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2020, The number rises in front of our eyes, a number that we all feel the NEW it brings with it.

This year opens its doors to a new and very significant decade in Planet Earth.

The blue star that has undergone transcendence and a high consciousness leap in the last decade in such a short time. The change is here. I am watching the growth of the global light community, which is in the frequency of the fifth dimension from the depths of the city of Light Telos, which is in the depths of the magical Mount Shasta.

Watching the abundant creation, the community gatherings in Israel, journeys in which we learn the depths of the light memories from so many friends that remembering.

The excitement is present in every cell of my body. I know that as the roots deepen to the heart of Gaia, the expanses into the Universe, to the light space, is vast.

A prayer of thanks are coming out from my heart, rejoices the fulfillment I feel, and the questions come up for the next step.

What will the "photography set" look like in the next decade?

Who will be the souls operating in the Telos Lemuria Community in Israel and worldwide?

What are the challenges we will face?

I devote myself to my soul mission, attentive to the voice of my father and the high priest Adama. And he's right next to me.

"Blessings to all of you who read the information conveyed to you from the letters to the paragraphs. I am Adama, the High Priest known to you as the Teacher of Humanity. I welcome you from my heart and ask you to join us in your consciousness for the meeting of the Council of Elders in the Town of Telos.

We open the community gatherings for you, dear ones, a meeting of teachers and students, in a circle of discussion and listening by creating a frequency of unity between the participants' consciousness, integration of light fields and the frequencies movement between the circles of members as the endless flower of life.

In the past decade, the light city of Telos opened its gates for all human beings who wish to learn of the fifth dimension resonance, who started exploring their journey of enlightenment - a journey of transcendence connecting between their physical world and the world of spiritual light.

Many of you read these words that carry the Lemurian resonance, are longing, and desire to return home. Many of you feel chills and dilation in the heart chakra area. This area is what drives your soulful memory and directs you to move to the next stage in your consciousness.

Many of you, over the past decade, have experienced challenges and chose to deal with the soul lessons, crossed the circle of illusion, ending and closing ancient karmic contracts.

In the last decade, from the Light city of Telos, we have accompanied you in learning the wisdom of the Lemurian heart, and we support you beloved ones, in the processes.

The multidimensional processes that I passed through the light daughter Ayelet conveying my message and voice in the light language Hebrew contain and give you the tools, of preparing your various bodies for the next phase of the planet.

As we live in the light city of Telos, in the bodies of light for hundreds of years and even thousands, so are you capable of preserving your light in your physical body. The physical body carries the same awakening consciousness of yourselves.

Your body that is your home, which you have chosen, is designed to be the multidimensional active light launcher to where the planet is moving.

The post-millennial era bodies

Can you imagine that in a decade, the science world will crack the spiritual DNA code, which contains the quantum knowledge of moving and creating the right energy for the body? What light mass is right for your body, and how to adjust the physiological aspect to the energy light mass that contains the body.

Does each body have the same light mass?

Does every soul that exists in the human body, having the same elements of light?

Beloved ones, as your physiological body is different, so is the essence of the soul, and its components are various.

Our bodies are different as well, at their level of resonance and the rate of the light mass movement. Also, they are different from the bodies of brothers and sisters from other inner planetary light cities.

The existing Lemurian coding in our DNA structure is unique.

The evolution of the essence of God in each body is different, and the coming decade will explore the various aspects of the core of the human body. The knowledge that will be revealed will be a breakthrough, and the entire array of human nutrition on the planet will change.

The food that humans will be allowed to eat will be the ones that feed and give the energy flow and the ability to contain high light mass. All those products that are associated with impairing the energetic or blocking frequency flow will be out of the sale shelves.

Can you imagine that in your world, the products that poison your body will no longer be sold, like cigarettes, caffeine, sugar on its different types, and more?

The change will be gradual. Beloved, those who give in to the ascension process will be the first to go and implement this effect, realizing the difference.

