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Four in the morning, I awaken and am asked to sit down and write … great excitement throughout the process and the invitation to enter the crystal light city in the eighth dimension, above Mount Shasta. First meeting: building the light body in the Hall of Creation at the crystal city of Telos in the eighth dimension. Beloved, you who walk the path of ascension, who are connected to the highest levels of your soul and feel the frequency of Lemuria emanating from the depths of the soul, awaken the creation codes. Back to the ancient days of Lemuria, days of memories, days of love. We invite you to join the crystal frequency glow of the eighth dimension. The crystal city, which was built in a decade in planetary time, now awakens for a visit by humans. The crystal city above Mount Shasta in the eighth dimension, carries within it the gentle glowing crystal composed of light frequencies and divine heavenly energy particles descending from the central sun, which is the source of all that is. We invite you to connect with your etheric body, and accompany us to the crystal flame in the light city Telos in the fifth dimension, and from there to enter the celestial crystal city. Breathe deeply, loved ones; see yourselves crossing the multidimensional gateway to the city of light. And here you are in your crystalline body, standing in front of the crystal pyramid, which is a delicate network of crystal light. The pyramid is huge, the light coming from it is soft crystal light is soft – you are invited inside. Inside the pyramid, I invite you to stand around the entrance gate to the crystal light city of Telos. Stand within one of the circles of light that is coming out of the ground. Breathe deeply; feel the immense light filling your being and the Creator energy filling your body frequency. Divine love enters your heart, which opens like a rose into the light of God. Feel your crystalline light body expanding. Breathe deeply and see yourself expanding. Feel the lightness and the love. And now, loved ones, you are invited to enter the elevator, that will take you to the crystalline light city of Telos in the eighth dimension. The elevator fills with glowing light, rising higher and higher, changing to the frequency of the eighth dimension as it rises. Feel your body light and airy. Breathe deeply. The elevator opens and a bright shining light welcomes you. The City Angel greets you and welcomes you to the eighth dimension. You are invited to leave the elevator. I, High Priest Adama, am accompanying you, loved ones. The city of light in this dimension was built over a decade ago. But beginning in the last decade, it has gradually been opening to humans who travel to us. We are going from the elevator into a round structure built of triangles. It is a soft, airy crystal structure. You are invited to the Hall of Creation. The doors of the hall open and we go inside. The hall is built of crystal that is invisible to the third dimension. A gentle frequency of love envelops the place. At the center of the huge hall can be seen a pillar of bright white light. Around it is a circle of running water, but the water is not compressed, as we know it. Made of airy crystal, it flows quietly. We are invited to sit in crystal chairs. We are about to create our crystal body, refined by the crystal and the new cell memory of the eighth dimension. Each of us is sitting on a crystal chair. You can see and feel the soft hologram frequency of the crystalline grid surrounding our etheric body and the crystal body that already exists. The crystalline grid is assimilated into the body of the crystal and refines the frequency of the light. The crystals that contain the body become refined. Every cell opens undergoes a frequency transformation to the frequency of the eighth dimension. Breathe deeply; the crystal body carries subtle codes with which we can "cruise" freely in the city of light in the eighth dimension. Breathing deeply, we already feel the airiness, gentleness, and lightness of our bodies. Loved ones, with your existence in the frequency of love, you maintain the laws of the fifth dimension and transmute your frequency to that of the fifth dimension. Your body becomes refined, your diet changes, your speech and gait reverberate across the planet. As more and more human beings transmute their frequency, Mother Earth ascends. We in the light cities, and in the light city Telos, have built and exposed the frequency of the eighth dimension. Today there are a number of light cities in the eighth dimension that are open to humans. The light cities in this dimension have different roles. The work in this dimension is mostly on the soul body, after the emotional, etheric, and mental bodies have already been healed and the frequency in these bodies has risen. It's time to look at the level of the soul, which, having connected with the “I AM,” carries within it the window to divinity. In the light cities there are temples and study centers that engage the level of the soul, and it is possible to look into all the strata of the soul, in the parallel dimensions of the soul you have chosen in order to experience lessons and spiritual development. Breathe deeply and feel. Get to know the crystalline light body. The body maintains within it your familiar energy centers, your DNA codes, and all the energy, but at a lower density, even lower than your crystalline body, which is in the fifth dimension. You are invited to stand up and float with your crystalline light body. Feel your being. You have transformed yourself into a light being. You are invited to move with your light body on a journey in the beautiful city. Leaving the Hall of Creation, we continue to float inside a sleeve of beautiful light that takes us into a huge pyramid of delicate lilac-colored light, soft and encompassing. The lilac pyramid is performing a delicate transformation of your energy. You are invited to sit around the delicate lilac flame. Observe and feel the flame. See the sparks coming out of it and entering your body, which has just been built. Breathe all the light particles that are being assimilated into your body – your delicate crystalline light body. Feel the love flooding you with a soft light, and further expansion. Breathe deeply. We are entering the room of the angels, who bear a delicate liquid crystal drink that can feel like vapor. You are invited to drink it or inhale it deep into your body. The crystal drink contains tiny balls of light, positive ions that infuse your body with the gentlest electrical pulses to strengthen the body. Drink and breathe deeply. Indeed you have a new body. We welcome you to the process that you are still going through. Breathe deeply. The angels of the flame are passing and feeling your body. If necessary, they support the building process. You feel the flow of the frequencies entering your body. Breathe deeply and feel the expansion. Look at your body – do you see your form? Color? Contours? Observe and feel the airy level of density, the levitation. Breathe deeply. Indeed your body is ready to go to the crystal city. You are invited to accompany me. Loved ones, float along with me. We are leaving the pyramid of the lilac flame. We feel the ease of floating. The light beings of the city come to meet us. They welcome you in peace, congratulating you on the building of your crystal body. The body with which you will enter and deepen your visit into the Telosian light city in the eighth dimension The city sprawls above Mount Shasta and beyond. In the city there are learning and treatment centers that are connected to even higher dimensions. The residents of the city and the city council of that dimension manage the city independently. There are many angels and celestial light beings in the city, who have come from distant galaxies to study and deepen their knowledge of Planet Earth and the creation in general. We bless you, loved ones, for being celestial beings capable of transmutation and rebuilding your body, your exquisite crystal body that is adapted to the frequencies of the eighth dimension. Your body will be built slowly and will contain more and more frequencies of this dimension. The more you visit the city of light in the eighth dimension, the more effectively you will begin to open up to the strata of your higher soul. I congratulate you on your journey of light and ascension. I bless you, loved ones, Adama.



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