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The renewal of the standing of the Ten Commandments at Moses Mountain, Sinai


The big day has arrived, after we have felt and re-breathed the unique vibration of the Sinai Peninsula, at the foot of Moses Mountain, near Santa Catherine monastery. Slowly we have prepared our bodies and beings for this exiting day, this day for which we have arrived very close to the evening of Passover due to the strong call to ascend to Mount Moses.

At the night before, 22 light workers who had received this call were facing fears of this initiation and the ascension that we would experience.

We meet a little before midnight, knowing and feeling the meaning of this ascension and the importance of arriving after thousands of years again to the mountain, as we have already been there and were present in that exiting standing. The Mount Sinai standing. Many of those 22 light souls, that high priest Adama calls “the messengers of the light of Zion” were priests at that standing.

Moses went up the mountain and stayed there for 40 days. He experiences ascension and enlightenment and received the powerful light vibrations, where each commandment was a light image that expressed the splendor of the creation of infinite worlds with divine structure. The vibrations of the codes of live were given to Moses. He received the creation physics that develops from singular relativity to collective relativity. Moses learned how to contain these vibrations during his 40 days on the mountain and then went down to the people.

The people were far from containing these high vibrations, and Moses had reduced this intense light to the Ten Commandments as we know them.

When we received the call, each of the members knew he was going to receive great light and that the journey is a time journey, happening in the past and in the future as one.

And so we leave at dark, arriving to the trail that leads to the mountain. The stars are in the sky, and we move with the Bedouins that give their hearts and support the camels that we are seated on, and our bodies are being synchronized with the great vibrations that surround us.

I received the instruction not to go up on a camel, but to walk up by foot all the way up (more than 17 kms) and I am devoted to my inner voice, a little afraid, and them I meet him. His black eyes burn with confidence, his face are gentle and beautiful, his lips are fleshy and his is very young. “I’m your guide” he says. I laugh…”How old are you?” He doesn’t answer…

Can I trust him with leading the group safely?

He gives me his hand and leads, “come, we have to lead the camel line and be first, as we are the leaders”. I give him my hand and we march fast in the rocky trail that leads up. The sky opens up and the stars are dancing.

The group is moving peacefully up the mountain, up to the point where they have to climb 750 stairs that were built by the Bedouins 400 years ago.

And meanwhile I climb with him and his heart opens, under the starry sky, and he tells me about his complex life. Different life, so distant from our reality. He has a strong belief and he works only with good people whose heart is open. He can recognize that…he shares his dreams of building a modest house with a wife and children. He is an orphan. He has been working since he was 8 years old…

We go up higher and higher and he can see that my legs get tired, and he strengthens me and sends me new energy. The group gets united at the bottom of the stairs and we go up in silence. The universe sky are open before us and we can feel the resonance and the excitement. We all make a great effort climbing up and we can feel our bodies get tired…

100 steps more and we are at the summit…

We cover ourselves with thick warm blankets and we go up to the monastery that is on the top of the mountain.

The wind is strong and it is very cold…

We arrive to the place that is an open portal and we devotedly continue. We build a Star of David, made of 6 people, messengers of Zion, and we open the sky gates with 3 sounds of a ram’s horn (shofar). We bless using the Jewish priests blessing and more cosmic blessings from Metatron, and they are all with us with great joy: the general headquarters of the spiritual hierarchy of all universes, the white brotherhood, the Pleadeans, the Israeli masters: Moses, Joshua, Elijah, our Lemurian brothers and sisters and the high priest Adama…

And more and more…so many…the tears come down and we can feel the shivers, and our heart beating at this holly standing.

I commit…

At these days when the solar system enters electromagnetic changes. Magnetic creation forces change the electromagnetic resonance in the atmosphere, Humanity go through change and transformation. We, the messengers of Zion, carry the cosmic low resonance: “Ehyeh asher ehyeh" (I will be what I will be(.

We are ready and committed to echo the divine love plan and the codes of the new humanity.

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts”

We unite to a loving circle and sing from our heart “Ben Adam, Aleh Lema’la Ale” (Human, rise up, higher and higher).

Indeed these are days of ascension, transformation and re-choice. These are the days of brotherhood love, peace, action and realization.

These are the days of the activation of the new humanity and echoing of the new Ten Commandments.

It is done!

for more of the nessega - NEXT

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