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They are here! what is the right way to communicate with the Star sons?


Dear planet Earth,

They are no longer trying to be behind or hide. Many ships are visible and visible over the mountains, in the open sky, up there... they are with us. 

Yes, cultures from distant galaxies, some cultures which want to return to a familiar place - to Planet Earth.  

Who are those cultures?

Since we are aware that Shasta is an open portal to the infinite galaxy, we also know that one of the bases of the main Pleiades fleet is in the mountain region.

Also, there are entrances and exits, and a lot of aliens - friends from another planet - galaxy cultures or whatever name we humans are would like to call them.

One thing we already know is that they are here.  The truth is that they never left, they are here from the days of the initial settlement of the planet. They were the giants, they were the ones who took part in building the pyramids, and they were the ones who took part in sowing the crystals and founded the surface plan .

Are they us?  

Is there one form to them?  

So we will try to make order in a mess and invite the High Priest Adama to do so...

So I take a deep breath while I’m present in one of the powerful places where I like to sit and write. I feel the pure energy of the mountain, so pure, soft and loving, feel my brother and sisters from Telos.  

Indeed, they accompany me.

The city of light Telos is being prepared, and is already changing its resonance in accordance with what is happening on the planet. The city is working to fully support what is happening above the surface, they explained to me already at the beginning of the Corona.  

It is no coincidence that the summer of 2020, there are no groups on the ascension journeys, the mountain runs differently.  

When I arrived, the gates of Telos were opened for me to continue the work of light, which we perform in Israel.  Also for the candidates for transcendence who are interested in continuing their growth in the enlightened way, and the work of the light messengers from the same unique hall that is opened to the light messengers who perform energetic support and motivation.

These  days we are witnessing the great transformation, all light worlds are mobilized  The planetary inner Agrata network / Pleiades are the stars that contact service.

We are witnessing the great transformation, all the worlds of light are being mobilized for this purpose, the array of the server angels / civilizations of the planetary inner Agartha Network / the  pleiadians , and Star Sons  from the light service.  

We are all preparing to enlighten the other side that is trying ... 

The divine plan is accurate, we must enter into a renewed array in the protection of light on the planet.  

We have been waiting for these day , and we knew.  

Therefore, beloved, you who read these lines, I share with you for the first time, important information to guard  and protect us .

In these days when the media blockage opens to many human beings, many  will feel so confused and will  ask questions, and attention should be paid to the illusions.

I take a deep breath and  see him in front of me, his blue eyes are  so soft , my heart expands and i feel serenity and go  inward . He sends to my heart the bright blue rays of light, they shine, they illuminate , they ignite.

"My beloved, beloved daughter, the one who surrenders and crosses the gates of fear and surrenders to the call to return to your home.”

Indeed Shasta is the point of light intended for the messengers of light. They come and charge, awaken to their memories,  they know to break free from the shackles of control that has existed over humanity for years.

You that have reached the mountain, carrying within you the voice of your soul , the one who knows, sees the visions, and wants to share to those awake souls who also have the deep vision beyond the surface.

Those are the days that  we are talking about in the ancient readings and writings, from thousands of years ,  we have been preparing the surface, also the light communities  connected to our city Telos.  

The delicate city which has committed to preserve the Akashic records from the days of Lemuria and to support the planetary ascension process.

In those days I also committed  to serve in the priesthood and in the service of learning for mankind.  So we began step by step to build the crystalline city of Telos and anchor within it the delicate resonance from the days of Lemuria.

It is important for me to tell you that we are one in the whole process of development with Shambala that carries the center and core of knowledge and wisdom of all the planetary light cities.

Know that Telos is one of so many, light cities of distant civilizations, which came and lived some of those days above the surface. There are also cultures that came from distant Sun caves and galaxies that humans have never heard of. They came to the planet to explore the planet and sow their vast knowledge.

Some of you were here at this point. There was also a representation from the house planet Mo.

After the first stage of the creation of the planet and its foundation in the surface plan, and in the spaces in the depths of the planet, more and more cultures began to arrive , they heard about the bright star, which contains everything and has freedom of choice.

The idea of ​​freedom of choice does not exist in all stellar systems, where message is one, the understanding of one consciousness is somewhat complex in this planet which consists of a huge variety of consciousnesses and cultures.

 So, more cultures came from more stars came and sowed, came and began to sustain the new array, life across the magical star, which gives expression to the one deity and the celebration was tremendous!

Millions of years have passed, slowly reaching the gates of the planet, cultures who have heard of the celebrations of light were the ones who carried a resonance that contained the same touch. The same touch that did not carry the light, indeed yes on the other hand it came and they held on to more and more stars.

