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The river of life


Beloved brothers and sisters of Lemuria, You who flow with the river of life, each one from his unique place in his own personal journey, the soul journey that leads you in the corporeal time on this land. You choose each and every day the creation of your being, a creation that starts with every thought and incorporates in actions. A corporeal human physical creative action, and action that is manifested in everything. I want to talk with you today about this corporeal creation. This creation is what leads you in the stream of the river or deflects you from the main stream to which you belong… Loved ones, you are the creation of god. The infinite soul is incorporated in the human body, which is made out of skin, bones, heartbeat and is changing itself every day. Indeed, the physiological change that you feel during this short time on this planet echoes in you. And how is it created? The physical body touches the emotional body, the mental body, the crystal body – they are all one. These body feed and are being fed from one another. When they are whole and synchronized you have the ability to move and realize in your world in the speed of thought. When there is a disconnection between the bodies, your handling creates shortages in the energy flow. The energy disruption would be evident in all of your life areas. When you neglect one of these bodies and move with blocked consciousness, then there is a great effect on the rest of the bodies. The physiological body receives this consciousness after it was already burnt into the other bodies, and by then you can feel the sickness. The sickness, loved ones, is the result of the total disregard of the other bodies. Do you have troubles sleeping at night? Do you feel stress? Can you feel your body slowly moving and lacking this driving energy? If so, then this is the time to change, being humans with an awake consciousness. "How do I start?" you ask You take your eyes up to the stars and say a prayer. Yes, loved ones, the upper worlds are present and can feel you, supporting the level of light consciousness. However, we can intervene. Do you understand? Do you understand that the choice, the change, and the setting of your flow in the river of life is yours only? The decisions should come from your heart. In many times you block the passion, that dream that you hold… You have the realization ability! You have the healing ability! In these days there are many waves of consciousness awakening. Many souls recall who they really are…who I am, not only in this life time in this corporeal body…who I am as a divine being – the soul. Loved ones, via the knowing and the remembrance journey, you can let go of the oblivion. Then you can embark on a new journey. And this journey is yours. When you are authentic to who you really are, and walk your path, the universe shall lead you through the vast cosmos river. This river offers you abundance and support in everything. When you are authentic to who you really are, and walk your path, while being attentive to your heart, with no outside influence, with no desire to imitate anyone else, then, loved ones, you are, You are immense and unique light. Can you feel that? Can you feel the energy that fills you at this very moment, during this conversation, when the divine creation rays of the divine will are flowing through you. At this very moment, when you read these words, your heart expands and your consciousness awakens and remembers. All you have to do is let go and devote yourselves to the divine will. When a human devotes himself, the river of life shall lead him through. The devotion into yourself is the light gate that will enable you the knowledge who you are in this life time, this incarnation. Indeed, this incarnation is one of many that you have experienced, and it is very meaningful. Why? Due to the awakening consciousness of the planet in these days that changes unites with the infinite cosmos. Loved ones, you witness the changes and discuss them greatly. Where are you in this change? Therefore loved one, stop today, enter your hearts and feel it again. Stop for a minute and look at your life paste, at the paste of the river flow. Where does the river take you? Where do you take yourselves? I am present here with you, in these powerful and important days. I am present with you in your growth and awakening journey. I am, speaking these words, from the center of the creation light at the light city of Telos. I AM Adama.

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