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The human disease and the ways of healing


His black eyes observe, investigate and see what the others have not yet seen...

In his childhood he met one of those who come from above, he told me, they came

to him and told him about this planet, he tried to repress, tried to grasp the

frameworks but he knew from a young age that he did not belong.

He didn return to the normal track after barely finishing the high school diplomas, his brain

just works differently...

Instead of serving in the army, he enters the world of computers, investigates and examines

the other world...

At a very young age he opened companies and understood this money industry that is

outside the dictated frameworks and managed to make a fortune.

No, he did not marry the sweetheart of his heart from his youth and raised two children also

outside the Matrix.

"They are he told me a few days ago in a fascinating conversation about what is

happening on this planet.

They are all... I looked into his black eyes and understood what he meant.

By they he meant all the inhabitants of the planet, those who take their lives as captives

cut off from their will, which is connected to the soul, with which they arrived on the planet.

They are all sick...

I take a breath, I see the helplessness, can humanity be saved from this disease?

Breathing and knowing that he is connected, the great spirit is present in his essence..

Will he be active for the sake of humanity using his personal capital?

Will he be active for the change taking place at this time on the planet?

Breathing deeply and feeling the teacher of humanity, the high priest Adama.

and ask him:

Is it possible to save the ״patients״ from this disease?


Beloved daughter, Ohelet, I am present with you during all phases of the day since that

great day when you opened your heart, your mind, and returned home, you are connecting

between the worlds.

As I have so many times shown you the vision of the future of the planet, the planet is going

through a great change these days..

These days every soul can make a new choice, many souls choose to leave the planet, to get

out of the consciousness of this planet and continue to a significant study of their spark of


Overnight they leave, some of them through the development of a disease in their bodies,

through which they are in further learning.

The disease of humanity is about to end, but the process is in earthly time and will continue

until the year 2050.

As I said a decade ago, the moment will come and so many souls will leave the planet, all at

once and here it is happening. Understand that your human body is part of the planetary

organism, just as there are cycles in the entire animal and plant world, so does the human

body, it moves in the cycles of life.

As I explained, consciousness is a sequence of energetic movement that comes from the

cosmos, the star is not disconnected from the wider cosmos, everything is connected and in

unify movement.

Therefore, the "disease" was also present in other stars in other systems, many systems are

being purified these days, recovering, your solar system is one of those systems that were

chosen to receive full support from the light cultures present around you. Therefore, be

aware that you are not alone.

we are not talking about support in present time, this is a support existing during the last

25,000 years since the last shift of the planet's axis.

Many of you are witness these days the findings emerging in the media world regarding the

ancient civilizations and their ways of communication with beyond the sun in this system,

beyond the stars.

Your scientists understand again the way the planet works with its energy forces, and that

the star is changing all the rules known to them during the last thousand years from the

beginning of the current time known as scientific age.

But understand, beloved, can you see that the cycle of humanity at this time is a cycle that is

developed due to the connection with those leaders and pioneers beyond the controlling

plan , indeed there were always those who were not infected with the disease.

You, loved ones, are the souls who always knew the laws of freedom and truth on this

planet, you love some of those brave souls who know.

The star is a star on which many experiments have been done, we watch from the life

systems in the depths of the planet, we watch humanity that is walking step by step, and we

work in cooperation with those who are open to listen to us in a flowing communication that

opens the human consciousness beyond the third dimension.

The hidden world is no longer so hidden in the eyes of many of you.

As your friend's soul recognizes the sickness, so many recognize it within themselves, and

again they cannot know their soul and continue the "control game"

Many times I spoke with friends who come to the joint studying about the new way of living

in the new world that is developed on the planet.

How to live an abundant life in your world without difficulty

How you can maintain good health in your body and preserve youth without difficulty

How can you maintain the right values in your life and live with joy and love for all.

The energy fields surrounding the planet are changing, we talked a lot about the shifts of the

axes and the movement of the plates, understand that everything you know is about to


We move with you from one era to another.

Therefore beloved,

Be awake, open and ready to hold the new.

The sick ones will choose whether they want to be cured or continue to bear their disease.

The healthy people will see the new world and move at its own pace, as the change is

already taking place.

Freedom of consciousness is the resonance of the time..

May you be loved, those who are healthy, may you be loved those who believe in the vision

of the new planet. Human evolution again moves in a rhythm, remember that this planet is a

planet that allows learning for every spark of divine light, which takes part in the divine plan.

You are all children of God.

I congratulate you ~

Translated by :Michal Amir


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