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Dear Lemurians

In these exciting days, days in which we are exposed to a great variety of data, and we feel the changes in our body, in our dimensional perception. We feel waves of new information, which we recall, which we receive.

The Energies that are sent to the planet contain immense amount of light that travels in energy units as protons and electrons, and creates the acceleration and the ability for a broader reception of the space where our electromagnetic field is expanding. Our mind is changing, it operates differently. The neurons feel the vibrational resonance that contain the energy that travels through space, and our mind is awakening. Parts that were dormant for thousands of years reawake, and we look at the world of the animals, the plants and the inanimate from a different place.

The ability of our brain to understand all that we sense in our multidimensional consciousness is sometime complex. Our intuition, our 6th sense, the sacred heart, is the one that guides us.

In these days, we return to the memories of those days, memories of the days when we were one with the divine and we walked the same earth that contained the light, contained the love – Lemuria. These days of light in which we walked on the “blue planet” being one with our divine consciousness.

In the last summer, I sat in the open portal in “Angelo’s garden” at Mount Shasta, and my teacher, the high priest Adama stood beside me and talked to me about the importance of the flexibility of the consciousness.

I share this important message with you.

I bless you with days of love

From my heart to yours


Consciousness flexibility

Beloved children of the light, I am Adama blessing you, for your desire to deepen and expand your consciousness towards growth and ascension.

I ask you: how many times in your life have you actually moved in the space in which you live, but from a different place. One of the keys to the consciousness expansion is the flexibility.

Many times we hold when we hold workshops for joint learning, the participants sit together in a circle. And a week after, in the same circle, they return to the same place that they sat before, to the same chair they sat on in the 1stmeeting.

When we move to a different place, the sight is opened and the flexibility enables us the expansion to be able to observe the same lesson but from a different place.

That different place that can sometimes be very close to where we are, opens up a gate into ourselves. The picture that is reflected to us is different, shows in different colors, different shades and echo.

Therefore my loved ones enable yourselves the flexibility of thought, and where you feel that you have been fixating, release your holding, enable the spirit to lead you to a new place, and from there observe the lesson.

For example: if until today you have held in your consciousness the element of being a victim, an element through which you have received love and nourishment from your friends and family; enable yourself the consciousness flexibility and release this victimization. Ask to nourish yourself with love through happiness, through a different way that you shall fill with new elements.

The stagnation and the holding of certain energies prevent you from expanding your consciousness. The consciousness flexibility shall open you to the multidimensional and the new, to the magic that you ask for in your life.

Move through space and enable yourself to enter new and unfamiliar areas. This will open your thought flexibility and enable you to breathe differently and feel different energies.

The transformations require practice, but you, my loved ones, are wonderful actors, and we, from the other side of the veil know and see you at your best.

Discover the next scene from a different unfamiliar place and you shall be surprised to see the gifts that you shall receive. Oh then my loved ones, you shall embark on a journey in the enlightenment path.

The galactic multidimensional journeys, to which some of you have been already exposed, enable you the connection to the multidimensionality in the parallel worlds. These worlds enrich you when you open up to the communication with your parallel image at that world.

The home stars awake and reconnect with you. The communication is usually done with those who already has the ability to transfer through the planes of time and space and into the multidimensionality that enables them the motion beyond the 3rd dimension, into their higher consciousness dimensions.

With your consciousness expansion, the connection to other consciousnesses becomes easier. All you have to do is be attentive, from the center of your heart. It will support and move you.

You might get a call to go out to be under the starry sky, and suddenly you will notice a certain star that attracts your attention and a message shall arrive. This is the 1st gate in connection to you star families from distant stars that wait for the moment in which your consciousness shall expand and be able to contain the vibration that holds and connects you to your identity.

The knowing of who you are shall become clearer as you practice and enable yourself the flexibility of thought.

The knowing of where you came from to this unique plant will open up with your belief in the travel beyond time and space, with your practice of your parallel image that is present in the stars of the universe.

Indeed loved ones, these are very exiting days. Do you take part in the quantum leap of the ‘blue planet’?

I invite you to join this celebration for which we have waited so long.

I am representing the voice of the council of 12 from the light city of Telos,

Enlightening your inner eyes to the opening of the universe gates and beyond.

I am Adama.

Channeled at Angelo’s garden,mt shasta, summer of 2017



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