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The Reversal of Magnetic Fields on Earth and The Impact on The New person


Listening to the messages, hear the voice of Adama invites the community of Telos, the Sons of Light to embark on another journey to Mitzpeh Ramon, the site reverberates the portal to the wonders of the infinite universe, and in its center connects to the core of the planet - the sawmill – Minsara, a unique geological phenomenon, in the heart of the southern part of the Land of Israel.

On the festive day, it was said, during the celebrations of the days of the Equinox. I feel with my heart and do not always understand but spread the reading to friends, brothers and sisters on the journey, attentive and devoted, who want to be one with creation.

Siting in the heart of Telos Lemuria, and attentive to the explanation of the High Priest Adama, who explains and deepens the reading:

"You are my beloved light, my daughter,

I bless you, I am Adama, teacher of humanity from the city of light Telos.

Indeed, I turn, from the next stage to which you are leaving, from the continuation of the mission as a light member AS you are members of the family of stars.

I invite you once again to deepen and take part in the transformation and upgrading of your human divine ability. With the changes that are occurring on the planet, you, too, humans feel it, know it and seek the answer to change.

Many leave the sick bodies and go out to choose their new path. Many others choose to wake up with their bodies in this incarnation and undergo a rapid transformation at such a short period. They transcend the old and undergo initiation and sanctification as they are the emissaries of light on the earth at this time.

These days, much has been said about these days, much.

I have to explain to you that the solar system of your universe is undergoing change, all stars and life, and on planet Earth, which is meant to be a gate beyond the encounter of civilizations and so many cultures.

In order to be the gateway that brings together the worlds, the planet transforms itself so that developed cultures on the planet can easily reconnect with those present on the planet and its depths. The first stage was awakening and raising consciousness to the consciousness of the Messiahs. Many of you are aware of this consciousness, and many human beings are once again encased in their hearts, into the higher layers of the soul. This awakening is very exciting and we are present alongside each and every one of you in these awakening stages.

The second stage is the stage at which the planet receives more layers of the rays of the Divinity, and therefore the light waves that reach the earth of the planet contain a greater mass of light. The human bodies, those already present in the consciousness of the light possessing the light of the Zohar, but those who have not yet awakened at times "burned "from the great light” and "burned", they have lethal diseases that do not have the ability to transform these days.

The third stage, the stage is that the Sons of Light synchronize themselves to the magnetic change taking place on the planet, and their personal fields undergo the change, respectively. The person changes his or her own biological basis, protons and electrons receive a new combination, and the body has the ability to contain a different molecular density and contains more light within the physiologic aura. The evolutionary change takes place during this reincarnation of life.

The field containing all the light cells moving in your bodies contains a high frequency and affects the electric fields present around them, so the frequency rises in all your presence. You just have to be loved.

Mankind, Transformation. Do you see this in your broad understanding? The ablutionary field evokes the rebuilding of the conscious, enlightened human race, capable of carrying the consciousness of light.

When you have the ability to heal yourself, to bring the light movement in your being to such an exact drive in every creation and creation in your world, joy and ease are the awareness of the high dimensions of light, to which the planet moved.

In this movement on the planet, the inversion of the magnetic field has already begun. The last reversal caused the sunset of the continent of the beloved Lemuria, strains and cultures have disappeared from this planet, but this time the change will be made slowly, while we see the growth of the new humanity, the inner change in your human consciousness echoes the new field and adaptation to the planet.

The process of building the new field leads to increased electric currents. New waves of ingress entering the planet from the North Pole, the supernova waves, cosmic waves of light that first reach the planet. This resonance brings a new presence to the planet.

The changes and the resonance of the stars around the planet also change, the rising frequency rises all over the Milky Way and even beyond the Infinite Universe.

An exciting rejuvenation! We are witnessing a new cycle and humanity moving for a new body, therefore beloveds, this is the invitation!

On this new day in which we will be with you, from the Upper Galactic Council to the center of the Shambala Council, from the center of the city of Light Telos, we are with you, renewing your body cells and magnetic network.

On this day you will wear your new clothes, and you will receive the preparation to contain the new resonance of light of planet Earth

Blessed are my children

I am Adama (channeled by Ayelet Segal - 21-3-2019)



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