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The return of the princess to the fabric of active light

Updated: Sep 4, 2021


The return of the princess

..... Her purple eyes were again filled with the glow and sparkles of the diamonds, she came out of the cave and flew with the warrior on the wings of the dragon,

Approaching his house, the house of the high priest, she remembered that evening when he had summoned her to renew the great council of Lemuria, the hall shook and the council messengers bowed their heads.

The King and Queen were present, and so was she.

Together they received the message and the decision was made from the planet, they knew that the planet was about to fall into the control of the dark cultures, the polarity was present again, the divine plan to which so many souls were called, was about to be stopped, many souls who chose to study and shine Stuck in a planet where control and conquest will prevail.

They tried to converse with the parallel culture whose consciousness was quite developed, the kingdom of Atlantis, but the king did not believe what they had received, they had to make one decision.

And so they did.

Just before sunset they summoned all the priests and warriors of light carrying the resonance of the heart and the son of the High Priest who would lead and remind them, in those future days.

They sang the song of the heart, when the halls fell into the ocean water, they sang the song of Lemuria when the heart of the earth bled.

She remembers swearing together there in the hall, to act together again, to meet again and to reactivate the high memory and light ability they brought from the house planet MU


Meeting with the High Priest Adama

She sees him standing with his blue robe, he feels it and turns around

“I have been waiting for you, I thank my son who brought you, we have been tolerant for a long time and we need length, your part in the fabric of light, coding it you with what you have received into your pure heart.”

He held out his hand to her shoulders and she knelt, the high priest, grabbed her chin and raised her head, she is in tears and he touches her tears of light and absorbs them in the light of his hands

You are about to meet them again, all those souls we have parted from.

You're about to help with the one plan to collect them again.

Unite the hearts of Lemuria without separation and without pain.

You're going to be the one to heal them there on earth.

He will take care of you and him, your mission is one.

Therefore you have discovered together and learned the same mysteries of light, you complement with each other, and will support any process or situation you find yourself in, you are one

Your merging with your physical image will be the one that will lead the light to Lemuria above the earth.

The millions of souls will all remember again and light will shine and shine, there is no other time for that.

She listens to his words, "and loudly she says, 'I commit to the Lemurian mission.'

Adama gives her a unique piece of jewelry, and placed it on her neck, for protecting her heart, for communicating with the Great Council of Light, for communicating with her loved ones.

She's ready!


Recollection of Light Warriors

I woke up from a deep sleep, with a sweet scent, of the sweet lavender flowers, a familiar scent of the healing spaces from that earth ....

Observing and seeing the crystal bed and the lights flickering in it, know that the sleep was short but significant and I made a renewed charge in the 4 hours.

Admiring her again, and seeing the main characters who accompanied us in our childhood did they know?

Was it a coincidence, the way they raised us, so together.

My first memory is with her, my last memory is her gaze.

The moment before I went out with the group of warriors to set up Telos, she looked at me from the distance, our eyes crossed, and we knew that this was the last moment we would see each other.

Everyone knew their role, there was no question or choice here, we chose this even as we descended to the Blue Star.

Close my eyes and see my parents on the house planet Mu. See the frequency work that my family performs consistently in order to support us, the rest of Lemuria that is in Telos.

We did not know then, how the bright city would grow, we did not assume that the Lemurian heart would open so many gates.

Yes, in the war of light in the dark, the gate of the heart is central, through which the power of divinity breaks out, where one cannot stop, where one cannot give up or be in disbelief.

When the heart gate opens the power reaching the rest of the bodies is immense, the bodies command

In their fullness, at their peak.

So it was in those battles against the darkness.

So it was in those remote districts where I took part with Lanka.

Beloved Warrior of Light.

A fighter for justice and integrity and truth, so powerful. Loyal to mission and true friendships.

Sees her in front of my eyes, with her hair gathered up. And her unique robe.

In those days, the warriors of light gathered us, and we went out for a central initiation at the institution for the initiation of the warriors of light in the depths of Shambhala.

The initiation was long and full of challenges, whole days we learned the basics of fighting the swords of light, the ability to work if the light for protection for the sake of new creation.

The swords of light that were pointed at the same darkness that gripped the stars and galaxies.

The ability of telepathy, and the transition between dimensions, the ability to focus on shared thinking to move light to paths that were blocked.

We went out to the infinite universe, and with the Legion of Light, we went out to the same infected stars, to the same solar systems that went out, to the same stars that withered and faded.

We did not stop for a moment and fought the War of Light, and built networks around planets, and also around the Blue Star.

Networks that will illuminate and flow the quality of divinity, without disruption without stopping or retreating.

The networks operated and guarded those who were enlightened cities and asked for nourishment, they were indeed few but they were.

For a moment the star lights did not stop resonating.

And I remembered, in the supreme masters, they who were and still are the guardians of the planet, and many other planets. They were the ones who flowed their consciousness to the representatives of mankind, they were the ones who maintained a frequency of harmony and love, even if it was in cramped centers, there on the Himalayas, and under the Great Pyramid, in the Golden City of Jerusalem, and in the Lemurian cities of light and Greece.

The focal points of light operated, and we wandered among them, illuminating and guarding for ages.

And the hands of the princess, were in those days, on a mission of healing, she healed the infected cities, healed the imprisoned souls, she opened gates to brave souls who pledged to act in the service of light, and supported and was there for them.

Until… she saw.

Saw her countrymen drowning unknowingly without preparation,

She saw the beloved motherland, fading before her eyes

Saw the children and their parents.

And felt hurt for the separation of the animals, even those she knew would not return from the face of the earth.

She saw and absorbed their hearts.

And remembered how she chose, she was the one who chose to go down to the planet, to learn to an experience being in a different state of growth.

To experience the learning of being in the greatest creation.

Translated by: Jaqueline Razón


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