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The unity flame ~ the one is the whole, the divine The master Anhamar


This flame is manifested in the Temple of the Unity flame in the light city of Telos, in the 5th dimension. This light city exists in Mount Shasta, which is the light gateway to our planet at these times. This flame, whispers to the light workers, which can hold the unity vibration coming down to earth these days. Today, my loved ones, more and more light workers have the ability and the openness to hold the unity vibration. Come with me, and we shall go on the journey of the Unity of the creative source. Look at your magnificent light bodies, huge light bodies who enable you to embody all of the sacred flames, which circle planet earth. All of the qualities are assimilating in your light centers, in the light codes and in the DNA. Watch your body go through the multi-dimensional light gates, to beyond the here and now. The journey takes you directly to the trail of shining crystal blocks. The trail is winding through all of the various crystals in the depth of the light city. With their glow, the crystals hold the light vibrations and tune in the divine light. Breathe deeply, my loved ones, breathe deeply and enter slowly into the level of temples of knowledge and wisdom. Watch the crystal gates open before you. Watch the crystal gates welcome you. In the entrance you can see the gate keepers of the heeling level greeting you, and blessing you for the divine will that is opening in your consciousness. You are escorted to the Temple of Unity, which is already seen as a huge drop, round in its base, and sharpens as it rises up. Combination between the softness and the sharpness. See that the temple color is unique purl, which incorporates inside it all of the colors of the flames. The purl has a different texture from the crystals. The purl holds purity, gentleness and stability. The purl enables the gentle flow of the divine energy and the sharpness of the creator vibration. The combination between the feminine and the masculine into one. The temple gates open up, and you are invited inside. Come in. I welcome you to enter this unique temple. Feel your heart open into the vibration of the wholeness that exists in you, embodied into a gentle vibration of serenity, understanding and knowing. Look around and see the stream of light that flows and near his banks beautiful purls of light, in different colors. Come closer to the center of the temple and see in its center, the magnificent Flame of Unity. Gentle and also in the shape of a very long drop, about 60m high. The drop rises higher and higher. Breathe in the vibration in this temple. This flame has the combination of qualities and a new compound of light vibrations of the creator vibration in you. Feel the life of this flame, as it is constructed of light cells that contain the creation elements. This flame has the ability to melt everything that does not vibrate in the high and glowing vibration of the divine, and re-create the new divine unity. The one is the whole. The divine existence. Look into your sacred heart, and feel the polarities and the contradictions in your being. Release whatever is not needed, and feel your body rebalance, male and female, light and darkness, and everything that is reflected in the polarities in you. See yourselves elongating as a drop, higher and higher, and feel the combination of the round and soft energy that contains the exact sharp and straight vibration. Feel the unity in you. Unity with your being, and acceptance of what you are. Say 3 times: “I am, uniting with my creator as a whole, acceptance, containment, love.” See yourself as one with the great creation. See yourself as one with the multi-dimensional unity. Feel your body melting slowly, and all of the light parts ascend higher and higher, until you feel the light carried gently into the One, and you are united with the source of all that there is. Feel what is in your heart. Feel your new choice to move into the One. To move from the Unity to the separation, that enables you to feel the miracles of the creation. The primal embodiment, which you have chosen, is the one you embodied in the past days, and also on earth planet today. (מקווה שהבנתי נכון) Feel the light that is carried in your consciousness. Feel the renewed choice from the Unity, from you being One, from your being. Slowly you are reincorporating yourselves, in light bodies. Slowly descending from your new choice of your glowing being. The light body is built, and with it the rest of the bodies. Look at yourselves. Look at your choice. See in front of your eyes the 4 bodies and your consciousness as one. Feel your heart beating and steering this combination of unified compound, and bring what you wish to realize in this life, at this time. I bless you. This is Anhamar carrying the flame of Unity, the flame of piece, the harmony and the eternal love. I bless you, my loved ones, for arriving to the temple of Unity, which exists and is created in these moments inside you. I bless you for being in your ascension journey, ready and awake and asking to touch all of these ancient and old