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The world of waterfalls in the city of light Telos


In the depths of the planet slowly slowly there is an awareness of the existence of cities of light, a system of access canals from city to city, canals in which the light trolleys go out and connect and carry what is required for the existence of Agartha network. Oceans and waterfalls, central sun and giant trees, whole systems of lakes and animals. The "hidden" world is protected from low frequencies, the inner world is subject to the entry of those who hold the resonance of the fifth dimension and more. Those whose hearts are pure, are those who have the ability to move into the multidimensional parallel worlds, to accept the laws of the new world, and to release control and judgment, to surrender to the world of existing light. Telos, which connects the higher worlds of light and the material worlds that carry the resonance of light, is the spiritual communication that carries to those human beings who are sufficiently developed, to contain the same sights and visions and continue to move above the earth. The inner world, contains a faster resonance hundreds of times of the energy that exists above the earth, is the one present under the laws of time and space of the physical world. The inner world does contain a soft and delicate resonance, therefore every thought embodies 100% pure light, without any consciousness that contains doubt. The inner world at the center of Planet Earth, is not the only one, the thousands of other planets in the cosmos systems, also sustain life in the planetary interior systems. The communication between those systems is present in one field of light systems. There is one field, the one that carries the multidimensional communication ability and the laws known in the worlds of light, therefore, only those who contain pure energy enough, are allowed to see contain and take part in this array. Humanity, in its path is, slowly, the light systems and the crystal fields, magnet and diamond expand and more and more developed souls connect and take part in one field. Therefore, Telos expands and opens up. Therefore, the prince and princess began to come out and incarnate before those human beings, those high ancient souls who carry the ability to show , and to feel to be in “knowing”. The princess and the prince, embraced with each other the strands of alpha and omega energies and came together, as they came to take part in the lemurian mission and with them were others who took part in the lead. One of them was a beautiful light girl known as a healer with light qualities that come from the planet of the house, and even beyond. The same healer was about 6 meters high, and her hands were large and contained like a net of light inside, her legs were long and thin and she knew all the qualities of nature on Planet Earth, both above and inside it. Therefore, she spoke the language of the flora and the plants, she knew in great detail all the qualities of the medicinal plants and those plants that did not. She, the warrior, and princess came from the land of Lemuria, where she founded the unique network of vegetation that is unparalleled in any unique planet, a variety that grows on all levels from the vast trees to the grasses moving with the wind route. She is the one who, knowing that the planet is changing the variety of landscapes, and felt the changes in her body. She talked to the layers of bare ground and felt her pain on every concrete placed on bare ground. Her name is Shanatyia There were many emissaries across the planet, and they were placed in special places key points from which she could guard the body of the planet, she used non-stop telepathy with the people, and many of her emissaries went out to key points where the planet was slaughtered. One of the emissaries above the earth, was special and had great abilities, but she had not yet recognized her powers, and the healer from Telos waited and waited patiently until she awoke to her full consciousness and believed in herself in the fullness of her creation. The healer from Telos, saw her dealing with the ancient pain she still bore from the days of sinking of Lemuria, she saw the pain and loneliness she sometimes felt, there above the earth. The healer from Telos - which have been living in Telos since its inception. It also moves between the cities of light and has helped many other cities of light to build the unique array of vegetation within it so that it will provide the unique frequency of that city of light according to the aspects required for its civilized civilization. Shanatyia- knew that the planet was about to change its orbit, and that the animal world that feeds on the earth and frequencies was about to become extinct because the frequency above the planet was undermined, reducing its natural living areas, which pressed the fabric of the animal world. Another committee of animals in the food chain became extinct , and she saw the demise of this world above the earth. Those emissaries of light who dedicated their lives to the animal and plant world on this planet, managed to awaken the human consciousness that there is a state of emergency for changes on the planet, another committee of scientists, began to explain and show why this point of return poses a risk to all mankind. We continued to activate the leaders of the Gaia warriors and waited for the same representative that echoed the frequency that we became above the earth. She called on her to recover, she called on her to get stronger and find her way back home. And establish the team of light messengers who heal the planet. If you are the this representative, a