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To the crystalline city of Telos, the unity of the heart of the family of light.

Last morning on my personal journey, breathing the cold and clear air so clean, the body expanding, I hear the family calling to me.

I Organize and ascend up the path that takes me to one of the hidden gates on the mountain, a gate which in recent years, I had my own personal place, where I meet my brothers from the City of Light.

Stops with the vehicle, and begin to walk and deepen in. The path takes me in, cross the guardian tree in the path, and place my forehead on it and he greets me for entering the portal.

Continuing the path that winds deep in the mountain, walk long and see in front of me the figure of the guard from the rock he looks, and the gate opens.

I enter and reach my seat, feel them from Telos, my heart expands and they whisper to me because many have been waiting for me, there behind the rock there is a gate to the city of light, I feel my heart expands and walk to the rock where I see the space behind it, enter, continue and walk into a long tunnel, down the stairs Illuminated, and here it is in front of Me ... Telos, a huge opening spaceship is illuminated, around the spaceship illuminating crystals, pure quartz, about 7 meters high and even higher.

Arriving to greet me , my character from Telos, I feel magnetized to her and here we are one. One in marvelous creation, I am other, the body and the senses are open and here I am with other friends from Telos, my work team, I smile, see the different colors, the lighted bodies, see their hearts and telepath with them.

Blessed you Oelet you for your presence, for the mountain, we were and accompanied you through all the necessary steps, for the continuation of your destiny in the magical lemurian program.

Seeing the changes in the Lemurian array in the city of Shasta, seeing the new frequency presenting itself in the city, who are the ones who will lead, they are with you, will allow the city of Telos to open more and more to the awakened human beings and those who are awakening.

I hear, and feel a powerful frequency approaching, the heart again expanding so wide to all sides and a wave of light washes over me,


I feel it, this time so close to my heart, Father Adama.

He walks over to me, I'm still so close to him this time than ever, he rests his huge palm on my head, and I feel the flood of light from the lotus chakra.

My whole body is charged, I understand that even in Telos the bodies are going throughout many changes. The crystal light bodies.

He invites to come, and together we move from the huge hall, in a golden light sleeve deep inside to this other hall that is his office.

Oelet of my daughter, with the end of the campaign known to man as Covid above the earth, humanity is facing a new campaign.

Since you and the other 400,000 awakening messengers of light are capable of moving to the new stage of consciousness, you are the ones who connect with each other, therefore, like you see the frequent representation of Lemuria is about to be revealed on the international side, beyond the community of light we created together.

Your identification as a daughter of Telos, as a daughter of a teacher will be significant and therefore your abilities will expand as well as the staff who will surround you and support whatever you need.

Everything you have experienced and transferred to the Lemuria community in the last 12 human years is about to intensify during this time. The community of light from Israel carries the high and unique frequency, it is a living model that fulfills the fifth dimension, the home in which you all take part is essential. We look at those who dedicate and whole heart support the Lemurian mission.

The mountain as a significant point of light is still in the final stages of purification, the last two years in national time, were significant for its purification, therefore it was also closed, the mountain guards will in the coming years take care of who will command the mountain and how to maintain it Present at this time.

The new spaces we are creating these days, are spaces where those who come to the mountain will be able to more easily feel the resonance of the crystalline city and connect one with us.

Therefore, we open and expand the meeting spaces between us and you.

Returning home, to the Lemurian source present in the DNA codes is most significant these days, it will open up and allow those present in our joint encounters, to experience the full memory of those days of paradise, of those abilities and gifts.

Again, representatives of the Telos organizations on all continents, will meet, again the unity will return to the house of Telos Lemuria, again the joy and unity of hearts will take place on the mountain.

You and the Telos family in Israel as well as in the world, moving to a new world, this is the time to activate the gifts of creation.

I extend my hand to you for the continuation of many more creations, as we have done in the last 12 years.

I had excited diamonds tears wash over me, and here comes to me the parallel figure of my brothers with them together we act on the physical plane, I recognize them, and we form a huge circle of light, and sing the song to Lemuria the heart song, in the center a large lotus flower opens from its center bursts the flames.

Enormous rays of light in such bright colors, the rays are sent to all those dormant parts above the earth,

Just as we unite our hearts and rejoice together, so the lights of the flames will intensify and reach more and more souls for the gift of enlightenment.

Joining into the circle, the people of Telos, how happy they are to feel us together in this higher dimension, the meetings are happening and more will take place on the physical plane, so they whisper.

We keep moving in a circle, breathing in the light and singing.

The song of the heart is heard. More and more brothers from the Telos family arrive, the circles expand,

Here she also approaches, her light is so great and powerful, the Princess of Telos, she observes and joins the circle of these brothers and sisters who have the ability of the avatars to be one in all dimensions.

The light is so great and the joy wonderful,

I invite everyone who reads what is going on in these moments, to open his heart to breathe and be with us one these days. In celebration of the unity of the Lemurian family of light.

From our home in Telos, loves you, with you

I'm Oelet


Translated by: Jaqueline R. Goldfeder


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