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The New Timeline


Beloved humans, children of the Divine, I bless you, I am Adama. From the depth of the light city of Telos, that is acting today as an active center for the souls that choose to ascend beyond humanity levels and to unite with their crystal light bodies and their higher soul parts. I would like to open for you the consciousness of the new timeline that is already present in the consciousness of many on Planet Earth. The changing timeline of the planet enables you humans the ability to expand and open up, beyond the familiar limits in which you have limited your consciousness and your realization on earth. The new timeline is the line of no time, which is present beyond all timelines, Christian, Muslim or Jewish, or any other culture that has marked its timeline according to a personal birth as the consciousness of its life. The new timeline is adapted these days when time units are changing, and your physicists know that. Some of them can already interpret the new timeline. Looking at the sun that rises in the east, every day as it shines the creation sky, and humanity on earth moves with it during the days, months and seasons. During the last month when humanity stopped, slowly each of you has stayed inside, in your homes. You felt the transformation as you faced your fears slowly fade away and you are reborn to a new world. Indeed the human evolution is taking place. In this new world that has stopped moving, where the sun shines on heaven, Planet Earth, the sky is glowing and clean, without carbon residues that pollute the pure air that is filled with oxygen. The big oceans are rebuilding their light molecules which are rich in oxygen, and the oceans and sea animals are again enjoying the silence, w/o engine motors, fuel and oils polluting their light water, where they live. The land that provides us its resources, the nutrition delicatessens that are essential to the human body, the same body that was created millions of years ago and even more, the same body that doesn't need a lot for its daily existence. Will we learn now to nourish ourselves from Gaya's food that is delivered from her heart, that contains the vital minerals? Will we keep poisons out of the food that attacks the cells of our bodies, our flesh and our bones? The technological machine that is called humanity, changes itself again and again in the human evolution. The day we have waited for has arrived. 2020 in the Gregorian calendar. The day to free yourself from the bonds of the masters that have walked this earth, after the sinking of our beloved continent Lemuria. They have granted the old time structures and performed the DNA coding in your consciousness. The human machine is moving through new light fields, crystal and magnet fields that surround the planet. These are the fields that transfer the multi galactic communication via new telepathy that strengthens in more and more humans. We are aware of the other communication. Is the new communication the technological one or the one that is emerging and found inside us? Many people share that they hear and see beyond the veil. Believe loved ones…indeed you hear and see the light vibrations of the high dimensions. The 5th dimension in which many of you move is open in the new consciousness space. The new consciousness is one with the planet that has transformed, and so is humanity. Again the questions of your life journey grow. Again, you are attentive to that whispering voice. It is time to give it more space and not to limit it. Listen and hear how from the silence emerges from the divine voice. The phase which humans are entering now in the new world is the phase of listening and of learning new rules. There is no more time to procrastinate. These are the days of a new time for realization and devotion, for a new time and space where the entire universe is present and to which Planet Earth is entering, along with the unique solar system in which it moves. Everything is one. There is no separation. The entire system has shifted into the new timeline of Planet Earth. The new timeline includes the past and the future in your present being – the present. The present time is the main time for people to conduct themselves in the coming period. Here and now, feeling and thinking behind each word and action. The human body is changing for this containment. The doing is in the present time, at which your consciousness will focus again. Focused and experiencing the light experiences, with every step of the new time that is opening and expanding. Once again you will be able to contain your life, communication and time. Loved ones, you will be the ones that shall expand or minimize you time units of the present time. Loved ones, you will be the ones to influence the present time by creating your vision that is present in this time. The past is no longer relevant. The future is achievable via your journey here and now. The sense of time is being rebuilt by your biological clock. The sense of time is being synchronized again with that inner clock which you set. Do you have the ability to reset your DNA with the new cycle of Planet earth? The inner clock is the one to create the planet time in which you move. Can you understand that? Your new consciousness is the one that enables you to be part of the new timelines that is given to the planet. Therefore loved ones, I invite you to activate the pineal gland that is located in the center of your brain, with light rays from the central sun, and from it send beautiful light signals to all of your body activation centers: The palms and edges of the fingers, the 3rd eye and the throat chakra, the feet and the edge of their fingers, the navel and the sacral chakras. Loved ones, breath the golden ray every day, and reactivate the flywheel of which we have spoken in our meetings with you. The new timeline is again synchronized with the inner human clock and the world of animals and plants. Be aware dear ones, of the movement of animals and of the seasons, of the rising sun and of the shining moon. Dear ones, return to the communication that is hidden in all of your consciousness cells of your many lives here on this land. There are the days where everything that is beyond the present is an illusion, and the present time is the realization. Your inner clock that you activate is the one that moves you vs. planet time, which is now measured in the new timeline units. Look at the last days. Have you felt a change in the time movement? Have you felt that you are in a timeless space? Many of you are already taking part in the new timeline that has been incorporated in the new cycle that is created on the planet. Be blessed, in these exciting times. Together we shall move in the new Planet Earth timeline – into the timeless window. You are blessed I am the high priest Adama.#ADAMAYELETELOS



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