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The resonance and importance of the new communities of light on the planet – the days of great light


Dear friends, following the moving event of the gates of 12/12, I sat down and created an interesting conversation with Adama my father and teacher.

I share with you the importance of Telos Light Community in Israel and around the world.


Beloved sons of Lemuria,

With great joy and excitement, I greet you as you come to the house of Telos, the gates of our hearts open and we feel every one of you, and welcome you to the exciting reunion and returning home.

With the opening of the new year according to the Christian ... 2019 = with the sum of digits we receive again the number that resonates so strongly - 12.

These days with the awakening of the 12 parallel aspects of our complete being,

With the awakening of the 12 DNA layers in our bodies' cells, we feel our hearts coming home – and what is this home?


Adama, over the last decade, on my moving trip to Telos, I have met many souls, from Israel and many countries, on Planet Earth. My connection with the souls came from the depths of my being that bears the memories of Lemuria and felt the connection to Telos the city of light.

I meet new friends, who are slowly becoming a family for me, the safe place that unites me in the multi-dimensionality in which I walk.


Many souls, which are awakening these days, feel the same exciting call, which echoes their joy and harmony within their being and the yearning for more communication and contact with the people of the Telos the city of Light, who are survivors of the ancient Lemuria continent, gathering together, meet and unite.

The same mother continent, which overnight sank into the depths, the continent on which the community of Lemuria lived and other communities of the sons of stars who had come to study and fulfill themselves on the planet Earth.

Communality was the structure in which humanity was embodied from those ancient days, within the structure of the community you maintain the unity of electro-magnetic fields and thus multiply the fulfillment of consciousness of those who carry their common divine vibration, within the community there is endless support to the vibration of the soul of the individual who undergoes development and learning as a being of a spark divine unique light.

The community is the existence of the resonance of human experience, unity and sharing of heart and unconditional giving. Seeing the other as one and moving our energy out of compassion and love.

Learning within a community echoing to the individual challenging mirrors sometimes and enriching sights.

But definitely, the resonance according to the laws of the universe is evident in the life of the community.

In the post-modern era of the 21st century, human beings created individual systems, many began to live alone, and were cut off from the connection with their family of souls, cut off from the continuous system of life in a broad weave of a supportive community. This tendency detached oneself from the feelings of love, compassion and giving, as well as personal detachment from the soul.

These days, with the awakening of the soul, there is also an awakening of searching for home again – to the family of souls.


Adama, how the community that is vibrating in frequencies of light of the new era is going on?


The community of Telos in the depths of Shasta is held with the leadership of the Council of 12, Masters and headed by the High Priest Adama. When the Council must make a decision, and the voices are divided equally, the voice of the High Priest is the determining voice.

The members of the Council are chosen by their level of spiritual fulfillment, their qualities, maturity and the area of their ​​specialization. When a councilor decides to move to another level of service, the vacant appointment is reported to others who wish to enter the position. All requests are carefully examined by the Council, the Priests and the King and Queen of Telos.

Council members, King and Queen and Telos priests carry the resonance of the city of light and support the entire system with the rules that resonate with the frequency of the 5th dimension.

Telos also has laws and rules. For example, if a friend from the Telos city of light wants to be embodied in his 3th dimension on a regular basis, he cannot return to live with the Telos community in the 5th dimension.

The purity of this dimension is so great that it is necessary to maintain a kind of sterility. Therefore, there is strict adherence to who can enter the city and in which layers.

In addition to Telos, there are other cities of light that exist in communities and are growing and expanding these days, and many non-residents of the planet are beginning to contact with them. Also in the animal world you can see community life especially among mammals who live in clans and raise the offspring together.

Collaboration and alliances are ways in which more sophisticated primates try to handle their social environment, usually moving in groups of about 1000 members with the same frequency.