These cultures, came with the intention of preserving their own Star home, and needed gold, in order to maintain the defensive array around their star ,they began to pump out the golden natural treasure, which was a basic part of the existence of Planet Earth and its high resonance.

The source of alpha is the golden raw material, and it is pumped and pumped, so high cultures began to leave and they returned to their star, since they could not exist when the star did not carry the resonance of creation in its entirety.

The culture that penetrated the star needed, a lot of help in the gold mining work, so they, thought of enslaving other species that existed on earth, or creating a new shape who would be enslaved to them.

We in Lemuria, we lived in those days the creation of paradise, the rumors reached the priests and masters.

 We had to choose and decide which path we want to go, we closely followed their plan, who wanted to create the enslaved breed, in a new DNA, which would merge one with the wisdom of God.

As continent carrying the resonance of divinity and love, we resisted, and opened in-depth discussions, that stormy night I and some of you remember. You had to choose, what part did you believe you were, son of the priests of the continent, you saw the vision the disaster, the bondage of those souls, the choice is free, you also knew that there will be souls who will fall into the same distorted plan.

We have seen together the detachment that will take place from the essence of the divine light, to the material and the human ego.

He, who waits for the caressing and courtship of the enlightened self from the one source of creation.

You have seen the fall of consciousness and the walk in darkness from so many times, you have seen the golden calf, and Jesus the Messenger of God.

Indeed, we decided then together, that the continent would swallow back to the heart of the Mother of Creation the Great Earth.

 We did not prepare our son, and we left overnight.

Part of the Lemurian culture back to the planet Mo. Some remain in the depths of the planetary interior light cities that to this day carry the memories of the mother continent - Lemuria.

Some, came to the surface as messengers of light and they held the beacons, to this day.

Beloved loved ones, these very days, days in which, after controlling humanity for incarnations of light years

 We have reached the moment of truth in it, we have prepared you messengers of light for this very, these days. And we are proud of you, from the center of Shambala and  Telos we are the people of Jerusalem and the Egyptian cities of light.

From the heart of Telos I will share, that, returning are the members of the cultures, they are the ones who sowed their seeds, they return to you, the family members.  In lighted bodies, they are the ones who will expand your heart.

They return to talk, and teach, to awaken,  to remind us, possibly in singing or in a gentle sound. Remember loved ones, and open to the light, they are here you are not alone, in the service of the light you are.

But know this too, because they are here too. Those who will serve humanity are here but there are also here those who at some point left the planet, but continued to control from a distance their home in humanity.

They are awake and aware of the delicate bodies they have created, they are aware of the human bodies which have a connection to divinity but they also carry the bodies of ego and matter.

Notice, they know how to deceive those who yearn for communication and status.

 Notice, they know how to play whoever allows him to be a tool in the hands of the game.

These days, many messages are coming to the planet, the telepathic communication is condensing, many of the human beings long for this communication, it is important that you be precise, with whom you are talking ...beloved listen to your heart, these days, listen to the high words, it is important that you be one with listening through the heart.

Your heart, beloved, is the reader, stop and examine that entity entering your space of light.

"Tell me, is your essence from the light?"

Keep asking the essence of the message, and the essence of the communication with you.

Why did you come to me?

When your heart then says yes, brother or sister, get the message to yourself first and read it 3 times in a row.

Beloved , human beings, the sons of the deity, guard your body, and declare that it is we that enter into every entity.

When you reach the space of the magical city, Telos, you see the light and connect with the family then you are  safe and I am present with them together in full protection.

We, with the galactic array of light , are preparing for you, for the stage of awakening , beloved souls, you have done most of the transition stage, and here you are in the array in which you are learning the new laws.

There are star cultures, present on the planet, as in those days. Be awake, work with multidimensionality and your ability to see and hear beyond.

Walk with the golden Merkabah around your delicate body, and drink plenty of pure water.

 The prayers of the flames of light were said aloud, also the light from their ancient letters,  to your hearts.

You are the light, remember this, each of us in this unique transition stage.

 The stage of homecoming, the planet and humanity makes its way to the face of remembrance:

 The recollection of the ability to exercise compassion, tenderness and love,

 Recalling the ability to move the energies of creation into existence and fulfillment to create into the great alchemy

 Remembrance of community, life and the resonance of giving for the highest good

A reminder of who I am, why I came to Planet Earth and who is my cell of light.

Remember Beloved, and release from the shackles of control, these are  at the present days of light, in which we in combination our hearts walk.

 Be aware,




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