places, inside you, which for some of you were closed ages ago. I thank you and see the will and the great opening, my loved ones, to unify in the Unity with yourselves first. You have to understand that the Unity exists right now, between the male and female parts of you, rinsing your being. Some of you were in imbalance for ages. Breathe the balancing energy of the flames. Breathe and be exited for the balance that takes place at these very moments in all of your bodies, because at this moment you are balanced in the light of the creative source, which surrounds you and enables you to march again toward the Unity. Because the Unity is complex and contains inside the divine source of all there is, heaven and earth as one, male and female, light and darkness. The Unity is everywhere – the unity is in the love, and the love is the Unity. And indeed, the human beings that are hosted on planet earth, and have a closed sexuality chakra, and are not in balance between their male and female parts, are in separation from their being first. Before they even crave to the divine Unity, what about the unity within their being? Where is the love they are talking about? When they talk of love, and they don’t come from love, and they hate and get angry at the person in front of them or not in front of them, because sometime, my loved ones, you get confused between the dimensions, and you don’t understand that there is a strong connection between all of the dimensions. When you talk and think in a negative way – it is reflected not only in the 3rd dimension, but also in higher dimensions, and the separation is growing bigger and bigger, and you talk about love again, but where is the love in your being, in your everyday manifestation? And first and for all, it is for yourselves, because when you are not in love inside of you, the visions that will come, will not come from love, and when you are not united with all of your parts, then the polarity will raise in the outside world as a reflection to your inside world. The Unity vibration rises these days to planet earth, and the Unity vibration is needed these days in order to enable the ascension that humanity committed to, and long to. The Unity vibration incorporates the inner piece, the harmony and love, and all that there is. But what is this Unity? You learn that the sexual energy is the one that ignites you. You learn that the sexual energy is the source of passion and the source of all that there is that is divine inside you. Therefore the sexual energy incorporates and manifests when you are in total balance and in Unity in your being. And today you have the ability to contain this vibration, otherwise you were not present in this circle. Do you want to realize the primal Unity which contains the source of all that there is? And I come out in these days to these humans who have the ability to contain the vibration. Speak, explain and enable the passage through the Unity gate. I invite you to come to the Temple of Unity, to joint learning that the source of the inner light that you see in front of you, is the source that exists in your being. These are the exact days for this flame to descend on planet earth and get re-familiar with humanity. This is not the time for individualism, because in the individual that humans so crave for, you lost who you really are – you lost the visions that show you that you are One. You are One. And what is the individual, I ask you? Is love individual? Is hate individual? Is anger and passion for life individual? Look at the vibrations of the feelings which you feel as humans. Are they individuals? Or are they One? What is your choice? From the separation that was created when you descended on planet earth, you descended with a full memory and were One. In the period when the humanity fall occurred, the forgetfulness was created and the individualism came up from the source of the self with the ego, and the domination and jealousy was born, and the competition was born. And therefore the separation is not the individualism. In the individualism there is the ego which wants to glorify and magnify itself without containing the other. The terms are not identical. We shall learn together the qualities of the flame, and the qualities of the meeting, and I congratulate you for the will, and with the entrance into the consciousness and getting re-familiar and friends again with the Unity inside you.

From the primal light in which you incorporate now, you come out of the Temple of Unity, and leave with great thankfulness. From the knowing and the clarity, you carry in your heart, the wonderful vibration of the One consciousness. Breathe in deeply and look at the flame, which is glowing with beauty and incorporating in your heart. Breathe in deeply, and you are already escorted to the gates of the Temple of Unity. We say good bye for now. In your hearts you know that the gates of the temple are open for you, for learning and clarity, and for keeping the Unity vibration in your heart and in your being. I bless you for entering the Unity gates. I am Anhamar. (communicated by Ayelet segal telos israel 3-Nov-2014)



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