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The new rules of the game on Planet Earth


The rules of the game are changing

 Free choice so we are told, right here on this planet.

 They choose every day anew, every day we choose the rules of the game.

 What is the same game, black and white, gray parts.

 What is the game that most of us live by.

 The clear rules:

 -Time...from the knowledge that we have to finish quickly...

 -Space... where are the boundaries of the sector... up to where we are allowed to move.

 -Do's and don'ts...the "fine" could be very high if we break these laws

 Cost versus benefit... what do I choose to invest energy or resources in?

 This is how we move starting from the age of majority which is set in most countries of the planet from 18 ...

 But is the age of maturity really this age?  And what happens when human bodies extend their lives to 220 years...

 The free choice, today more and more souls choose to leave the "game".

 Many understand that the game is old, not relevant to our day.

 Many understand that it is time to change the laws and that flexibility and renewal must be allowed.

 The new instructions for the way the game is played must change, after all the space has changed

 We are aware of the ability to move between the different spaces - the dimension of consciousness.

 We are aware of time which has also received a different resonance, we are aware of the ability of the new to extend or contract the concept of time...

We are aware of the laws of energy because they operate from the consciousness of abundance, and abundance comes with the birth of a new idea and full faith in our creation.

 The game on the planet is changing, for example the power of the ego versus the power of love, in the last generation we are witnessing the awakening discourse in society which gives the individual the ability to express himself and his identity through the discourse of the heart, rather than the power of the ego and its control.

 Therefore, many souls find themselves daring to bring their truth - and the identity of the truth is present above the surface of the earth.

 Can I express myself without fear, can I see the other from his truth.  and support him.

 There are indeed many changes in the rules of the game...

 We call for a change of transmutation and ascension to the higher consciousness of light, some give this period the days before the resonance of the messiahs, an awakening of billions of souls who understand that they are choosing and understand that this is the time to break the old laws and move forward.  To move forward and together with the change are the ones who will create the new tools, and with them will come more and more, the resonance of the essence of life on the planet will once again be understood by all, in practice, at all levels of fulfillment, economy, society, education, construction and the unity of nations.

Dear human beings, we turn to you.

 Are you interested in learning the new tools for the free choice game...?

 If so, you are a free soul!

 We congratulate you on your choice to move in the renewed game..

 The renewed game is a game for your heart, many of you are already practicing how to choose in your life the freedom from dramas and to feel anew the feeling that gives you inner peace.  This peace is an energy that you create, your connection to the world of subtle images is a tool that gives you acceptance, since this world is present within you, inside the layers of the soul, and also in a place where sometimes we still hold on to that old world, the one that holds those moves and tools, the tools  In which you create dramas and pain for yourselves.  That world where you still judge yourselves and those around you.  That world with the old laws in which the ego chooses an act or action and expects an immediate reward...

Beloved, the new world is founded on all the subtle stimuli hold the resonance of love.  This love is the main law in the game that is being renewed and built these days in Planet Earth, the new game is not the one of "I deserve it", it is not the one of "it's mine" it is not the one of "they took it from me", so beloved ones, observe and learn the new rules  to the game of life on this planet.

 The tools even go deeper and once again show humanity, the connecting abilities of science and faith, many are the souls who return to the understanding that a hidden power is present in the daily life of every soul on a journey, being connected to its higher self, and aware of the power present in its life's journey above the surface of the earth.

 We congratulate you on your free choice.

 We are members of the planetary Board team - Planet Earth


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