Your bodies that will resonate with health, light, and youth are the ones that will demonstrate the breakthrough.

The new bodies, in their full consciousness, will operate in 100% of multi-dimensional quality, including telepathic ability, energetic healing ability, moving between dimensions easily, instant fulfillment capability, etc..

Therefore, this is a central area that you can follow and take an active part in over the next decade.

Visible Galactic Foreign Communication

Beloved ones of Light, Planet Earth has passed many eras, ancient times that some of them are being exposed. The history of the planet is revealed, and more evidence of communication with distant planets will be exposed to the residents of the earth.

The communication system already exists; the government channels on the planet are aware of and work with many cultures that visit the Blue Star.

Don't be surprised when the US or Russia presidents will openly announce it.

Don't be surprised when family members will come to you, and you will hear them in open telepathic discourse.

In the next decade and beyond, the planet will rapidly move into the consciousness of unity with the Universe stars.

We, in the Telosian system, support those members of the community who are already developing the multidimensional capabilities, and we recommend the exact connections of those souls to their original family of light, from their home planet.

Multidimensional Aspects - Quantum Review

When Ayelet comes to the home planet, MU, there is a grand celebration for the whole family. In every encounter beyond mutual nourishing, there is such extensive learning which contributes to thousands of other souls who are nourishing from her broad being. As you expand beyond the physical dimension, you will be able to carry the many aspects that contain you. Indeed, you are multidimensional dear ones.

Quantum physics will deal with this theory. Learning about parallel bodies and parallel reality and the energetic connection between those bodies will also be on the scientific agenda, in this decade.

Ask yourselves; are you ready to open up to this wide world?

Ask yourself, beloved ones, what are your areas of fulfillment in the coming decade?

Ask yourself beloved ones; are you ready to be exposed to your more extensive real complex?

If so, practice the Laws of the Fifth Dimension; practice your being an awaken Masters in human bodies, and being present in the present, in the heart consciousness that contains compassion, acceptance, and giving, inner balance, and being authentic to your being.

Over the next decade, precision will give you the right location, and there will be no more disruptions. Some may have to change their residence; some may change their workplace or even break up from your spouse with whom you have completed the learning fabric.

Many circles are closing for many of the souls who choose to observe their lives and take full responsibility in various fields.

Unlike the past, the speed of fulfillment in all those transformations, as well as the support of all the old and ready-to-release processes, brings a wide variety of possibilities for your highest expression.

Beloved ones, there is great support for you in any growth and development. Dare to know, dare to experience the highest in present human embodiment.

Indeed in this decade, many will move across the planet. A soul that is not precisely with itself will not be able to contain the untruth in its world again.

These are the days and a decade of true integrity and authenticity.

Loved ones, we have talked about these days, together we walk in this unique time, the changes and transformations are faster than ever, the momentum of light entering the planet will not stop.

And it is vast.

This year contains the 22 layers of mastery, fully operational. Your light system is ready, and you, the only ones who can turn it on, by remember again, how do we do it?

Just as we have learned you over the past decade on our shared journeys, we meet in the Light Dimension Consciousness. On your travels to Telos, visiting the temples, and the unique light sessions that are given to you in our Telos community meetings.

In each such encounter, you connect your human consciousness to the consciousness of the Higher Light, and we are there with you. We are there to give you healing the release to restart the array into which you are walking.

Do you realize that only you are the ones who can assimilate the processes, only you are the ones with the ability to go to the next stage in your life? To the grand stage of creation?

We reach out our hands and our hearts to you, from the collective light community that we together assemble interior and exterior on planet earth.

Many are the brothers and sisters emerging at this time, who will come and join the Lemurian Light family. Please support them and give them support in their new way.

We are one in the enlightenment journey and returning home to the Lemurian resonance for the next 100...1000 upcoming years.

I congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year in the 2020 Resonance of Light.

I am your friend and brother, Adama. "

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