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Water World - Ocean Kingdoms


Motherland Continent Lemuria, what happens to our body when we hear its name, Lemur is love. Indeed all that was embodied and created on that vast piece of land, that continent which was the largest of all the continents of the planet, contained the sublime beauty of infinite nature, the sublime beauty of snow-capped mountain peaks and glistening waterfalls, the expansion of forests with giant trees coming to a height of hundreds of meters, and the valleys with flower carpets in a variety of colors, bloom and vibrate worlds. There on the summit of the mountain on the wings of the dragon he sat, the warrior was gazing at the infinite spaces, breathing the energy of pure prana, and flying beyond the sublime beauty. Lemuria the motherland continent , is the one who gave their countrymen a home and gave them for centuries the support and protection and full fulfillment of the divine beauty at its peak. There they met the priests of the temples, and took down to the unique earth the codes of creation, and they created, created worlds and opened the healing fountains, they supported the same fallen stars and the same bodies of extinct angels, they healed and worked together to make the harmony from the blue star to the other stars In infinite spaces. They were the priests of light who carry the frequency of love, coming from such a unique planet bearing the name of love - MU, they knew that the same ancient civilization on the mother planet is present with them, they spoke their language and passed the delicate frequency to other cultures. With that love, the delicate love that carries its signals in the millions of light years in those systems that carry the high resonance of light, of the dimensions of the Divine. The many angels, the supreme masters, the angels and fairies of light, layers and more layers of sublime knowledge of the divine light hierarchy, the various gods are the ones who have subdued themselves in the various worlds. With ancient rituals they bring God to all ways of life. And the warrior flies and moves among the villages of his countrymen, his heart is open and sees the world of children, they are the ones who have already been created on this earth, they are the ones who move in the earthly system and study the bodies that carry earthliness and divinity in perfect balance. It is the ocean line that allows the continent to carry its material boundaries, the water world coexists with the life on earth of the Lemurians. She walks there, puts her feet on the waterline, sings her song, sings and sings, and the water mermaids advance to her and they sing with her. The water moves with her, along the shore nest and she moves and moves her body gently softly dances the dance of life, and her heart is open and feels the cool wind, she hears them and turns to them, to the girls of the water kingdoms, she knows them and knows the space where they come from, an ancient friendship developed between them. Life in the depths of the ocean is combined with life above the earth, there is one harmony, the princess is the one who connects the worlds, she is the one who is also known there… She was one of them for a time when she chose to live in the depths of the ocean, she chose to learn the culture of their light and the magic that came out of the depths of the oceans, between the blue crystal temples, and the light pearls shining all over the spaces. So Beautiful. She sang her song, and they answered her, the discourse was gentle and inviting. She walks along the shoreline, and the sea turtles walk beside her, they bring their message. She is not afraid of her future, she lives her divine being, and she goes out to gather the daughters of her kind, those daughters of light and infinite wisdom. The delicate and soft sand envelopes her feet, and here she sees him, his image and recognizes from far distance, Had he come to say goodbye, she had heard that the Warriors of Light were about to embark on a new mission. Can she join? She approached him and saw him coming down from his dragon, her open heart was feeling his own heart, And the rays of light flow slicing her flexible body, she breathes his light and he her light. They come closer and merge, without a word without a loud conversation, the feeling accompanies their heart, one thought is in telepathy, unification of the light systems in their bodies gives them the unity of light bodies. Light illuminates the continent, a world that grows to unity and illuminates the bang light to all light networks. The planet illuminates and flows the consciousness of love, the unifying desire for those distant light systems. Creation of love, creation of unity. This is the energy of the highest healing. Healing with passion and oneness, the water rises and falls, transmitting the memory of light to the systems of the water world, systems of the inner world of life. She enters with her body into the water, they reach out to her, the sirens, sing and accompany her deep inside the world from the oceanic realms of light. They go deeper and deeper with her, continuing until the golden gates open to these worlds. The guards know the princess and let the gates open. The magical buildings, the glow and the gold are present throughout the vast city, they lead it directly to, the main hall in the glorious city, the ocean worlds run through this oceanic city of light, it kisses the land of Lemuria, it is the one that contains the life worlds, in the ocean. The world of water is a world without which the earthly world could not exist. Existence between the two land and water worlds is so necessary. He is so infinite. Neptune, invites her, she knows him from her childhood, he has educated her several times, much appreciated him, he invites her to his palace, to the vision room, she looks at the huge screen and sees the layers of pollution entering the ocean, a stopping soul, how can be that the oceans would be so polluted and extinct, how could it be that the beautiful worlds of light, were dark and lifeless. Neptune shows and explains, he shows her the process of the falling, the process of falling asleep, the process of her parting from him. She turns her gaze to what she sees, and she knows that they may be separated, she knows that she will have to go on a journey and find him again. She seals with the central finge with her palm of her hand the signature of light in the area of ​​their body, identical to both, a signature of memory bearing the, the memory of soul unity. So that they will recognize and remember. Indeed many souls, bear the same signature, with the same twin soul, with the meeting of souls, they who know, the signature is revealed, in the different way, but the revealed is, then the souls both know, because they have met to full unity. If it happened to you, that you have met the same soul, but for earthly reasons you parted, know that when your soul is ready for the encounter of truth, then set the intention from your heart, and the encounter will indeed take place. The encounter with that twin soul, an accompanying soul is the most important, since there is a contract is signed between those souls, and there are contracts that cannot be changed in the earthly world. There are soul-building contracts that carry the divine code in the design. When the encounter is fulfilled, the divine code will be fully opened and then the higher forces of light will be fully expressed both in the physical world. Does every soul have such a soul mate? No, there are souls who have descended into the physical life without such support, those souls are brave and know that they will find the family cell, the fundamental, but not always the soul mate. They knew and therefore signed each with other, they knew, inside of them what will happen. He took her hand , and she took his , they walked to the huge rock that is present deep deep in the ocean, they sat, and sang their song, the beautiful sirens came, they came and listened, they sang the story of Lemuria, the imprint of the motherland, the turning point of Continent for Lemuria, they sang the pain of separation with its drowning, they sang the song of the children who were surprised, they sang the days of light when they would all come back together to that earth. And they knew that, an embodiment above the earth, would be very challenging. They committed to it. They know that they are on their way to the revelation of the new history about to be revealed to the inhabitants above the surface. They knew the surprise would be so great. The kingdoms of the oceans, will continue to support even on days when the great light will weaken over the surface of the planet, then the infinite water worlds, will continue to illuminate, even when they do so in complete silence. She shed a tear when she saw, she shed a tear when she knew that infinite time is the time of evolving consciousness, again she knows that, the process will be long, she knew that the process is very meaningful, and agreed to Neptune to be one with her sirens. She opened her palm and saw the light sign that Neptune had signaled to her, in the center of her palm. If you are the one who reads these lines, open your palm, and see if you have also received the sign, look deep inside and the north the sign in your mind. The world of water, which contains the knowledge of accelerating time and passing through multidimensional gates, opens its gates to you. #ADAMAYELETELOS Translated by: Jaqueline Razón


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