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The Liberty of the new humanity


Tonight with the ending of our exciting heart course "the sacred flames", I say good bye to those brave souls who gave committed to learn and grow in devotion.

We are closing a month of devotion and holding of the high light frequencies, and from the full moon night of April, I find myself moving towards the star constellation, through the full moon, and the high priest Adama whispers and shows me the infinite number of stars, galaxies in the infinite universe.

We are so little, but very significant.

Shift – transformation – changeover – a process of the whole planet.

The Corona days phase III, the words of Adama:

"blessed are you, the children of the divine,

You who can feel the winds of change that flow through the planet in these days, through your world.

The days go by, and the weeks, and humanity faces days of transformation that it hasn't known for a long time.

At those past days, plagues had already spread throughout humanity.

In each of these situations, the pain and the separation from those who got sick ad left their bodies was very challenging for the humanity.

With a big amount of souls that leave the space, a lot of old karmas mass is getting released.

Energetic bonds are released and souls choose not to return to the planet.

There are additional stars, have you known that?

There are additional spaces of learning.

The blue star is not the only space for a soul that chooses to grow and expand.

It is indeed unique in its materialization ability and the free choice that enables a great variety of learning possibilities.

Indeed learning, dear ones.

The learning school is going through a 'renovation'. Let yourself understand that new possibilities are about to be opened before you, possibilities that haven't been seen before.

See how the school expands its knowledge areas and its teachers team, and enables you more growth possibilities, such that will enable you more movement in space, and less limits and confinements.

Do you understand, dear ones, that the planet consciousness is expanding into the communication abilities that will enable you to expand your world beyond Planet Earth?

Do you understand that with the change and the stopping of the momentum and the power that moved you all in the same route, many more routes are now open for you to choose them?

Your familiar systems are about to change. Your leaders will not be able to deceit you anymore.

They are as exposed as you are. They have to make a  new choice.

The stopping of the planet brought the human to take hold of the present without knowing what the future brings.

Many plans that you have planned are not relevant any more as the game rules have changed.

Your scientists are trying in these days to find a cure for this virus who mocks humanity. Is there a need for a cure or is there a need to understand that the planet behavior is changing. Watch and read the new rules.

The rules of the universe. In other words you can call them the ways of the universe.

As beyond your sun and the 100 million other suns in your galaxy, there are an infinite amount of stars with life on them.

The stars families are part of you, and it is the time to renew your communication with them.

Some of them were present on the planet in the ancient days. Some walked the valleys and mountains ad had built their home on this star. Many testimonies exist around the planet to this family, which most of it has left.

Why? Have you asked yourself why those stars cultures have left?

The human evolution keeps evolving, and indeed the telepathic and multidimensional vision, hearing and thought realization shall continue to grow and evolve.

Our star, on which we live together, inside and on the surface, moves to its new position with all of the unique solar system.

It moves and get closer to the center of the eye of the big sun of the galaxy, in which you exist. Due to this proximity, the fields in the solar system change, and so do the magnetic fields of the earth.

Is this affecting your body, your light bodies>

Indeed it does. Therefore loved ones, your bodies feel that. Some feel tired, some feel excitement, some are confused as during puberty.

Your bodies with the connection of your soul to its source, shall lead you to the new rules.

You shall learn the new rhythm that is correct for your bodies. You will learn again the right nutrition and the environment in which you feels supported and in which you can express your personal expression of your soul layers.

The new human shall not move in automatic mode as before, out of rationalism only. The soul, loved one, that for many was forgotten, yearns again for a recognition, for expression, for freedom.

Indeed, freedom for the soul, for the mind, for your essence as humans.

These are the days in which the star families are looking at you, as you re-choose your growth, your ability to be a conscious part of the stars family of the infinite universe.

Are you ready for the next phase?

If you read these lines then you are already in the next phase.

We invite you to open your consciousness, to the depth of the light city of Telos.

We invite you to the unity of the light and realization worlds.

We invite you to become your own masters yet again.

You are born to freedom.

You are blessed

I accompany you from my home at Telos

I am Adama"



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