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Thoughts, words and actions – observe who your leaders are


I bless thee, I am Adama,

From the depth of the light city of Telos at Mount Shasta which is familiar to many of you. A portal that is opened today to humans who hold their consciousness light at the high light dimensions.

Loved ones, I send my messages in the last decade and my being vibrations arrives to your hearts. Some feel me, some see me and there are those who can contain my being with its highest vibrations and translate my messages to meaningful words in your world.

Your world is still a world which exists in the time and space consciousness. This consciousness does not exist at higher dimensions that hold the divine light fields.

At this time unit on planet earth, humans have the ability to create a place beyond time and space and move in the quantum portals towards the high light consciousness. Therefore, many of you who hold a light consciousness are opened to communication abilities that are beyond your corporeal physical world.

The time clocks on your planet are not the same as in previous generations, and you can feel it. The time collapses into itself.

When a human is opened to the light consciousness and to quantum multi-dimensional abilities, then the planet time clock has no effect on your electromagnetic field. Your physiological system changes and so does your crystal bodies system that has the ability of travel beyond space and time. The higher intelligence has the choice ability of the physical entities that shall move beyond your physical world.

In order to be able to hold the high vibrations, towards the worlds of the 5th dimension, a human should pass through the ascension gates, as most of you already know and prepare the 4 bodies for this exciting travel.

The preparation of the bodies require strict discipline and devotion in the nutrition of the light bodies and the physical body as one.

The nutrition of course includes the vibrational nutrition of your physical body and strengthening it with physical activity, along with avoiding of addictive substances as tobacco, alcohol and industrial foods. These materials close you and prevent the light vibrations from passing through your physical body.

Therefore, loved ones, be aware of nourishing your body and provide it a daily rejuvenation and perfect health with a proper nutrition and nourishment.

When your physical body has a proper structure, it can contains great light and hold the vibrations of the higher light dimensions that we arrive from.

The humanism is very complex and so does the human brain activity. It suffers decades of control and fear, personal disbelief and lack of love. From this place thoughts of victimization are born…blaming the other and not taking responsibility.

When you chose to descend to this dense world, you had to find a proper communication method in the 3rd vibration. The dense words hold some of the light which your thoughts contain, and they enable you to communicate with each other in the 3rd dimension.

Many of you do not choose the vibrations of your words and don’t understand the vibrational power of the word. Each word has a vibration as the light vibration of your consciousness particles. It is a reflection of the consciousness that you hold at a certain moment. It echoes the vibration of your being at that moment. This is how you can recognize the vibration of a human – according to the words and the ideas – the intention that he holds. Is his heart open or closed? Does he hold the vibration of unity and love or blame and victimization.

You, loved ones, are the creators. You have the ability the vibrationally transform using your words. Words, thoughts, feelings have energy. Pay attention to your statements.

The corporeal consciousness sometime has a hold on you until you disconnect from the divine consciousness. We are here to remind you, to support and show you the way to your divinity. The journey is mutual for both of us. It is a faith journey. This is the right time on the planet and in these days it is important more than ever for humanity to make a choice.

Thoughts, words and actions – observe who your leaders are. Observe whom you follow.

Observe your physical actions and how you materialize the light through your humanity.

Many teachers and wise man who walked this earth, talked and discussed a lot the importance of your corporeal behavior – as you chose to be in a corporeal body.

Can you see the soul of the human that makes you angry?

Do you have the ability to understand the lesson in your being and the gate you have to pass?

Are you aware of the compassion, forgiveness and love vibrations?

Your bodies get sick when you carry blame vibrations. They get blocked and can’t function properly when you feel like a victim.

What is the color with which you want to paint your life? Paint your life and take responsibility of your journey.

This planet is nourished in these days from the super-nova rays. These rays affect you loved ones. They accelerate processes of consciousness opening of the human kind. Many of you are confused and feel the struggle in the daily life, have to deal with lack of money, love or fulfillment…

The human consciousness faces a substantial change and this is the time for action.

You should understand that spirit shall align the energy for your realization, but you have to provide the necessary action, in the physical world. In all creation, you loved ones, have to take actions, to release blocked energy and go out towards the open door with your inner strength. This is the time for you my loved ones, to fulfill your heart wishes.

The co-creation with your higher self shall materialize when you carry the love vibration in your heart.

When you blame, or hold negative vibrations, spirit does not support you. The flow arrives with the opening of your heart centers. We can’t create for you. You are the creators for yourselves.

The fruit of realization is written in your bible, loved ones. It is in the resonance of using the universe rules. The rules of the one law for human behavior were given to your ancient ancestors – how you should behave in a society and how you should treat another human being.

Many times we witness your offensive behaviors with one another and wonder about the human race and its ability to grow to the next step, towards the light vibrations of the divine.

Many times we witness you fall over and over, in an endless circulation that exists in the world on the surface of the planet. Oh then, loved ones, angels arrive and light armies surround those dark places that try to hold you.

The Telos people and other inter-planetary cities people support you. We call you to arrive for an accelerated vibrational transformation and learning of the divine light through the sacred creation flames. Those who practice this are protected.

One of the tools for increasing or reducing the vibration is your language. Know, that the Hebrew language source is from a crystal seed and therefore it is sacred. Your ancestors handled it with wisdom and grace. Today we can witness distortions in this language and can see the harm of a human when encountering the light vibrations of the Hebrew language. Each of these distortions can harm in the DNA level which holds the light mass of a certain human.

Therefore loved ones, you should understand that the language of the Torah encores the vibrations of the master plan which enables the operation of the energetic forces.

Loved ones, light workers all over the planet enhance their light vibrations these days in a faster rate that is compatible with the planet’s vibration. The fast change is very challenging and many feel confused and cause distortions of the light vibrations. But we are here, in the planetary array to support you.

You are not alone. Feel the love with your heart and call us.

Your choice is to express the spirit and the great light that you are. You, loved ones are the spearhead of the change.

You, loved ones, hold the essence of the new humanity.

Look at all of the changes in your bodies and know that you are safe also from those who don’t hold the light vibrations in their being.

The existing is the light, the acceptance, the joy, the love and the desire to materialize your light. Make a statement ad choose love and not fear. Affirm and choose creation and action and not blaming and victimization.

You are the children of love. The people of Lemuria.

I am Adama, your eternal father.

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 30-Oct-2018)

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