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The ascension journey deepens into the mystery temples. Information from the Mayan rulers.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023


We arrived at the journey after five days in which we deepened our knowledge and opened up our memories.

Being on this earth - the earth which we feel is our home.

The huge trees, the gongeal plants, the smells and tastes of juicy and fresh fruits....

And the open gates to the gates of the Mayan temples - the temples of light.

The visit to the central pyramids gave us the ability to increase the mass of light in our bodies.

The meaning of the pyramids is so unique.

The pyramid is the primary vehicle for the expansion of this infinite consciousness throughout our local universe.

When the pyramid appears in the form of pure energy, a wide variety of signals can be transferred and transmitted through it, from physical matter to high frequency bursts of light that can connect with other worlds.


The central Mayan pyramid, in the Yucatan region.

We gather under a huge tree, which gives us its shade, we connect to Gaia, and begin the process of preparing the offerings for the ceremony, the members prepare the offering on the banana leaves, accompanied by the sound of the flute playing.

We intend to give thanks for being in our home again. The group member shares that in the center of the complex there was a tent of the tribal healers, another member shares that she feels so comfortable here in the space...

The body remembers it knows because the DNA carries within it all the memories of past incarnations.

We move together as a group and go up the stairs leading to the upper level to the entrance of the temple.

With each step we feel the significant ascent to a sacred compound.

The opening of the ceremony, the invitation of priests and temple guards, and we return to being here.

The wind envelops us and the sun shines, the cornea enters the third eye and the acetabular gland for activation.

We are not alone: ​​representatives from all civilizations of light are present with us. They stand with us on the main stage.

We receive the call of the heart where to go, and each approaches the same central sacred point.

The light shines, the priests of the light feel the need to shine through singing and they themselves sing to open the gates of peace, to purify the frequencies in the temple and on the whole planet.

Peace is essential on planet Earth, and there is support from all worlds to maintain peace and bring the peoples of the planet to balance, both within the nations and between the nations.

"The support for Planet is great, they are here," shares the member of the group.

They are standing here with us, the representatives of the stars, each representative in a different color of clothing and their shape is different.

They congratulate the group on our arrival at this central gate and our ability to communicate between the worlds.

"You are the messengers of light, you bridge the worlds, we have been waiting for you." They show us the route to the unity of the peoples on planet earth. During the coming years, countries will unite in the unity of peace and an understanding of the importance of joint work between the different cultures of the peoples of the world, in order to preserve the unique planet.

We are attentive, we see the timeline from ancient times. The Mayan culture is another of those people of Lemuria who came with their high presence to maintain the consciousness of paradise above the surface.

We see what we saw then: There will not be another destruction on the planet. Great preservation and protection of the new humanity.

The wind continues to caress and the sun warms, the song of the flute is heard again and we are in thanksgiving for a meeting with the representatives of the Cosmic Council. We are ready for the next step.

Uxmal- the displacement of time - a day without time.

During the nights of the journey we feel that the masters and messengers of light present by our side heal us, the emotional bodies are so sensitive, the consciousness opens and memories arise.

The two members of the group, an Israeli and a friend from Uruguay, feel their closeness to each other, they have been together for two days, and here the memory arises and opens at once, he sees them as brothers in the Holocaust, he kept it but was not successful in the task. The pictures are running...the tears are flowing, they met again on the journey to reunification.

The excitement is great and the picture is taken next to each other, and the rays of light envelop both of them in a unique triangle.

Indeed a lot of healing in the spiritual journeys. A lot of release to get the new one.

We rise to the pyramid where most of the connection ceremonies between the spiritual and physical worlds took place. We go inside, the Mayan language is different, the paintings on the stone walls.

We enter, and I get where the activation should be performed. in the ceremony center.

The guide says no - not allowed.

But I turn softly to the gatekeeper. He confirms and we soon get along in two circles.

The female energy in an outer circle and the male energy in the inner one, against each other begin to move and we open the gate of time, moving the axes of time north south, and connecting the days of the great light to our right.

We connect the lines of the old program with the timelines of the new program.

Time is stopped to the point where the mass of light was present in the consciousnesses and forms of life on earth.

Giving the sacred mantra to move the sacred energy.

The members of the group are the members of the new humanity. Looking at their faces, their auras expand in their wide hearts that support each other with love and unconditionally, we are in full gratitude for the journey...for the brothers and sisters in the ascension journey indeed

Mysteries of the Mayans, the sons of light

And we're still going...

🙏💜 “Malukin” ~ ​Namaste

Oelet ~ Anaya~ Amaia Rafaella



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