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Towards renewed spiritual awakening ~


After the family gatherings, the holidays’ dinners, I was asked to pass the following message by the high priest Adama.

In great excitement with the message and the vibration that has passed through me, I invite you to feel and fill up… towards the new…

From my heart to yours

Love, Ohelet


“Blessed are you the people of the light, the children of the divine,

I am the high priest Adama from the inner planetary city of Telos, in the depth of Mount Shasta.

I share with you my loved ones, the people of the light that have the ability of multidimensional journey to the 5th dimension and beyond. You that have the ability to operate your 5 bodies and activate the divine print of your light bodies.

You that read these lines and feel your heart expanding and know that you are connected to the galactic crystal network, the one that connects you as corporeal humans to the higher worlds.

In these days, loved ones, there is enormous excitement in the light worlds.

I can share you that after the sinking of the mother continent, Lemuria-Mu, and with the decision to establish the light city of Telos at the depth of Mount Shasta, a small group of Lemurians arrived to the area that today is known as Shasta County. The knowledge was encrypted at those days in the Akashic records in the Nakal mystery school that exists in the light city of Telos.

The Telos community was rather modest and included only about 25 thousand people. The council of Telos: the king and queen Ra and Rana, the ascended masters and myself have committed to serve the planet and guide it towards divine awakening from the law consciousness that existed on the planet back then.

Oh loved ones, are you aware of the quantum leap that the planet has made in the past 5 years?

Do you witness the mass of humans that awaken these days to the light consciousness, to the light language and breaking of old karmas that have been held during thousands of years?

At these days there are many souls who have awakened to their divinity and choose to stay on the planet and become the future leaders and teachers. Many others change their form and their light bodies with their human bodies to enable living on the planet for centuries to come.

Have you known of this possibility?

Do you know that many of those who leave, choose that? Many migrate to other planets, in other life forms. Some will come back and you will meet them again…

The divine plan that was approved at the day of the harmonious gathering already takes place. Prepare for the days of the “great light”. Days in which the light cities will operate as one with the people of the divine that walk in a human body.

Days in which we, from the light city of Telos, the council of the 12th, that operate in cooperation with the galactic council and the Shambala’s council support the whole alignment that Gaya is arriving to.

From the light city of Telos, at the depth of Mount Shasta, I want to explain to you that the fires that take place during these months in Shasta County are meant for elevating the vibration of humans and supporting the transformation process that the earth going through in these days. The recalibration prepares for the coming generations, for those humans who will choose to walk this earth in the new world.

Your spiritual realization is getting more accurate in these days, with the help of the council of the karma and the source of your souls. Indeed, loved ones, you have the opportunity to re-present your candidacy for a higher level of service.

Those who have the ability to contain the multidimensional light vibrations in their human bodies, those who can comment between light and material and balance it, will enhance and optimize the light mass in their physical body.

We teach, from the light city of Telos the operation and strength of the creation flames. We call you to the temples of light, knowledge and wisdom and to our active Israeli light cell of Telos Lemuria. It comprises the pure Lemurian vibration and can pass the exact knowledge to you.

With the arrival of the new Jewish year, loved ones, reorganize your lives, from your hearts, with humility, assess your true spiritual essence. Not the one that is led by the spiritual ego, but the one that is leading you from your heart, from the simplicity of your soul.

Take a look at all of your life areas and see your role in these days.

The language of the light is the one universal language of Planet Earth – the light consciousness is already assimilated in all of the organizations and slowly you shall see the changes opening up as flowers that spread their scent all over…and you, loved ones, shall be there to pick them up…

The new evolution is divine consciousness in a human body.

The brain cells change, the light and life language changes your host vehicle – your human body.

Remember, Planet Earth carries the consciousness of time and space. This consciousness is already changing. Be aware of the change and learn how to re-operate your “vehicles” that are home for your souls.

Your physical body has incredible abilities of transformation and change.

This I will teach you in the coming gatherings that my beloved daughter Ohelet, will hold soon.

You are the people of the divine, the people of Lemuria. We are thrilled to celebrate with you at these days.

Look at the celebration and the light gate you are passing through with the new choice of a new life cycle.

Blessed are you, I am Adama.”

(channeled by Ayelet Segal, Rosh Hashana Tash”at, 11-Sep-2018)



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