light.

The sense of freedom of the soul from the physical world enables limitless consciousness expansion and unity with your source. You are surrounded by your light family and in the 1st stage you fill up again to the vibrational fullness of the high light consciousness. After you are full, some of your consciousness, the part that chose to arrive to this planet and experience the lessons and the experiences which you have created, meets with guidance for observation and learning.

Sometimes some of you return to the high dimensions after a hard journey in the physical body.

Therefore the light body should rejuvenate and recharge and there is a transition period for observation that takes time that does not exist in the high dimensions. The soul might finish this stage quickly, after the understanding of the lessons it has finished with and the lessons it should observe and experience again. Sometimes the observation period can be very long.

Part of the light body, in the 1st days of the departure from the physical dimension, is present with the family and loved ones that are experiencing a period of separation and grief.

The light body is very wide and is split between 12 parallel dimensions, some of them in distant universes. The light body that has finished its journey on the planet holds a specific vibration and therefore can't connect with the rest of the bodies. However, the higher self identifies the ending of the process in the 3rd dimension and knows that the current light body connects back with the soul center and source.

After the separation from the physical body, the light body often holds the physical body configuration in the higher dimensions. The energetic seal still exists, and only after a period of restructure and connection to the soul center, the light body structure expands and receives another form that is not holding the physical body seal.

In the light city of Telis, we have light bodies with a Lemurian seal, which is similar to the human bodies, as was constructed in the primordial days by our brothers – the Pleadeans. We are very tall and airy. Our bodies have the ability to change their energetic form and they are not dense. Therefore, the ability to change form can be done very easily. Each light body is built from particles such as protons and electrons and are accelerated very fast, and their fast spin creates the lightness of the vibration that constructs the bodies.

In our meetings with you, we have  to slow down the vibration of the acceleration of the light components, so that you will be able to connect to the vibration and perform mutual work.

Your dedicated work with the light purges and opens the energy centers in your light bodies. This opening enables life energy that arrives from the central sun to easily flow to all of the light cells, revive them and accelerate them and by that to create the transformation from the 3rd dimension to the 5h and even to the 8th.

When some of you separate from their physical body, most of the humans go up in the light sleeve, but the light centers are blocked. The broken light bodies, some with parasites that accompanied you during your lives, go through an immense process for cleansing. Sometimes this process makes it very hard for the light being to return to the planet and supports its family in the 3rd dimension. It prevents the communications of those who are in the 3rd dimension with the blocked light being that is in the 5th dimension.

Usually these light beings are sent for a cleansing period. The restructure the light codes that of their personal vibrations and continue for learning and assimilation in the high dimensions. The light body remains in a constant connection with the souls that are in the 3rd dimension density and it has the ability to lower its vibration in order to support the soul family.

Beloved light workers, this wonderful period is a seam period between the old and the new. As the old leaves, a new energy in the form of the wonderful light workers that arrive as the golden age generation.

These children arrive open and pure. They are old souls that remember their choice and mission of earth.

Please welcome them and give them the support that they need, love.

Feed them with mother earth fruits and don't suppress them with chemical substances that suppress and block them from the high dimensions that they are connected with.

These children have the ability to move between the dimensions. They can see loved ones who has chosen to leave, they can see their being and have the ability to communicates with the worlds beyond.

The golden era children, are the golden light children that have arrived to build the new plant vibration. They will realize the life in the 5th dimension.

Your systems change in these days in order to support them and to prepare the planet for them!

These children visit the light city of Telos freely. These children can read your thoughts. They have the ability to change the energetic field in their surroundings. Therefore, when you are feeling low, and they are around you, you can be charged by the light that construct their light bodies and be filled.

The old vibration of the planet makes a room to the new vibration of planet earth. Therefore the planet changes:

Time – Nutrition – Economics – Communication – Choice.

Feel the change in your heart. Feel the choice in your heart and fulfill your vision with love.

I bless you light workers, children of the planet.

I am Adama.



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