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The princess from Telos - Healer of Awakening Hearts.


Her delicate feet moved on the crystal ground, she felt every pebble she walked on, the light of the pebbles she knew from her childhood in Lemuria, that ancient continent she often told about to the children of Telos...

In those days, when the continent operated in the high consciousness of light, the “consciousness of Eden” they called it, due to the high abilities of light, the world above the surface of the ancient earth was a world filled with the frequency of unconditional love. On the continent there were no diseases, there was no anger or violence, the resonance of the heart and harmony is the one who gave the planet its endless beautiful bloom, the long eternal life of the earthlings, the multi-dimensional abilities to those who knew the connection to the house planet MU.

They were called the ambassadors of the house, they were the ones who visited and led the paths of the rays of the flames of creation from the magical temples of light. They were the ambassadors of light or who knew how to preserve the resonance of the higher dimensions of light, all over the continent, between the valleys and rivers, between the ocean and the surrounding islands, the continent took hold of beauty which sometimes cannot be described in the eyes of those living above the surface of the earth these days, indeed the planet looked different.

The pebbles, and the vegetation on Telos, carry the sublime light that existed on the mother continent of Lemuria, so the pebbles lit up every time a foot stepped on them.

She walked slowly, first placing her front toes and then her heel, that's how she felt the earth and became one with it, she didn't hurry, she carried her light.

The princess from Telos carried so much light, that sometimes she could not leave the temple of her light. The temple held her light and the connection to the home star, sometimes the longing was great and she would sing the song of her house and open a channel of communication with her father the king and her mother...

They supported her sending their presence to her, so then she went again in balance with her mission here on the home planet, in the illuminated city of Telos.

So many are they, she reflected that day, so many are those who need emotional support. The world above the surface of the earth entered a rapid vortex of awakening, many emotions began to rise in the emotional bodies of human beings, those who chose to awaken at once.

From the Order of the Light of the Princess came hundreds of therapists, who knew how to support human beings, many of them teamed up with their earthly figures, in order to fully support the physical world, the Order of the Light of the Princess was one of the only ones that knew how to provide full support to those who experienced anger and pain, confusion and lack certainty.

The way was always open to each and every soul, but not all of them woke up, there were those who drifted away and fell into a dark and dark consciousness, there were those who were caught by the forces of fear and unbelief, they were destined to end their current incarnation and continue their journey to another planet that contains the tools for growth at their own pace.

The planet moves each and every day in allowance, moves around the sun in its designated orbit as it has moved for millions of years.

There were changes and they affected the many worlds that touch and are connected to the planet Earth.

That evening she sat in her hall of light, looking at the crystal screen above the surface of the earth, she saw him, he who was moving along the path of life, knowing that everything he had planned had happened, suddenly experienced a strong jolt which made him look at his life again.

There were thousands more like him, the awakening was a consciousness-accelerating stage, sometimes the souls would awaken through illness, or separation from a beloved soul, through an accident or a fall and injury or through L O V E.

Many on the planet moved around this frequency, the word love was the most common in human discourse, in songs and movies, the addiction to this frequency gave many human beings the taste of life.

That's how he was, she saw him awakening to his own the same soul that was his, she saw him confused, the heart chakra opened quickly, at first there was pain but the love, the infatuation was the one that gripped all the cells of his body.

Can love be controlled? Many human beings wanted, but the answer is one.

This frequency and energy, when it reaches that soul, the human soul, it is not possible to stop the conscious growth through the emotion of the bodies. All of them.

The princess looked at him, saw his heart which was opened and the mind does not understand.

The gap between the bodies is so great, she reflected, it was the laws of the planet that bound the human souls, with the legality of religious control, the people were obliged to maintain relationships

with one soul for all their physical lives.

Without understanding that the light systems sustain, that as part of the soul's choice of its earthly journey, there are lessons that end and some that step up to a deeper stage.

Many times souls who finished a class were separated in a big drama missing out on the common growth.

There were also those who finished their joint class and managed to ascend and maintain additional intimate relationships while maintaining a primary marital system.

They are the ones who experienced a new reincarnation within the initial reincarnation.

They are the ones who have experienced growth from the maturity of the soul and a lively and loving discourse.

Love - here is the divine expression,

Love - is an earthly expression of the unity of souls

Love - is the ability to express fulfillment at the peak of exclusion.

The princess experienced divine love for her beloved, she knew the essence of the word in all its layers, she experienced the pain of separation and the joy of unity.

It was a time to support all those who love, those who are confused, those who are awakening.

She continued observing the layers of his soul, and that of many thousands more like him.

Sending the messengers of the Order of the Light of Love the signals where to go, the support was for those who have already agreed to feel and receive the help of the universe for full support.

They were the ones who, in a very short time, could make a quantum jump in the waves of awakening and bring their light into expression in perfection and divine joy above the surface of the earth.

Those who saw - would establish a life without the frequency of fear, out of perfection.

She read the signals of his thoughts, he slowly began to remember who he was.

What is his role at the high level of the soul... He was a very high soul and it was his time to wake up - in order to support essential processes and be a central axis for thousands more souls.

The princess sent her light to him, and he released the mass of pain from his heart, the pain he didn't know was from distant worlds, he sealed the center of emotions for many years and they came up all at once, sometimes he felt that he was suffocated from the emotional world, the tears flowed down his rough face, but they were sometimes because his vision was opened then he knew, he remembered who he was and in all his full power , and continued to step forward, the transition stage he knew that he was at this stage.

He looked at the one he loved so much, and knew that their paths would merge again, without feeling fear or pain, without judgment in his life, knowing their common mission.

He knew that she was beyond the sea, he knew that physical reality was changing.

The princess, continued to soften his body, breathing and sending herself to another 120 parallel aspects, to support those who are awakening.



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