representative of light, this is beloved the time to bring the light above the earth, to explain lead to share, along with other messengers of Lemuria that resonate the with essence and importance of preserving the flora and fauna on the planet. She ached with pain of the areas that were covered in concrete, and saw the suffocation present in Gaia's breaths. There were those who cried out for her pain, and they knew that there was not much time left, and that action had to be taken from the spread of the primitive construction of human beings, on her body. Thus, a decision was made in the Great Cosmic Council, and to intervene in accelerating the opening of human consciousness, the messengers of light have already begun to take part in complete combustion with their parallel bodies, from the depths of planetary inner light cities, they were the ones who could move the dimensions. The activate the light through one way of thinking. Through one consciousness. Shanatyia knew that this was the time to awaken her earthly figure, and so she did. ~~~~~~~~~~ In the depths of the planet, there is a wide expansion of light, such as humans have not yet seen in the physical eyes, but there were those who saw, the transitions between dimensions were a gateway of learning and growth, as planet Earth moved and began to receive masses of supernova rays. It gives time for awakening and accelerated learning than it has been on the planet since ancient times. ~~~~~~~~~~ The princess awoke under a lighted tree, she saw the light emanating from the tree roots up to the top and leaves of the light, she breathed her daily breaths of light and saw her unicorn waiting for her. When she touched her unicorn's face she began to whisper words of love, words of light and sweetness to her, got on her unicorn’s back. And began riding in the endless fields of the Valley of Abundance, the Unicorn, began to fly and spread its wings and flew and flew and passed in a huge waterfall in the space till it reached with the princess to the spaces of diamond light, till they got to the world of waterfalls. The world of waterfalls was a world of multidimensional gates to points of light across the planet. The waterfalls were passages they could princess and unicorn, pass and be at another point. In the past, the points of light were empty of people, but in the last hundred years, these points have begun to be inhabited by humans, and many times villages and even cities have been built there. Unicorns, did not like the crowded residential buildings of human beings and whenever such a waterfall was built around such a crowded city, the changes in energy would cause the lighted gate to close. Thus more and more gates in the world of waterfalls were closed. But there were those who still were and remain open. The waterfalls of light had a wide range of healing and enlightenment abilities, when the princess and the unicorn would pass within them, they would see the trail of light leading them to the world of above the earth. On one occasion, it was a moment before sunrise, when the princess and the unicorn emerged to one of the points of the waterfalls, they emerged to the parallel world, the princess began singing her songs to converse with the plant world which was at this point of light. When she sang, there were the moths, the algae in the lake ponds, erect their stature and hear the song of light, the pores of the plants began to open and contain the shards of light absorbed, enriching their growth. That day, came to the waterfall where the princess sang, a fire figure was familiar to the princess, she saw her parallel figure, this figure who embodied her majesty above the earth. The princess was very surprised to see her on this portal, and see that her parallel figure’s face does not show joy of life. She approached her , and whispered in her ear. "I'm the princess, why your face is not radiant? You know the laws of light" For a moment there was silence, but after a few seconds her daughter turned to her, and whispered to her in the light language that she misses home very much, her home in Telos. And that the challenges that have recently been posed to her on Earth are complex, and that she is exhausted and feels physically tired. 'The princess put her hand on the heart of her daughter, and began to transfer to her the vital energies raising her frequency, at one moment the princess saw that the frequency had indeed risen and she whispered to her. "Beloved, you are my character, allow yourself to activate your same abilities to the challenges you are facing , I see you. Forgetfulness sometimes strikes at human beings. Be with the warrior in those encounters and you will receive the spark of life and the memory will soon rise again, and you will overcome the challenges of the earth." And then, the princess character figure, began to straighten up, light began to illuminate her flowing hair and she again began to sing the light song in the sound of her throat. The princess smiled and sees how, her daughter continues to touch many other human beings on earth, and how she expands their hearts, and gives them from her light , she is the one who has many abilities, and will slowly recognize them and intensify as well. The princess went on to further gates to the waterfalls of light on the planet, in each waterfall she met there is a human figure connected to a parallel figure from Telos. Listen to the princess, she will support and help you connect with your corresponding character, and help you get home. Wake up Beloved ~ This is your time. #ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by: Jaqueline Razón


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