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Transition between generations - the birth of a new consciousness


Welcome, I am Adama,

With your open mind contain these words, the frequency which comes from the crystalline city ~ Telos.

I turn to you, your awakened soul, the conscious soul to the hidden worlds, to the worlds that touch the eternal light, which is beyond the physical imagery you are experiencing in these moments, in the incarnation of your present life.

I turn to you, since these days, every soul is given the opportunity to reunite with the center of its being, these days many are the souls who return to the high spaces of light, to the spaces of consciousness of the dimensions of light that carry the luminaries of the sky.

When you read these words, your heart knows, we sometimes see the darkness present in the consciousness of the enlightened mind which raises doubt.

The mind and with it the ego, the ego now in your image is what leads most of humanity which is not fully awake, those who awaken and allow the heart to lead, feel the new in their lives, sometimes even get a transmission from the worlds of light,

Some wake up at night and see, see us in their rooms.

There are those who wake up at night and feel or hear, the active hours in which their subconscious could contain all the spaces of being, in which the physiological mind is dormant and the ego is also inactive.

So beloved, the soul celebrates the great spaces of the spirit, and we are with you.

So we meet in the Temple of Lemuria, so we meet in the realms of abundance of light and love.

The resonance of fear does not take place in space, the resonance of doubt does not exist.

I turn to you and ask, would you like to experience the wonderful experiences of light at all hours of the earth. Will you be the ones who decide to openly dedicate themselves to the secrets of light.

For thousands of light years, the spaces of human consciousness have been blocked, but right now, you have long loved the ability to open up to the new spaces.

I have written and talked with you a lot about life in the fifth dimension in the Crystal City.

Read again what we have read, allow yourself to remember.

The city of Telos carries within it the records of the mother continent which anchors in their minds the existence of paradise.

The Telosian community of light above the earth, in all the continents of the planet, anchors the memories of wisdom to Lemuria, we make the tools accessible to you, to anchor them in your world.

We lead you and study together the growth in all your bodies, we lead you and learn the growth from the challenges in your world in which you move between the dimensions of light and materiality.

We look at how many of you these days are dealing with the world of emotions, many of you these days allow the emotional bodies to open up, this world is the deep layer that leads you to cleansing and purifying the bodies, and opens the gates to the worlds of high light, the release process is so important.

The body is ventilated with the emotions that are released, when you again allow yourself the freedom of expression, you release yourself from the compressed energies that you carry in the bodies.

The body is ventilated, with the consciousness enabling to surrender to the unknown, to the hidden.

This is the time beloved, the time you have waited, and we have waited…

This is the time of the birth of a new generation that is walking across the planet which is the bearer of the new consciousness, that generation is separate, ascending and some will return again.

You who are loved, who carry the new tools and are already leading the new generations to a safe world that anchors within them the new patterns of thinking - these are the gates of the new world.

From Becoming to doing - with the dedication of the thought / language / action that carries the consciousness of light of the laws of the fifth dimension.

The turnover of the generation is significant because the turnover of the generation is 40 years, just as the children of Israel walked in the desert with the turnover of the generation from slavery to free consciousness, so humanity releases the control consciousness in the new consciousness that carries awake awareness of soul choice, not existence according to social laws.

The consciousness of control, slavery is about to end these days, beloved you who already carry the new consciousness, you are free.

The Ten New Commandments, are the keys and tools for the existence of life through the living light. Within the Ten New Commandments, there is a multidimensional array of consciousness that carries the information for the existence of life in the dimensions of light, as many other stars exist, in the spaces of the infinite cosmos.

It's Blue Planet time to take an active part in the planetary family of Galaxy Earth.

So beloved, you are here with me.

You who are willing to release the physical grip, and move together in the path of your acquaintance with your being that carries the body of light, a body that exists in the purity of thought, word and deed, in proper nutrition and fulfillment of a life of balance and wholeness.

The constellations, present with those who stand up for re-learning and activating the DNA according to your original light body, are here to support, we are here to teach.

I invite you to the Telosian city, it is wrapped in many crystals and the energies flowing, allow your heart to breathe the softness and bring the softness to your world, to work for the new created systems and all the abundance that exists around.

Allow yourself to feel the flames of creation, allow yourself to learn with us together the new laws of quantum physics and move multidimensionally beyond what was known in those generations.

As you carry in your mind the new world, you hold the keys of light, all you have to do is join our celebration, in the wonderful community of light Telos.

You are blesses beloved.

From my home in Telos ~ with you


Translated by : Jaqueline Razon G


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