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The time order for a new world


Dear brother and sisters Every day with the sunrise and sundown I can feel the change that is taking place on our planet, planet Earth. Travelling between the 3rd and the 5th dimension worlds…between the light city of Telos and what takes place in the days of great transformation on the planet. The greatest that the planet has experienced for the last 5000 years. The most important one in this human kind life cycle. We are in the climax of the process. This is the time for self-observation, for outer-galactic observation. We are one with the legion of light that embraces the planet at these times. We are one with you. From my heart to yours, love. I am Ohelet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Dear light workers I am Adama, the high priest of Telos, guiding you in this infinite learning journey. From the council house at Telos, we join you for mutual study and can watch you dealing with the new situation on the planet. While you are resting, we are active and working with many teams in cleaning the oceans, the atmosphere and the immense filth that got stuck to the earth. Many teams are present on the earthy dimension with you, above the ground. We embrace you with lights of love that enable you the ability to awaken and communicate with yourselves first. Many in these days can watch the movie of life, that movie which they chose before the descended to the corporeal world. Many movie got distorted from their original plan and stopped for those souls who have lost track in the corporeal world, that was mostly closed for the communication with the soul. In these days you slowly return to communicate with your soul and many can see the full plan for their being here on the planet. Many still hold on the ego or lack of integrity, and they will have to choose whether to stay on the planet or leave it and continue their learning on a parallel star similar to earth. The light messengers in the high light worlds, led by Metatron, the master angel, together with the one Melchizedek, the white brotherhood of light, the rose sisterhood, the galactic council representatives, the Pleadeans and the consciousness team from the Shamballa, and so are we from the light city of Telos, contact your light parts of your consciousness. Many can feel our presence by receiving new insights that rise in their brain. The brain is present in the new planet field. This field is quieting all of the noises that existed, to enable hearing the voices that arrive from the light dimensions. Many of the humans stop and recalculate their life route. From the light city of Telos, from the crystal screens we watch and support you. You are not alone. The light community is active in Israel and so are all of the light communities across the world, that represent the vibrations of the light city of Telos. This enables more and more souls to awaken and come home. Your heat knows and feels the joy and love, the softness when you operate again according to the light keys – in Telos we call these light keys the rays of the flames of creation. Telos anchors inside it the vibrations and the akashic memories from the days of Lemuria. At those days the Lemurians inhibited the ancient continent that held the paradise consciousness and more. Many star seeds were present on that continent too, and therefore its memory is treasured in so many souls. Even those who have not arrived from the home planet Mu. With the crossing of the spring equinox , new energy has entered the planetary space. The fields are active properly and the virus shall dissolve and disappear. Then, loved ones, the humanity shall make a re-choice. Humanity shall face again the questions that rise up regarding its proper and balanced existence on the planet. During these weeks we have released a lot of darkness that controlled  the planet. These darkness chains will not resume their control over humans. The human society shall choose its way again for its path and way of life on this planet. My beloved children, you have a free choice. Hold the light in your hearts, in your consciousness and in your language, Choose well who you choose to listen to Choose well who you walk with in these days Hold the knowing in your heart that the planet can't return to a low consciousness state and the destruction path it had. The animals that are left, those that are still present, are thankful for the process. If you are surprised that they are alive and not getting sick and die, know that they are protected. They are not part of the consciousness awakening story – they are already awake to their role. The vegetation is being quickly restored everywhere, from the roots of the thick light trees in California coasts, the redwood trees, to the light trees in the Amazonas and all across the planet. The trees enable rejuvenation to the whole vegetation world that is cleaning itself from the filth that has filled every part pf the planet. We ask you today to be patient, during this transformation process. Be patient during this cleansing process and know that those who leave the planet are safe and loved and embraced with a lot of light. Loved ones, light messengers, unite in the various gatherings and activate your multidimensional abilities for support and mutual work with the cosmic light legion. I bless you, from my home at Telos I am the high priest Adama".



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