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The new truth – on the gate day of the divine level 9/9/2019 = 18/12 = 9/3 = 12


I wake up at 4AM and see the DNA strands before me, glowing white and vibrating…between the dimensions, in the dark I start writing…he is with me, my father and teacher, the high priest Adama.

“Beloved child of light, I am Adama, congratulating you in these days, when you are coming into the gates of the consciousness of the 9th dimension. From your infinite circle of life that is connected to the universe and beyond, from your last journey, the 9th one, where you lead the candidates for ascension, you have experienced the peaks of resonance of the kundalini light and the new vibration that is present in your bodies in these days.

Human match through the light portals. Those portals who were dedicated by the Lemurian leaders and Atlantis people, those who knew.

The unique time that is recorded I these light portals that hold the Akashic knowledge on the planet, are the portals that you are sent to with light workers. These light portals open up and are intended to return the light high light resonance of the planet.

These images that you are familiar with in these days, from the white light brotherhood, they walk and teach. They are present in the consciousness of those who are open for the Masaya consciousness, the divine consciousness, and the higher inter-cosmic high evolution.

As you have experienced, the divine is embodied as and high and developed energetic resonance and is present everywhere and holds everything.

When this consciousness created the solar system and the multiple suns, various light dimensions started to open up to the different energetic vibrations. This consciousness does not need embodiment in the corporeal. The light is both material and energy.

The 3rd light dimension is different from the 4th and the 5th.

On the portal day, which has already opened, that which holds the vibration of the 9th dimension and also contain inside the accelerator that is expressed by the digit 3. On this portal, those light workers that move from the connection to the infinite divine, the divine inside them and the divine that is present on the planet shall encore the 3 active fields into one. There will be an activation as these fields nourish each other, and indeed the human bodies echo the planet consciousness very accurately.

This activation shall support the vibration of the soul journey to be more accurate and shall activate the codes of the new humanity.

Planet Earth in these days hold the resonance of a cycle ending and a preparation for a new cycle.

Has this periodical process already taken place on the planet? Indeed yes, about 400 thousands years ago, at the time of the developed civilization called Lemuria, the unity of the consciousness dimensions would enable the planet people to move and stream the information and the light consciousness during these multidimensional life.

We have told you a lot about these days, and today many old souls reawaken in their human bodies to the memories of the mother continent Mu for learning and recalling their many abilities.

With the learning and deepening of these abilities, the human consciousness develops into the evolution stages of the new humanity of which we have talked a lot. This humanity will return to echo its energetic fields and its infinite consciousness as one with the planet and the vast universe.

These days, loved ones, are the days for which we were meticulously prepared by Master Thoth, who since the sinking of the continent of Atlantis has continued to hold, along with master Serapis Bey the high light resonance on the planet, along with additional masters that have prepared the planet for these days at which they knew that humanity would reawaken.

Therefore they built those pyramids across the planet, and the networks that surround the planet, in order to echo and keep the high resonance so it would not fade. What they foresaw we can see today coming alive.

These light portals across the planet – at Machu Picchu, Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, USA and China, have been holding through hundreds of thousands of years the high vibration of the 12th dimension. Therefore these places were sometimes hidden by the governments for hundreds of thousands years.

The pyramid structure is a structure that holds the divine intelligence that combine together space, time and matter in order to create the ideal center for transferring energies and multi-galactic and cosmic communication.

Today loved ones, it is not possible to keep hiding the truth. The networks are activated and accelerated even more, when you, loved ones, that hold the light consciousness, arrive there and bring your light. You are connected to these networks.

A decade ago, a loved soul was chosen to lead the Lemurian vibration in Israel, in connection with the global organization that was created by the beloved Aurelia. We have waited to your maturity, as at your corporeal age you still have a young and healthy body that contains a very ancient soul.

The opening that you experienced was very fast and you have dealt with many initiations. Today, with the creation of a light community that matches the vibration of the light community at the light city of Telos, you have created a multidimensional unity and enabled communication that can pass through the barriers of the spiritual corporeal world that contains and moves in the time dimension.

Those Lemurian souls that have awaken to the memories and are yearning for the unity of the heart, are you, the light messengers that are awake to the one truth, the truth of the planet.

Many distortions still take place on the planet. But loved ones, these distortions are about to receive great healing.

Many distortions exist in the life of humans that still carry the darkness which has a hold on them. Therefore the many and quick life incarnations exist for the learning and growth of the consciousness.

Those who hold the purity in their heart, will keep their bodies in good health on the planet. Indeed there are among you those who live for 200 years and more. They are among you. They are few. They who know and remember…

What is the creation that is expanding and opening, and gives the humans the ability to move from the 3rd dimension consciousness to the 5th dimension consciousness and more? Indeed loved ones, the divine plan is to return you home, back to the source.

The human creation is part of a greater creation that contains planets and various life forms across this universe and beyond.

Therefore loved ones, open to the new, as you pass through this gate that echoes the consciousness of ending of a periodical cycle, the 9 that stands before the 10 – 1 – that holds the vibration of the preliminary that brings growth to a higher divinity level from what you know, or as you can feel, the growth of the consciousness, more understanding of your position in the unique life system in which you chose to take part.

The light networks that were meticulously prepared are now activated ad they connect the light workers back to the light vibrations that awaken them.

The various bodies have the ability to recall and awake and be activated to multidimensional communication. All This is taught at our learning meetings with you at Telos.

The human evolution is transformed so it can cooperate with the higher evolution. Today the mass of humans that awake to these messages is high. Lemurians, watch your awakening process and the connection to the light cell that holds the vibrations of the Lemurian memories in Israel – Telos Lemuria was created in order to enable you loved ones, to remember your primordial being again. Indeed you were with us on that continent. Many of you continued later on to Atlantis continent and to the mystery school at Egypt, on your land.

The retention of the light was a complex mission in many of you, especially at those dark times. However, today you reunite and can again see your ability to hold the light, especially at Israel – The Israeli people holds the unique DNA that has an ability to contain higher light mass then the standard. They arrived to the planet in the service of the high divinity. The Jewish people knows, and many of its people and leader held during 5000 years the sublime light, and they still hold it from the other side that is embodied on the planet.

Many of you, the Jewish people, also hold the Lemurian consciousness. This combination enables you to contain the energy in your area. Very often the light mass is very high, much more than in other places on the planet.

Your area is a huge portal on the planet. One of the light portals in the universe.

And what is a portal if not an open gate to communication with the creation itself?

Indeed loved ones, you, the people of light and people of love that read this information ad hold your light in your earthy actions.

Many times I talk with you about the importance of bringing your light to the institutions that hold the hard and distorted vibrations. Go out in a mission to those institutions and talk and share. Be the light.

On the gate day that opens, the 9/9/2019 you hold the vibration of the 12, which is the divine level. As Lemurians you contain the developed DNA that holds the knowledge about solar systems and various galaxies and universes. You are the main creators that lead this planet in its Masaya glory days to the great light.

On this gate day, the mass consciousness that holds the one light shall awaken to the understanding that human in its evolution is one with Gaya. On this day the mass consciousness will move towards the one truth as the Akasha awakens in those who were born before the central decision at 1987 and enables them to move through the evolution gates, pass through the initiation gates, release old karmas and prepare themselves to be one with Gaya as part of the big transformation.

Those who were born after this year, already contain the adapted Akasha to the rejuvenating planet.

Those who built the pyramids, the great light architects, move across the universe and can see the planet echoing to other life centers, and they are with you as one.

Blessed are you my children, the children of infinite light.

I am Adama”.

(Channeled by Ayelet Segal, 5-Sep-2019)

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