A group of mothers and young offspring, a group of adolescents, a group of male adults, or female adults, etc…

The family structure that humanity has known in this cycle of life is changing again. It is not the same family structure that over the last 25 years has been recognized and accepted.

The traditional structure of parent and children has been changing and there are some who already feel and fulfill the need for a different structure of the family unit.

The wider community is the one that will provide the sense of home, the closeness of support and family, the reconnection of the family of souls.

Beloved sons of Lemuria, so formed the community of Telos worldwide, Telos Lemuria in Israel lists several thousand family members, carrying the frequency of Lemuria, the memories of home. Souls feel solidarity and reach out to a community meeting, each according to their need to feed its energy coming directly from Telos the city of light (workshops, events, trips and personal meetings).

The community in your country is connected to the Telos international community in tens of thousands of brothers and sisters. Feeding with the world community is characterized by meetings of monthly ascension rites, and monthly internet meetings of community leaders around the world. Also every summer at an exciting meeting at the physical house on Mount Shasta, where we also unite with you in the celebration of light and soaring to our home planet MU.

Also, dear ones, remember that the frequency connection through the Crystalline Grid reverberates the resonance of Telos on the planet, on all continents, in a continuum that does not cease, until more and more awakening members of Lemuria feel the calling and can move in the planetary space within the broad community that carries the home frequency.

Ayelet: Yes and so Gabriella came to my house

A sister from Switzerland who felt the call of Lemoriah and went on a journey to Shasta. From Shasta she continued to Maui and there felt the call to reach the Telos community in Israel. Her resonance and the Telosian frequency connection gives us the ability to communicate from our hearts without any differences of culture or language...


Indeed, the Lemurian heart is the connection and therefore a Lemuria daughter was sent to you for learning and expansion, for support and love, so it is that customary in the international community family providing many souls the connection and support through the Internet or telephone channels or even planet mobility.


Is it important that all Telos communities on the planet operate as non-profit organizations?


Yes indeed, Orelia accepted it as a condition for our joint work with her, to the heart opening of Telos to the community of humanity.

In the unconditional giving of the Lemurian heart, without the interference of human ego and looking for personal interests or material financial reward, one can transcend in the broad level of being, and can be part of the mission of planetary light that supports humanity. You must understand that the financial aspect you hold carries within it old frequencies. When humanity starts to develop the consciousness of abundance in the broad sense, which carries the resonance of divine energies containing the laws of light of the golden age, the abundance will manifest in all spheres of life, then abundance will manifest with all its power. Your material world is facing a tremendous change; those who will practice the feeding through energy exchanges, those who will practice community life out of giving to the other, they are the ones who bear the resonance of pure divinity. The words are small to understand the meaning of the unconditional giving.

Therefore, the candidates for mission are for the sake of transcendence of humanity and planet Earth at such a unique time.

The Telos global community was created by Aurelia Louise Jones, whose books and her knowledge were transferred to her by me, and from her books to the children of Lemuria called to wake up, and now they are translated into 15 languages around the planet.

I invite you, beloved ones, to be a part of the Telos community in Israel, a branch of the light that represents the international Telos.

To send the frequency of the heart of Lemuria, through multi-dimensional communication channels towards the crystal arc, and the vibrations of light pulsing and moving from heart to heart, and towards the memories of Lemuria rising and emerging and expanding us as human beings carrying the quantum capacity at this time. In the circles of light and the wisdom of Lemuria, and in the celebrations of the heart.


Thanks Adama for the explanation and thank you for accompanying and supporting the Telos Lemuria community, which will soon celebrate its 9th anniversary


Blessed are you the tent of my house, and all the members of the community of Telos, who carry the heart of Lemuria on the land of this holy land. Blessed are my children, I am Adama, your Lemurian brother. (Channeled by Ayelet, 15-Dec -2018)

Feel the heart...? Come and join us – Telos Lemuria, the house of the heart.

Register on the system… and connect to the Lemorian network of light that is emerging these days.

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