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Message from the teacher of humanity, the high priest Adama


Beloved One , I am Adama, many of you know me

as the teacher of humanity.

As a priest of Lemuria, I would like to share with you those days before the sunset of the mother continent of Lemuria, the great gathering took place 21 days before the sunset, we priests of the temples gathered, the leaders of the representatives of the demarcation areas of the continent gathered, we stood together for 21 days in the temple of creation, and together we built the new consciousness for the future these, in which I talk with you.

We saw the one about to be born, we saw the days of darkness on the face of the planet, as if the souls who will experience pain in their separation from the divinity from them and with whom they flow as one.

We have seen the choice of souls to return again especially in these days, to the earthly world and to be the ones who will move the frequencies of light through their bodies.

We saw, beloved, we saw you, we saw us, we saw these days.

Suffering and pain is still present on the planet, many of you ask us why?

Understand loved ones, because you were there too, you were connected in your higher consciousness to an array that is required to be present on the planet. Many of you have pledged to return and lead, many of you have chosen to return and be the light that transmits the same ancient wisdom that you fulfilled on the mother land of Lemuria.

Therefore beloved.

We are here together again, we are happy for the truth that lies in your hearts, indeed it is the truth no different from those days when you were, moving over the surface of this earth, filled like fire with healthy bodies, your feelings are elevated, your thinking is clear for the life of Eden.

Consciousness of unity, giving and harmony is indeed fulfilling, when you move from this world within you, then your external world will echo the same direction again and you are the ones who will create the ability to fulfill what you desire.

We teach you again how to love yourself and your surroundings with unconditional love, when you experience this then in whatever way you choose to go, your surroundings will support and love you. They, those around you will understand your soul, they will see you as an example of divine fulfillment.

Beloved, in those days of Lemuria when we were present 21 days before the sunset days, we created the great plan, the one that was created and recorded to continue opening the heart of Lemuria to all those awake souls returning home. In the Temple of Creation together with the priests of the temples, we created the crystal grid field so that even in the darkest days we could continue to shine, and so it was.

Allow yourself in this journey of your life to be you, to be in the freedom of choice and to give yourself the full support and softness that you are entitled to receive.

Breathe the freedom, loved ones, today more than ever after the years of the "corona" lockdown, you are aware of the quality of freedom of thought, indeed you have the ability to choose freedom and liberation or fear and dependence.

See through the past, see through the now and allow yourself to remember who you are at this time.

As the teacher of humanity, I give to many who turn to me, the intentions to break through your new path, these days my voice is heard through the daughter of the tent of light, many of you see what that unconditional devotion is, and you receive inspiration for your own world, who is he, that soul entitled to be defined as teacher".

What is required of the teacher in order for his students to see him as a teacher.

See those guides of yours, who they are who were significant in your life.

When the continent of Lemuria sank, those teachers came out to support and accompany their students.

One of the greatest teachers in your world is recognized as a figure in one of the darkest times as ,Janosz Korczak, Is the teacher ever ready to give up on his students?

He is the one who constituted his being on mission by unconditional giving and unconditional love to his students.

Do you remember Jesus, this is what he did with his disciples and they are with him out of unconditional faith, do you remember his conversation with them on the last night when they were present as one, Jesus gave his disciples the laws that would protect the purity of their hearts and their ability to convey the messages of light.

One of those messages is " you received, free you give"

There is an understanding of the resonance of your being in service for the next generations of humanity and the creation of a planet that resonates the high resonance of light, can you see the planet free again without economic control, borders or wars.

The rays of the sun, they are present every day, every day they illuminate, beloved, don't hide again, be open to being in the mission of the light that emerges from your heart.

Therefore, beloved ones, I am present with you, they called me, they came to the initiation and learning meetings with my daughter Oelet, and her allies Anaya, Asha, Velora , Amaia, Sahela, Lanka, Solaria, and many others who are uniting these days with their higher aspect. With these Lemuria priests who are aware and take part in our community of light, together we grow and connect the dimensions of light from your physical world to your spiritual world in the days of ascension in this wonderful age.

Allow the worlds of light to be alive together in your physical world, allow yourselves to go out into the vastness of the universe into the vastness of the infinite and the unknown, then beloved you see and are seen on the continent of Lemuria again, you are reviving this dimension of spiritual awakening.

I congratulate you, in the month of light of the year 2023

According to the apostle Jesus Christ.

I am the teacher of humanity, Adama.

Channeled by: Ayelet Segal

Translated by : Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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