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The unity of the heart, days of vision and its fulfillment


The Unity of the Heart, so I hear my heart echoing, upon returning from the breathtaking journey to the summit of Moses Mountain. I can still feel the heart of our Egyptian brother Ihab, and the heartbeat of the handsome Bedouin - Nur. A journey that brought us back in time to that land, which we crossed together, the Israelites. After Moses we walked with the faith of our hearts, nourished by the divine light that guided us into this land. As we ascended to Moses Mountain, the path leading to the summit opened its gates for us and connected us to the infinite universe stars. We marched with tremendous excitement, the Israelites, “The Messengers of Zion Light”, as Adama named us. The experience is still present. I remember the moment I stood on that rock and stared further away, my vision was opened and I saw the thousands divine sparks of light dancing before me and an orange orb of light approaching me and assimilating inside me. The ray of Life and Resurrection filled me and I could feel Moses's being and the immense light that he had absorbed back then… My bodies changed, the energy and codes that we received at the top of the mountain stimulated within me the ability to hear far away, to read the thoughts that surround me and those from across the sea, to see the multidimensional view of those in the higher worlds. The opening of the consciousness enables me to be present at any moment in the various dimensions, no more transitions, between the 3 rd dimension and the 5 th dimension, there is a present being in each and every moment. I take a deep breath and see him, in the cloak of light that envelops him, smiles and from his heart a deep blue ray of light is sent into my heart, Adama, my father. I can feel his infinite love enveloping me, gratitude and respect, I can feel him enveloping me with love and tenderness, safety and wholeness... “Ohelet my love, I am present with you my beloved daughter, in this journey which you lead. I am watching and marching with you as your being simultaneously incorporates at the physical and higher worlds. Indeed you have developed in the last decade the abilities of light that are embedded in your being, and the last mission you were sent to, was the most challenging one. With you arrived the supporters, the supporters of the camp, the community. Oh, beloved one, you saw and heard and was fully present with these brothers and sisters, who carry the divine light in unity and wholeness with you. I want to let you know, loved ones, those who read these words, loved ones, you are accompanied by an entourage of light, the light of the angels, the light of the ascended masters. You, who fill your heart with gratitude and love, you who see what is happening above the surface, you who walk with complete faith and know the about the transformation of Gaia in these days. In this month, the three religions, who pray to the one invisible god, unite their consciousness into one. The opening of the hearts and the communal meal that you share is a symbol in your physical world of the unity of vibrations in every house on the planet - Passover - Easter - Ramadan.

Beloved ones, the consciousness of the planet and the yearning of the ancient souls walking on this earth, is stronger than ever, longing for unity and wholeness. Every soul who had already experienced the light and harmony resonance always finds its way back to the light. We can see so many of you, at night, in the Light City of Telos. We can see so many of you arriving to us to the temples of light. Come loved ones, allow yourselves to visit the Lemurian Light City, allow yourselves to surrender and recharge yourself in the divine light. Your body needs it, your soul is thirsty. In these days, when you know that the planet is undergoing a vibrational transformation and changes in its electromagnetic field, in these very days, just as it was back then. But this time, loved ones, there will be no separation. This time the movement of the continents is gently done for the benefit of humanity. Gaia slides the plates over the planet, the changes echo in your awakened bodies. The desire to move to full awareness in this humanity cycle is the divine will. Therefore, beloved ones, come to us, arrive again and again, learn and recall and breathe the light vibrations that are emanating from the Light City of Telos, a city built of the resonance of Lemuria, carrying the cosmic rays of light emanating from the infinite universe. The next decade is holding a new vibration. The turquoise flame that accompanied the group of Zion Light Messengers along with the golden ray, are main rays that flow through the planet now, they will carry her into the new Light Age. Breathe loved ones, this vision of the new planet, see it created in your vision. See the transformation while preserving nature and the animals, with the purification of air and earth. See the advanced construction supporting the balance of man and earth. Loved ones, see that is born, as you already anchor the vision in your being, the vision that your forefathers had seen, the vision of wholeness that is present within your being, the wholeness that is spread away from you to the universe and to the infinite universes of light, the multidimensionality begins within your being. As you sit together with the family of souls with whom you chose to walk the earth, you should know, loved ones, that by your mere presence and by the activation of the electromagnetic field you are already vibrating and changing their being. The light that is present in the room in which you are staying enables the new to the field of those who have not yet awakened to the source of their soul. Breathe your love, in every thought, word and action. From the depth of the Light City of Telos we support you and embrace you and give you the fountain of youth, for daily renewal. I bless you at your holiday, I am Adama”. (Channeled by Ayelet Segal 19-Apr-2019)

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