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The universe stars tell their stor


I climb up the mountain, on the 3rd night of the journey to Shasta. I can feel the call. The car is driving up the endless road turns…the gazelles show up, their eyes are shining. My heart is beating strongly and is excited, the sky open up, and there, in the upper level, the milky way opens up in front of me: a whole system of our solar system, numerous stars and portals to beyond the known…the familiar… U breathe deeply the magic and the mountain stands there, wrapped in all of the light stars. My feet are embedded in the ground and I can feel my body rising higher and higher, growing and becoming longer. I can feel my being connecting to the source of my soul and I can see my image changing. I am one with my parallel image from telos. I walk with her in the ,multidimensional journey to a point in the endless star circle above me. Below my feet is a circle of light. I breathe deeply, and inside the circle appears, standing in front of me, my father and teacher, the high priest Adama. He is tall and his body is lighted, lightening. His robe covers his body essence and I can see his blue eyes. I can feel my heart beats getting stronger. Soft waves flow through my heart. "You are blessed, my daughter, in your unique way in which you consistently walk, towards learning and growth. Look at the stars, look at the size of the cosmos from your current place on planet earth. Indeed, this is the vast cosmos, and its stars contain the solar system that you are present in. The complex cosmos system contains many other system alongside to yours. In these days, at your relative area in the system there are changes. The solar system is moving and affecting the planet. I've already talked a lot with you about earth magnetic field changes and its effect on humans. I'll continue my explanation as in these days, with the galactic system shift, you can see that these shifts cause the changes on the planet. As the solar system with your planet changes its position and enters the light circle of the universe, more and more humans open up to this consciousness and receive the ability to contain the hidden knowledge. Some of them choose to leave and return again. The planet will be fully ready to contain the life in the 5th dimensional and above when human are united. The next 30 years, dear ones, are critical to the planet. I've already talked a lot with you about that, and I explain again that the process is accelerated. The acceleration includes the planet ability to contain these vibrations that arrive to its soil, due to the shift of the solar system and its proximity to the one central sun – the source of creation. These vibrations penetrate the atmosphere layer and fill the air with different charge of protons and electrons. A charge with a higher light mass then the usual. This causes the paste of changes on the planet to be much higher than the paste that exited in the last thousand years. Loved ones, this charge also flows through the magnetic fields that surround your bodies. Therefore, the humans that their fields are distorted and unfit to contain the new energy, can't continue to walk on the planet with their body. Therefore, loved ones, in the coming years, many humans are about to leave the planet. This time not via a war or a global disease, but due to the inability to contain the new vibrations. The younger generation, referring to those of 0-30 in age, already contain a DNA that can hold the light. They have sensors that have the ability to receive these light vibrations. Therefore this generation thinks and behaves differently. They shall not be ruled by frameworks any more, such as work, family…they are free in their spirit and are attendant to their inner individual identity. They move on the planet and cause a movement of the new vibration with them. In the coming years loved ones, all that you have to do in order to contain these new light vibrations that enter your solar system, is reconnect to your heart essence, return home to your ancient identity, enable your soul to lead you in the journey of the new humanity and continue to practice the foundations of the new humanity. Foundations of balance – love – realization. These foundations can be found in each and every one of you. Balancing the 4 bodies Balancing your nutrition Balancing and practicing the connection to the higher self Balancing your thought, speech and act Balancing your truth Unconditional love to yourselves and to every creation on the planet This love contains compassion, unconditional giving, forgiveness and acceptance. Realization of the divinity levels in your thinking, speaking and doing. Realization of your creation abilities in your corporeal life. Loved ones, in the next 30 years, you will see the new humanity coming to life in many countries, changing the governing system and leading changes in your economy and in your life form. Living in a community structure with mutual help shall characterize your life. The alienation and loneliness that characterized the big cities shall totally disappear. Humans will recall their ancient tribal life, that gave them security, assistance and support in mutual growth towards the new. Humans shall give up their private interests, and have consciousness and understanding of the unity vibration, which enable humanity to sustain itself on planet earth. You will experience the rebirth of the open communication with the stars people. Yes loved ones, those of you who already have the ability to communicate openly with brothers and sisters from the wide cosmos stars, you will create open and harmonious communication for the collaboration on the planet. You loved ones, who study, experience and learn, you who read these lines, have a role to continue awakening humanity. The sky stars are talking to you and whisper the story of the planet. Open your heart and consciousness and listen. Indeed loved ones, you should learn how to listen. In all of these processes, it is important that you take active part in this deep process that we teach, support and guide. The light city of Telos opens it gates to learning and growth, supporting your remembrance process and your preparations to these days. I have talked a lot about this with dear Aurelia Louise and with you, my beloved daughter, in the books that were sent to humans. Read, practice again and again and learn the new. The conduct rules on the planet have changed. Loved ones, we are with you. You are not alone on this planet. The is a lot of assistance and preparations. Be with us in these exciting days. Connect to the sky formation that train light messengers for the new teaching, the new conduct on this planet during this unique era. You are blessed" I am Adama

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