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The Princess of Telos


Feeling my body again, which is slowly shedding and getting its exact resonance, slowly feeling the body again shedding the load that is on it in the system of life in which I take part, Western life, is the life in which most of us have capitalized, is the life in which our thought patterns created, coded and according to them even educated our children. In the last eleven years whenever I go on a journey overseas, mostly to my spiritual home Mount Shasta, I feel the essential change within me, what is that change, the change is in meeting fascinating people, the change is in my rapid adaptation to nature that gives eternal freedom to the soul, the change is in the free consciousness that opens up to new levels within me, and in knowing the depth of her being of what she really is, the most I can be myself . As a child I walked in the fields of my “ moshav”, my feet knew the ground and the smell of rain echoed in all levels of bodies, for the days I grew up I swore to my husband that after the wedding I could live only close to her, to the ground. Nature is so breathtaking and vast on the planet, most of the population lives in these modern times in mega-metropolitan cities, millions of people together, guns detached from the concrete-covered land, and living in small apartments. Does this way of life affect the human consciousness? What happens to us when we meet again with the consciousness of nature? What happens to us, when we meet the same huge tree, or a waterfall flowing in its intensity The same exciting river that gives the reflection of the mountain in front of us. The heart opens, the frequencies rise and I release the prison within us. The soul feels the freedom, the freedom from which we have come. Many souls during the journey in their lives, feel that freedom has been taken from them. How do I bring freedom back to my life? Then, many go through a shake-up and change world order, which they have built with great effort. Marriage, place of work, place of residence. The soul cannot be bound, this many already understand. The days of the corona, are days of stopping, of a new point of view and deep contemplation within us, many of us feel the shedding of the old and here we are already feeling the new seeping and being created. On this journey, after 10 years of walking the path of the Lemurian Light, I felt the new emerging. The changes in the planning of the trip, the changes that came about due to the fires on the mountain, brought me to navigate in the spaces out of complete faith, even more than ever. Leading 29 brothers and sisters, in new ways, opening spaces that match the frequency of the group, attentive to the voice of my Father and Teacher the High Priest Adma. Going out to the fairy waterfalls where we connect to the essence of softness, below the fairy waterfalls there is a huge healing temple, where in the crystal beds are many beings from different light cities, the bodies are limp, and it was interesting that many friends felt it and just lay in the waterfall pool. Healing in all bodies is done gently, so is the journey we set out on at McCloud Falls. An encounter with the presence of the Shasta tribe members who became extinct in those days in cruelty. Again my feet connect to the ground along the course of the creek and the waterfalls, again I feel my continent-born figure, and I feel my whole body change, I go to the rock in the creek and sing the song of the tribe. I am present again. The light portals are open and we enter the crystalline city of Telos, a city full of light beings who come especially these days, for learning and spiritual growth. I experience the city changing, I experience the people of the city working in more cities along with the other cities in civilizations in the depths of the planet. The support for humanity is great, many souls are awakened and must be supported. I delve deeper into the Crystal City. Deep into the same spaces I know and see the city center, looking at the people moving around , and breathing the constant flame. Breathe it and feel my body expand, breathe and feel the centers of light in my body open. I see her, see from a distance recognize her frequency and here she is moving with her bronze hair and gold threads on her head, she is moving gently in a golden orange dress, and her eyes are big purple. She continues to move and I follow her, walking in inner peace and here she moves to the center of the elders of Telos, the ones who carry most of the years, the ones who took part in building the City of Light and still carry the Lemurian resonance in vivid memory. The elders of Telos, more than 50,000 years old, and she walks up to them and they recognize her and respect her and love her so much. Her presence between them, contains an ancient frequency like them, however it brings the new. Suddenly I feel a huge light bathing me and I remember her, my whole body is shaking and my heart is expanding, she is the princess. The Princess of Telos, she's the one, how I did not recognize her at first, and here my heart is beating, I see my parallel figure in Telos standing in front of me and we merge. Again I am she and she is me. Out of her eyes I look at the princess, the princess recognizes me and approaches me slowly. "I was waiting for you," she says. I look into her purple eyes. She reaches for my hand and I feel the gentle energy pass between our palms. She leads me to the flowing stream water and she sings her song, the song of the ancient Lemuria, I feel how my heart suddenly opens, expands and tears flow, I see the memory of how those who did not know, and along with the continent were taken, felt her heartache. She hurts them, she carries them in her heart. Princess Telos Lemuria, is the great healer, knows how to heal every heart. Even those who miss, those who are captives and those who are wrong. She approaches me, places her hand on my heart I feel currents of energy coming to me, and my heart is slowly breathing it. "You're a brave warrior," she says, "you were on Lemuria land then and you also you were in whole worlds preventing , and you illuminate the rest of the planet, even those infected places. " I look into her purple eyes, and feel the waves of light emanating from her heart. And caress me. She knows me, she knows the devotion of fighting in those dark bodies, indeed the Legion of Light is the one that fully supports the planet. She invites me and we pass through a golden gate, the golden gate is familiar to me and I look at the ornaments and paintings on it, I see the language of light written in Lemurian letters, I recognize, the expressions and the words I close my eyes and sees us together in Lemuria. I see us in our childhood, see us play together, in the magical spaces. Me and the princess? I know that I am the daughter of the High Priest Adama, I have been trained for my position, and that she is a princess, daughter of the royal kingdom, destined for her role. I see us, in flight on the dragons between the mountains and the peaks, between the streams and valleys, between the arches. Passing by the golden gate, I continue to walk with her, hand in hand, she smiles with her magical smile, and wherever she walks a new flower emerges from the crystalline earth. She moves softly, and her heart is so wide, she sings her song, and animals accompany her I am fascinated by her light , and move with her to the top of the hill where we can se beyond the infinite ocean, I understand that we have crossed the spaces of time and space and we are in Lemuria She stands and sings her heart song, and in the distance I see the sea sirens getting closer, she is one with everything, and my heart expands again, remembers and sees our home, sees our parents the Lemurian community of light, sees the thousands of inhabitants, life, sunrise and sunset and given harmony in all . Breathe deeply and feel my heart expand and streams of light flow throughout my being, I have been trained to be a warrior of light, I have been trained to carry and lead. I remember those apprenticeships in the training room, until that moment before sunset, when I performed on the night of the many stars, the night when everything was visible to all. Embark on the journey with the same volunteers, the bearers of the flames, the priests and teachers of Lemuria, healers and architects, to the establishment of the crystalline city of Telos. Remembering how I looked back to my home and felt all my love to my family and friends, knowing that I would not meet them soon. She, the princess was with them, she was the one who waited, and just before sunset she was led to a hidden place. She is the keeper of the Lemurian Akasha, she brings her compassionate and loving heart, she is the one who knows how to heal and unite, she is our princess. I take a deep breath. Standing and looking out over the ocean. Breathe and know that we are in the process, Lemuria is with us and within us and healing is still taking place. Lemuria’s legacy is present, these days Lemuria Heritage awakens her sons and daughters, those who have returned again and again, those who yearn to return home. I, the princess, and many other brothers and sisters, have vowed to be the ones who reach out their hearts and hands. We're here. Slowly slowly I return to my body, and my golden hands are still echoing her light, the princess' light.


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