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The Princess and the Warrior ~ The various kingdoms of consciousness on planet Earth


The princess and the warrior knew that they could not exist without each other, they knew that they came from the same source of this life, in the same planet, in the same infinite space, they knew each other, from those ancient days before the creation of the planet.

The princess and the warrior, thousands of light years they moved in space, and created worlds, they knew their power, and each had its own unique role.

Combining their light beings, they knew that they were enhancing the abilities of creation and fighting, a huge light accompanied their hearts and they moved together also through the gates of darkness, and did not fear for a moment, since with their combination, they purified the light against all that was without light.

He walked through the gates of the various kingdoms across the planet he knew well, he moved between the valleys and mountain peaks that illuminated the light of the planet's core, he moved in the streams that gave energy from the points of light to the fallen sources, he knew where the open portals could be. Entering the Agartha system inside the planet, he knew the mysteries of the gates in the depths of the water system within the vast expanses of oceans.

His abilities to transform himself from the fifth dimension to the third, in the form of a human being was great, the warrior knew how to use his various bodies above the earth.

His abilities were known in the various kingdoms, everyone appreciated and cherished the service of the warrior from Telos, he carried many signals in the aura that surrounded him, and gold armor enveloped him.

However, he always needed her, to the princess. Her power was in the wisdom of the ancient Lemuria who carried the words and the language of light, and with both she created worlds, and her wide heart could see into the light years, so before each of his journeys, she gave the full intention for the high fulfillment of the benefits of all concerned.

The princess and the warrior were connected from childhood so the telepathic connections between them were very developed and at the speed of light they could convey their intention and together create their common energy field.

Both learned in the halls of Lemuria the common learning of the movement of energies and creation out of nothing, both practiced under the light of the supreme masters, priests of Lemuria and learned how to work in full balance with the gift of their light.

Thus they moved together in the same systems to which they set out in the expanses of the planet and the parallel worlds of light. They knew that they would always be the ones who guarded each other.

They knew that their lives depended on each other and that their role was reduced to them when they chose to come to life on this unique planet - Planet Earth.

Both learned in the halls of Lemuria the shared learning of the movement of energies, and creation out of nothing, both practiced under the light of the supreme masters, priests of Lemuria and learned how to work in full balance with the gift of their light.

So they moved together in the same systems to which they set out in the vastness of the planet and the parallel worlds of light. They knew that they would always be the ones who guarded each other.

They knew that their lives depended on each other and that it was their job for them to choose to come to life on this unique planet - Planet Earth.

In those days when the warrior went out to the gates of Transylvania, to the world of vampires, the princess would look through the crystal screens, and was worried for his returning.

She knew that the world of vampires was unbalanced in its frequencies, and that even those who had the ability to communicate openly and supportively, would sometimes go out of balance.

The vampires came to the planet, in those dark days, they came to look for the source of the revival of their civilization, and the human blood suited them to the rich diet in all that they required.

They did not come to kill humans, and knew that the forces of light play a central role, in protecting the various portals on the planet.

The vampires, knew that their time was short across the planet and that they had to act quickly.

What they did not know is that, warriors of light are present in planetary space and protect the enlightened souls.

When the warrior reached the gates of the vampire kingdom, they recognized him and knew that they could not approach him, as well as his earthly figure. And all those who bore the seal of light.

Whenever the warrior would go out on his missions, the princess was with him, in one communication, was with him in support and many times saved him from the hands of darkness.

So was one of the major events of the vampires, who tried to overthrow and capture the prince, they knew that his blood is especially richer than any other human, blood is one of the most nutritious components on the planet for humans and other kingdoms, it carries within it the life system to all cells. He who gives life to the whole biological array.

The warrior, walked the planet with his light body.

Therefore those vampires could not feed themselves on his blood.

The vampires knew that their time on the planet was short, and that when humanity ascended to higher consciousness, they would no longer be able to exist on this planet. During the time they were on earth they were for several times kidnapping the same human beings and feeding on blood, until it was decided in the Council of Light that this era was over, so it was the warrior who came out and stood with the warriors of light in front of the vampire kingdom. Sow in the vampires that their time is over this earth as it transforms itself and its awareness rises.

No, there was no physical struggle, but there was indeed a gradual process of new consciousness birth, a process in which the Legion of Light took an active part in certain stages in the evolutionary process of human evolution, above the earth, and in the various kingdoms in the depths of the earth.

Thus vampires like dinosaurs raise their consciousness to the fourth dimension and there they exist to this day, but they do not come into contact with humans in the consciousness of the third dimension.

The vampires have returned to their planet and there they maintain a nutritional system that carries ingredients necessary for their existence but not controls it from other life forms, this was their learning process and the condition for their continued existence in the one divinity system.

The different kingdoms of light

Many kingdoms existed on planet earth, both in the depths of the earth and above the earth.

They awoke and were created on the planet, as the planet provided marvelous conditions for all living systems in the universe, everyone wanted to take part in the planetary celebration, many cultures sent their messengers through the star systems to the planet of the blue star.

After the decline of Lemuria and Atlantis many descended from the kingdoms into the interior of the planet and some ascended to the fourth dimension.

The system of life within the planet began to evolve and grow, with the Shambala being the central headquarters and it was this that made every decision in complete accordance with the headquarters of the Great Cosmic Council.

Gradually the life system evolved both above the earth, in the form of human beings who multiplied and received communication from their planetary brothers, life services changed and technology and industry received a wide facet of the way humans chose, consciousness above the earth was mostly very low, and violence often developed In the human race.

Contrary to the planet's internal system, developed cultures were present, representatives of the Kingdom of Lemuria and Atlantis were privileged to hold light cities bearing the records of their lives out of a commitment to act in harmony and love to support the raising of consciousness in the human race.

Additional life existed in the depths of the planet, the representatives of the Pleiadian stars, the Arcturians, the sons of Venus and Sirius and the distant planets established in different settlement in the depths of the planet.

Feeding was wonderful in the inner life system and prospered and illuminated, so it was decided to preserve life on the planet and prevent the human race from reaching the entrance gates.

The protection was maximum and this was a clear rule for everyone in the inner earth life.

With the decision made by the Cosmic Councils, in the chosen year, according to the Christian calendar 1987- in the city of light Telos, Holt that from this year will begin to collect the messengers of light from the earth, and return them to their developed consciousness to return home.

These were ancient souls who were destined to lead the greatest awakening of human consciousness, so on this fateful night, there was in the 12th dimension - a huge cosmic encounter, the presence was from all representatives of the different civilizations of the planet and beyond, and the Brotherhood of Light Souls, antiquities present in a human body.

The invitation was to the various light carriers, and they could choose, from that point on, the activity was rapid and the messengers of light in the human body were given full support from those representations in the dimensions of light.

So at this point the warrior and the princess can connect to their earthly image - begin to operate on the two main planes, the earthly and the spiritual plane.

They knew that with the connection to their human being, fulfillment would be quick and they would be able to support all those precious mirror souls, and support the divine plan destined for Planet Earth.

Translated by: Jaqueline Razón


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