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The Stars Gates open up for humans - External Galactic Communication


Beloved light workers, children of Planet Earth, I welcome you today, you who read and are present in this space, in which we together with you are growing and expanding our consciousness. Can you see dear, you chose to stop. You chose to read and contain the current frequency. You are now experiencing the new frequency and the knowledge that will be encrypted in your being, in both of your physiological and spiritual beings.

When you will finish reading you will not be the same as before. The change already took place. You witness in these many changes that take place on the planet. You witness in these days the current cycle which Planet Earth enters. It is one cycle out of many important cosmological cycles which the planet has experienced. Planet Earth is currently experiencing geophysical, climate and magnetic changes. You can already feel these changes and see their effect in the third dimension. The animals are already reacting to it, they know… The whales change their migrations routes in the depths of the oceans. The birds change their flight routes up above. Human life also changes as well as the various levels of the consciousness of life outside of Planet Earth. Indeed, the change in the local living space influences the universal space. The crystal network, as well as magnetic and the diamond networks transmit the high light to the crown chakra of the developing humanity. They enable you to be one with us, the light consciousness of the white light brotherhood. The Earth's energy fields influence the various networks. Planet Earth changes the evolution and the new human is created. The new human develops new bodies that have the ability to contain the energetic light in the modified biological body, to contain a higher mass of light, to change its resonance to the light consciousness of love, compassion and giving. These are the days of new electro-magnetic energy that changes the electromagnetic fields in the bodies and enables the new human the ability to move to the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions, so that he could be one of the highest evolutions that exist in this universe. The high light technology is developing on the planet and it enables us the movement to other solar systems. In order for the new human to be able to use them, he has to first develop the messiah consciousness inside him. Many of you feel the urge to move to these centers of light, these gates that are reopening, and support you in the processes of transcendence and sacred initiations. Mount Shasta and the light city of Telos is the home of the people of Lemuria, that mother continent that was the home to so many star seeds. The gate is now reopening for the people of the stars, those who sowed their seeds now return to re-establish the communication and return their people back home. The gates of the great pyramid in Egypt: The opening of the Sphinx consciousness and the consciousness of the pyramid connect the consciousness of the planet to that of the higher system of parallel universes. The pyramid is used as a model for programming and reviving human consciousness. We are in the days when coordination is necessary with the opening of the consciousness of the pyramid to the consciousness of the new humanity. The messiahship in each human will create the unity of the whole planet with the consciousness of light throughout the universe and its various layers. So loved ones, the ones who read these lines, you are indeed the sons of the infinite stars, the infinite universe, and even beyond. You are indeed the children of the light of God. You who yearn and see and feel the change that is already taking place on the planet. Loved ones, light messengers, you are the ones who lead the change, those who are attentive and insightful, you already contain the new. This learning today is beyond the physical life, beyond corporeality. It is time to go deeper into the multidimensionality and learn to move the multidimensional light from the high worlds of light to the corporeal human worlds. These are the days of awakening and synchronization of your earthly and spiritual being into one. This is why you are present here with me today, this is why we are one. Blessed are You, the Children of Light, Blessed are the children of Lemuria who feel their mission in this unique light cell. Blessed are You, I am Adama.



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