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The great creation consciousness, the gates of 11/11

Blessed you are, I am Adama, from the depth of the light city of Telos, from the various city levels, this city you often visit… I bless you who walk the path of awake consciousness towards the gates of ascension. At your earthy time of 11-11-2019 according to the Gregorian Calendar, you experience the changes that take place on Planet Earth today. Great portals, that contain the motion elements of the 5th dimension and beyond are opening for you. These changes are first noticed in your own private alignment, as you can feel that you are not the same as you were yesterday or the day before. From the depth of your soul, the new is born and makes the choice to emerge. The times to only listen to the voices of the new are over… The voices that accompanied you in the last decade have assimilated in your DNA. These voices that echo deep in your being are already present and you have the ability to activate the new. And what is that new? What is, that is born on Planet Erath these days? You ask…you who walk the path while investigating and asking questions about the changes that take place in the planet today. Indeed in the last decade you have witnessed many awakening waves of many souls. These souls are recalled to remember their own light intensity. Remember again…the human consciousness is rising another level from the 11/11, as preparation for the 12/12, and as preparation for the planet entrance to next decade of light of the great creation, the year of 2020 according to the Gregorian Calendar. Gaya consciousness makes a lot of changes in the planet, you can already understand that. Gaya changes its cover, destroys the old and creates the new. This cycle of cleansing and purification had already been done in the ancient past, and it happens again now. As Gaya receives the super nova rays, so are you, and the influence and the change in your cover too, takes place. The great creation opens the gates of the new humanity consciousness from the years 2020-2022. The poles movement that is clearly seen is the 1st but not the last sign for the climate changes and the inner planetary changes that take place. New technology is emerging and new thoughts vibrations are created. You should understand that this planet has massive help and great support from distant worlds. Believe and witness…you are not alone. The great creation phase has started! As one with the change, the human body also goes through consciousness and physiological changes. The mind and heart consciousness, that moves the unity and the echo of your alignment with the one consciousness, the infinity, opens up these days. Again, as light messengers, you have the ability to be catalyst agents of energy transfer and light particles motion in your bodies and your surroundings. Behold star seeds, yes you, can you already see yourselves echoing the light consciousness of the high dimensions? Can you see that you are an integral and meaningful part of this planet ascension? Planet Earth is no longer a rejected planet at the edge of the universe… Your solar system is currently moving inside in proximity to the great central sun. Therefore you are one and a meaningful part of this transformation. This is why you open up again to outer galactic communication of your brothers from other stars. You, who has the wide light consciousness, that can receive and feel the light vibrations of those intense rays that bring the high energy resonance, and the high light mass in the atoms components that contain in their center the great divine sparkle. Your bodies can sense the new particles reception. The air particles change their vibrations and the scientists can already detect this change. The networks of the planet, which you already know, operate as one unite light field. They echo in and out and in this way intensify the communication with you, and so does the communication with our stars brothers returns to be open. In this light portal day, connect to the light within you. See in your vision the vision of the planet arriving to the resonance of the 7th golden era, for which we have been waiting for so many dark tens of thousands of years. You loved ones, are part of this creation era. The children of the sun arrive to the planet. They are connected and feed on the new knowledge that is arriving from the central sun. They know. They know how to lead the planet to the new phase it is entering. Therefore loved one, celebrate your being here today, Celebrate your passion for reading these lines From the light city of Telos, we can see you on the great light board, connected with your heart to the light network. And today, in connection to your soul source, the "I am that I am', be one, loved ones, in creation of every thought, word and action. Close your eyes and see yourselves with us at the light city of Telos. Call your light family and see how they circle you in a circle of divine energy and light and limitless love. Breathe the wonderful light and enable yourself to assimilate it all of the levels of your bodies, this soft and tender vibration… Breathe, breathe the light and see yourselves expand and open up as a lotus flower that contains the light of the infinite light universe. See yourselves as one with creation and ask for what echoes in your heart. See yourselves expanding, growing and holding the torch of light, joy and healing for yourselves and this planet. Enable yourselves the gift of the joy of the heart and sing the Lemurian singing that is reawakening now on Gaya. You are blessed, loved ones. The light portals are open for you. 



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